Funny plug for me and the site today on Sirius/XM NFL Radio

I’m listening to Sirius/XM NFL Radio Channel 124 with my boy Adam Schein, and Solomon Wilcots, who¬† I also know and worked with at NFL Network for a year. Some guy calls up and asks them a fantasy question, and Schein and Wilcots proceed to give me and the site an incredible but also funny plug. It’s funny because of Schein’s style, which is boisterous to say the least. Take a listen using the link below. on sirius

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  1. Wax Man says:

    Awesome! I listen to the Blitz every day. Maybe you should try to get him for one of your interview spots on your Sirius Fantasy Show.

  2. John Hansen says:

    I go on the Sunday morning tailgate show every Sunday morning with Schein around 11:20am during the season, so we do talk once a week during the season.

  3. Jimmerz says:

    I don’t care for Schein, but wow, what a great plug (and very true).

    And John, you did a nice job changing your voice for the call. (Or perhaps it was another staffer?) ;)

  4. Stretch says:

    The cat is out the bag. Now everybody knows where to go to get the top notch fantasy football info. Your subscriptions will shoot through the roof.

    Shout out to you and everyone at the site. Keep up the good.

  5. Law Firm says:

    I didn’t hear it , but I’m guessing he used the “Schein-speak” buzz words,THE MOST OUTSTANDING-GURU OF ALL THINGS FANTASY RELATED- JOHN HANSEN!! (with the emphasis on your last name reaching another octave altogether.

  6. John Hansen says:

    There’s a link to the sound file in the original post, pretty comical.

  7. pepmtpaty says:

    Good for you John!!!! Its totally true. Been playing since 1996 and been with you most of the way. I just hope my competitors dont find you!!! LOL. Keep up the good work.

  8. John Hansen says:

    Thanks. There will always be a large percentage of people who will never pay any fee for fantasy information, and I bet many of your competitors fall under that. But what I’ve found is if people are exposed to it enough they change their tune.

  9. Law Firm says:

    Haha! Just listened to the link. “Smartest guy on the planet.” Wow! To think, you could have been a brain surgeon, John. Glad you chose fantasy football, brother.

  10. John Hansen says:

    My HS Chemistry, Physics, and all Math teachers would beg to differ, for sure.

  11. oscar98 says:

    My favorite show on the planet is Pat Kirwin and Tim Ryan’s “Moving the Chains.” I bought Sirius specifically for NFL Radio and damn love that channel. Already a subscriber, I was very pleased when John and Caplan’s show was on there, too. Freaking love it.

    Well deserved plug, except that I have no desire for my competitors to subscribe to this site. Sorry, John. :-)

  12. Burton says:

    John, hopefully Sirius 124 will have you back on for Friday night Sirius Fantasy Football? when’s your first show air this year?

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