Meeting Notes – NFC South/West

 Here are some more raw notes from our annual pow-wow at our nerve center here in Southern New Jersey earlier this month. We do this each year to get ready for our mag, and the season.

Atlanta Falcons

- Good football team

- Matt Ryan will be an elite player

- They are a running team, and will continue to be

- They will take more shots, but won’t change approach

- Roddy White has become really good, long strider, knows how to break down cushion, fluid, smooth, eats a lot of ground

- How can you stop them with Tony Gonzalez

- Harry Douglas is getting better

- Michael Jenkins is good #2

- O-Line is serviceable, everyone is back

- Peria Jerry is great fit, and will start next to Jordan Babineaux, best pure DB in draft

- Lawrence Shipberg not good against run

- Peterson weak off middle

- Stephen Nicholas really liked by Mike Smith

- Watch Chris Owens in the secondary

- Teams will attack secondary

- Chevis Jackson should get chance to start

- Need another pass rusher, Jamal Anderson has not turned out

Carolina Panthers

- Duke Robinson will be a G, just OK

- Mike Goodson is a change-up back

- Sherrod Moore could play both CB/S and a lot of snaps, could [...] Showcase League Results

Last night, our own Dom Korbel hosted our now-annual Magazine “Showcase League.” This league is comprised of the top-11 overall finishers in our 2008 NFL Playoff fantasy contest and one staff member.

Dom is the staff member, and in last year’s inaugural season, he denied the other 11 owners by winning the league, so our readership is officially 0-1 while competing against us.

Dom, of course, had to play again as the defending champ, so he convened last night with our 11 winners from 2008 to conduct the first 14 rounds for this year’s magazine.

Like we do for our magazine expert draft, we require owners to draft a complete starting lineup (1 QB, 2 RBs, 3 WRs, 1 RB/WR/TE, 1 TE, 1 PK, and 1 DT. It’s a PPR league. These guys will reconvene in August to finish up the final six rounds.

Here are the rosters and the draft report.

Who do you think has the best team?

Dom Korbel


Garrard, David JAC QB

Romo, Tony DAL QB

Jacobs, Brandon NYG RB

Norwood, Jerious ATL RB

Slaton, Steve HOU RB

Turner, Michael ATL RB

Bruce, Isaac SFO WR

Clayton, Mark BAL WR

Hixon, Domenik NYG WR

Jackson, Vincent SDC WR

Williams, Roy [...] Meeting Notes – NFC East/North

I’m officially buried with the magazine, so I’m not going to have a ton of time to post thoughts here these next few weeks. However, what I do have are some raw notes from our annual pow-wow at our nerve center here in Southern New Jersey.

I figured these notes would be interesting for readers to check out, so I’ll chime in here each day this week and cover two divisions. These aren’t our official positions per se, but these notes cover a lot of the stuff we talked about.

Dallas Cowboys

- Roy Williams is the key to everything they do, packed it in last year, erratic, they have no skill player without him

- Crayton is a good #3, Austin showed flashes

- Romo is an enigma, looks really good, but then can also be rattled

- Felix Jones is big time runner, no one coming out this year is as fast as him, can make unblocked defender missed

- D is good

- Ratliff had real good 2008

- Olshansky should replace Canty without problem

- Secondary is issue, Mike Jenkins will start but not that good

- Scandrick is a slot guy

Rookie keeper rankings overall

In case you haven’t noticed, we posted on Friday our “Post-Draft” Rookie Report. We did so after our annual pow-wow at the nerve center on Friday. Each year, we gather our main contributors and go over all 32 teams and their key players to prepare for our magazine and the whole season.

Speaking of the gathering, we did so in our new office building. I’ve been looking to buy a building for quite some time, and with this current economy and real estate market, this year was the time. We literally just moved in officially last week, and the building is awesome. We’ve got high-speed internet, of course, but also Direct TV with TIVO so we don’t miss a thing during the season. This is a big relief for me, since I’ve been going out of my mind the last 3-4 months coordinating the building improvement and doing a lot of work myself. But it’s now done – just in time for the magazine push.

Here's a shot taken from the nerve center on 5/1. Each year after the draft we gather with our key staff members to go over all 32 teams, their players, and everything else. It's [...]

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