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We’re doing a fresh podcast on Thursday morning with myself, Adam Caplan, and Greg Cosell, and since this is a quiet time of the year, I thought we’d break down some of the key issues fantasy owners need to think about heading into camp and the 2009 season. I’m throwing them out there now in case anyone reads this before 10am tomorrow and has any other topcis for discussion.

Wells vs. Hightower – How do the players compare?

Raven Running Game – What do they want to do, and do they want to change anything about it from last year, and how do the three guys fit in.

Panther RBs – Is there any reason for them to change at all what they did last year?

Can Devin Hester be the “#1 WR” for the Bears? How close is he to being a player who dictates coverage and has the ability to string together productive games as a frequently-targeted WR.

How confident can anyone be about the Bengal passing game bouncing back in 2009?

How concerned should Cowboy fans be about their passing game in 2009 and what can they do to offset the loss of Owens?

Replacing Jay Cutler in Denver is hard enough, but how much harder would it be if Marshall’s not there, and if he’s gone, how would that affect Royal.

With Larry Johnson sticking in KC, how much can we expect him to carry the ball in a system he’s not exactly a good fit for.

The Favre Fallout, how the Viking offense changes if a healthy (enough) Favre is on the team.

Do you believe the Patriots prefer a rotation in their backfield or do you think they’d prefer to feature one back, and if so who on their roster now should be the best option this year.

Is Pierre Thomas capable of essentially filling the role Deuce McAllister filled Bush’s first year in the league?

How limited may the Giant offense be this year if their young WRs fail to step up.

LaDainian entering a season over 30, changes in his performance, ability/chance of another good year, etc.

Who should be the Buc QB and can their QB (whoever he is) take advantage of their solid weapons.

Big year for Jason Campbell, can he take it up a notch, and what has to happen if he’s to do so.

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  1. pistolpete says:

    Cutler faded badly down the stretch last year and couldn’t handle getting his feelings hurt in the offseason.Is he mature enough to be the leader of a playoff/championship caliber team?Will he turn into another Jeff George?

  2. Tony says:

    I love the points you’ve laid down and I would like to add a couple more.

    First, You are going to talk about the Bengal passing attack but what about their running attack?

    Second, Can Darren McFadden be involved enough to be a RB2 on a fantasy roster this year?

    Third, Who is more valuable in the Saints offense, Pierre Thomas or Reggie Bush?

    Keep up the awesome work, Thank you, tony

  3. JOOCE says:

    I read an article that the Chiefs won’t be running the spread offense this year, but wasn’t able to find any other sources that corroborate that.

    This would of course be good news for LJ. Have you heard anything on this?

  4. MI-5 says:

    I’d like to hear Greg’s take on Rivers vs. Rodgers, I believe he wasn’t the biggest Rivers fan and I want to see if that changed.

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