Another mock expert draft today

I have yet another mock expert draft today for another magazine, so I’ll be posting the results as they occur.

This is a 12-team draft, and it’s NOT a PPR league. I draft 10th, so it will be interesting to see if it’s viable for my to stick with the WR-WR plan drafting that late; it sure was in a PPR draft earlier this month.

: Wow, first two picks Chris Johnson and Randy Moss. Surprised they were both there, can’t ask for more than that picking 12th. Calvin was temping, but Moss has Brady. Big difference.

3:26: Not an easy call with my 3rd pick, but I went with Dwayne Bowe. Although it’s not a PPR league,. Bowe should see a ton of passes in the red zone, so if he gets his act together, he could easily score 10 TDs. Next up, I felt it was too early for a QB and I would have taken Thomas Jones as a safer pick, but with him unhappy with his deal, over 30, and with others there, I played to win witih Reggie Bush. Again, I feel Bush is going to explode if healthy. That’s the issue, but even with Pierre Thomas the “starter”Bush is going to get a lot of opportunities to make big plays, and 100 total yarss per week should be a lock if he’s healthy.

3:35: Probably make a mistake in the 5th by snapping up Kurt Warner. He was a nice value 2 picks from the 6th round, but I should have taken Chris “Beanie” Wells and hoped Warner slipped to my 3 picks into the 6th. Wells did not, so I took Santonio Holmes as my #3 WR. Didn’t think any of the available RBs were worth taking in the 6th.

355: Since it’s a mock , I’m playing to win and looking to get flashy, so I took TE Greg Olsen and RB Darren Sproles with my next two picks.

4:00: OK, I am hurting a little at RB, so I took a flyer on LeRon McClain for depth. If Willis McGahee flops or gets hurt, McClain should be back in business with at least 12-14 carries a game and most goal line carries. I followed that up in the 10th with more RB depth, Jamaal Charles.

4:06;  Still looking for depth, and WR Mark Clayton, my boy, is still there. Next, I get even more RB depth with Fred Taylor. My RBs look like skank, but I have a lot of bodies here, one of them will emerge. Oh, who am I kidding, it’s a mock draft.

4:13: With only 15 rounds in this league, I grab the NY Giant defense. I’m concerned with Philly and the health of their defensive coordinator Jim Johnson. Sadly, he may not be there this year. I also took Greg Camarillo as my #5 WR. He’s been Penninton’s guy in the OTAs.

4:15: Took Jason Elam as my kicker.

Decent draft, team has a lot of upside and juice, but again I have a different mindset doing mocks.

QB: Kurt Warner
RB: Chris Johnson
RB: Reggie Bush
WR: Randy Moss
WR: Dwayne Bowe
WR: Santonio Holmes
Flex: Darren Sproles/Mark Clayton
TE: Greg Olsen
PK: Jason Elam
DT: NY Giants

Bench: LeRon McClain, Fred Taylor, Jamaal Charles, Greg Camarillo

Not bad, but I need to do only “real” drafts so I only draft “real” teams.

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  1. Austin says:

    Pretty solid team. I probably would of passed on Warner in the 5th, taken Wells and hope to land a guy like Schaub later in the draft. All in all a great draft though so nice work!

  2. Bernie says:

    Hey, Guru that’s a great team man. I’m not sure why you are apprenhensive about that squad. I would be psyched with that team. Your WR’s are amazing, your RB’s have the potential to be amazing and you have one of the best QB’s from last year. I know he probably won’t duplicate his numbers, but if he even comes close, Warner will be one of the top QB’s again this year. I really like this one and I love when you post your drafts with your philosophy behind each pick. I believe this is one of the best ways to become better at fantasy.

    Thanks for all that you do.

  3. Austin says:


    I’ve noticed you target Bush a ton during the mocks which is something I’ve planned on doing as well, especially in ppr leagues. Do you think he will finally realize his potential running the ball this year as well to compliment his recieiving skills? I don’t think he goes wild running the ball with Thomas but I think he finally flirts with 1,000 yds and learns to be effective between the tackles this year. What is your opinion?

  4. John Hansen says:

    Thanks, Bernie.

    Austin, I think I’m alone on this one, and it’s certainly dangerous to assume a guy will be healthier than he’s been. I’m not even assuming that, really, but I really do feel that, if he can find a way to stay healthy, that Bush will fully realize his potential this year. We’ve chronicled his limitations as a runner from the beginning, so I don’t have any delusions there. Just as a unique weapon who will get up to 20 touches a game (rushing/receiving total).

    What I’m basing this on was his play from last year. If you recall, we were kind of down on him unless it was a PPR. But before he got hurt, while watching him play, I felt that was a bad call because he looked a lot more comfortable and more able to take full advantage of his talents and his favorable situation. It wound up he was to be avoided, but that was only due to the injury. But those who think Bush is soft are wrong; he’s actually really tough for a guy his size when you consider how many touches he gets, including as a returner.

    Before he got hurt, he was the #1 RB in a PPR the first six games of the season. More revealing, he was 8th best in a NON PPR. So another year in the league and still very young, if he can stay healthy, one should easily envision him as a top-15 back. In a non-PPR league, you can get him possibly in the 5th or 6th round, so he could be a great value.

  5. Austin says:


    Thanks for the response and I think you are dead on in your assesment of Bush. Another guy that seems to be lower than he should be is Steven Jackson. Last year under the worst of circumstances he was 3rd in fantasy points per game and his supporting cast should be better especially where it needs to be, the offensive line. Are people lower on him than they should be or am I all alone in thinking he can compete for the #1 rb spot in either standard or ppr formats?

    Forgot to mention above that I loved the Olsen pick….great value with Cutler on board and he could easily finish as a top 5 TE and you didn’t have to use a 4th round pick ala Witten.

  6. John Hansen says:

    I do agree on Jackson. I won’t need to see much positively from him or much negatively from LT to move him up to #4 overall. Might even go to #3 if Forte has issues with health.

  7. Roque says:

    What does ‘i have a different mindset during mock drafts’? does it mean you don’t care as much. i’d call BS but you did say after listing your team that you only should draft real teams.

    I think what you’re saying is, if i’m planning for a mock draft, read about your mock draft but if i’m trying to use your expertise in drafting a real team wait until you also post results of drafting a real team.

  8. Steve says:

    John, In a non-PPR league after the first few picks (AP, MT and MJD) do you see a great difference between 4 – 8 this year? I have the 5 pick and can’t decide between many talented RB’s. Any suggestions? I can’t beleive Chris Johnson (who I really like as the #5 was available in your draft)

  9. John Hansen says:

    Roque, I’m basically saying I didn’t draft totally realistically in only a mock. For example, I didn’t draft a backup QB.

    With the 5th pick in a PPR you should hone in on

    Matt Forte
    LaDainian Tomlinson
    Steven Jackson
    Chris Johnson

    Forte should be gone, so if it looks like Turner will go before you it’s LT or Jackson, and I’d go Jackson. Consider yourself lucky if you get Jackson at #5 in a PPR.

  10. austin says:


    Is using the #1 pick on SJax in a ppr that bad of an idea?

  11. DT says:

    John decent effort but i think you need to stop calling them “Expert” drafts..most are anything but and i wonder who is actually drafting some of the other teams in hose drafts..just look at the last draft Caplan did and covered, its was really embarrassing starting with Lance Moore in the mid fifth and so many more mistakes i cant mention them all. Posting drafts like those just wont help anyone and actually will hurt people more than help them. Just has to mention this as almost every “expert” draft posted here has some very bad picks all over them. Maybe you should post more drafts with high stakes “players” involved and not so called web site “experts” who barely actually play the hobby. I could point you to some drafts that would blow away every “expert” draft you’ve posted this year for your subscribers to look at and possibly use for a guide for their own drafts. I can see why you usually do very well in those drafts but i feel you should even do better.

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