Time to play this year’s version of “Guess the Cover Boy”

Tomorrow afternoon, if all goes well, I’ll be sitting down with this year’s cover boy,  and it’s become a bit of a tradition here to ask people to give their guesses as to whom it is.

This year, I’m going to make it tough and I’m not going to give any major hints. The only hint I’ll give is that there is an angle with this player. There’s something specific about him that should be of interest to fantasy owners, which is why I’ve picked him. He’s also really good, of course.

As usual, once I conduct the interview, I’ll spill the beans. For the next 24 hours, however, I’ll be sweating all the details and worried that something will mess me up. The reality is I’ve never had a problem, so I’m pretty sure I’ll be fine.

So guess away, and feel free to list your reasons why this guy is interesting and should be on the cover.

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  1. austin says:

    MJD-Gets his first shot to carry the load in a post Fred Taylor era……..

  2. pete scherzer says:

    Matt Forte-You’ve been on his bandwagon since last June

  3. Chris Brand says:

    Tom Brady … bounce back from injury and fatigue from “marital relations” with new wife.

  4. Jimmerz says:

    MJD was my initial thought as well, but that seems too obvious. So I’ll go out on a limb and say Jonathan Stewart. My thinking is the hint that there’s something specific about the player of interest to fantasy owners is that he is a big fantasy player himself.

  5. healthpellets says:

    someone in the tri-state area? then I’d say mcnabb.

    if not, then steven jackson.

  6. bustedflush says:

    Got to be Forte. Solid last year, young and the addition of Cutler makes him a play to win, upside pick.

  7. ryersonlaw says:

    I’m guessing it’s Cutler. What he will (hopefully) do for guys like Forte, Hester, and Olson is a great fantasy story.

  8. Neil "Irish_Flyers" says:

    I’m going to go with MoJo Drew. It’s who I’ve thought you guys would have for a couple weeks now.
    Although Jimmerz’s comment about Stewart is interesting. (Didn’t know Stewart played FF). Love hearing about players who do.

  9. Chris says:

    Matt Cassell. New situation, will he live up to what he did last season while trying to rebuild the Chiefs?

  10. Tony says:

    I torn between MJD and Forte they both fit the angle piece in that MJD is all alone behind a beefed up offensive line and Forte now has Cutler to take that 8th man out the box. It has to be one of those guys.

  11. FFRich says:

    I’d say M Lynch, he has a number of “angles”, but that mistake was made last year. (jk) I’ll say it’s Deangelo Williams. He really seems like a good guy and what a year he had in 2008.

  12. FFRich says:

    OR…..could you be going back to Buffalo and interview T.O. Maybe he’ll include the interview on his reality show!!!!

  13. mike says:

    My guess is DeAngelo Williams. Kinda cam out of nowhere last year. In my league’s scoring he was no.1, but he’s got a potential stud backing him up. Is he a no. 1? Top 5, 10?

  14. frank says:

    A first for the Mag Cover a 2 for: Kurt Warner WITH Larry Fitz; the savvy veteran got so close, can he do it again along with his stud WR.

  15. jbeau says:

    Geez, we don’t even get a position hint? haha.

    Well, it has to be someone who you think will be or has been a stud right? I will go with a WR since you had a RB last year. Someone who has no history of off the field issues, since you almost got burned with Lynch’s idiocracy. Sorry, I got no clue. Andre Johnson.

  16. Keith Henderson says:

    Since you mentioned an angle, it must be Adrian Peterson. He wants to add 10-12 lbs. A mistake, BTW

  17. Kid S says:

    Calvin Johnson. Random guess…a little presumptuous to think Stafford will have that big of an impact, but Johnson did well with whatever junk started for the Lions last year.

    Matt Forte is my second guess.

  18. bp says:

    Carson Palmer.
    Not a RB.
    RB on 4 of 5 covers.

  19. Stretch says:

    The only person that I know which have an angle plus motivation will be Megatron (i.e Calvin Johnson). After going 0-16 he will be a man on a mission.

  20. Idiot Savant says:

    You’ve interviewed MJD in the past…I am guessing someone different…

    Jay Cutler…you’ve always been a supporter…and he’s got amazing talent…angle’s…well their are TON’s of angles with the guy.

    (Originally thought of Calvin Johnson, but no special angles)

    You may go with someone of lesser stature who could blow up…Lee Evans comes to mind…how he is going to benefit from T.O… and is Edwards up to the challenge.

  21. jbeau says:

    Isn’t MJD a big time fantasy guy too?? Not too sure, but he is my RB guess.

  22. Idiot Savant says:

    LT might be an interesting guess…especially since you drafted him #4 in your recent expert draft…HEALTH angle/ AGE Angle/ Fire in the belly etc…

  23. flanwagon says:

    so there’s “angle” to this player…

    i’ll have to go with De-ANG-elo Williams.

  24. MI-5 says:

    Chris Johnson because the Guru was way ahead of the curve on his fantasy prospects and that benefited a lot of us.

  25. CurleyQ says:

    Drew Brees – just a wild guess.

  26. Mike Rancka says:

    RB Chris Johnson, TN. Could put up 2000 yards this year.

  27. John Hansen says:

    Thanks for the interest guys. I usually look at an angle, and the angle last year with Lynch was that he doesn’t really do interviews and no one knew much about him. Looking back, I was disappointed, but his OL was TERRIBLE for the run last year, so I don’t think he was a total flop (15th RB in PPG and total points, and 13th in a PPR).

    This year’s guy has an angle, and he’s definitely a better player.

  28. Dave P says:

    An angle, eh? The first player who jumped into my head was Pat White — but he’s a rookie.

    So I’ll go Ronnie Brown for the same reason: the wildcat.

  29. Joe says:

    Aaron Rodgers

  30. Brian says:

    Michael Vick.

    Ok, maybe not.

    I’d have to go with Brady.

  31. Andy says:

    Andre Johnson. If I can take an outside-of-the-box-guess how about Jason Witten

  32. Brad Freeman says:

    Chris Johnson since he wants to lead the league in rushing, he wants to be the league MVP and Tennessee wants to get him the ball more via the pass. And one more thing: he wants to play the drums after another TD this year. Now THAT is an angle.

  33. MI-5 says:

    I already guess Chris Johnson, because you tend to have RB covers. With that said, if it is a QB, then I also think it will be Aaron Rodgers and the angle is Farve saga and how he rose above it all.

    John – Can you at least tell us a position hint?

  34. jbeau says:

    This angle thing is killing me. Uhhh, I will throw out a QB also. McNabb. Close to home for John, he got some nice new weapons, and fortified his OL.

  35. akmutts says:

    The guy dressed as a popcorn box at the Buffalo airport

  36. Idiot Savant says:

    Okay…Lee Evans is out…other thoughts…Aaron Rodgers… but the whole Favre thing might not be Johns kind of thing…how bout Tony Romo- and the post T.O. era…in Dallas.

  37. Law Firm says:

    I guessed Forte in a thread by SC Men of Troy. With Cutler in the mix, it makes too much sense, even more fantasy relevance if you will.

  38. Law Firm says:

    Man, I missed the part from John about the “angle.” Call it a hunch, but perhaps Desean Jackson? He’s a guy on the bubble to break out, and now has Maclin on his heels. The close to home advantage that Phish spoke about. Hmmm, tough one. I’m going to pass on Forte and go with Desean Jackson.

  39. Chris Brand says:

    As much as it about Fantasy relevance – it is also about selling magazines and if you look at the past covers with possible exception of Lynch, you have very recognizable people on the cover (Portis, Tomlinson, Smith and Bush) that would appeal to a wide range of fantasy and general football fans. So I think in the interest of selliing a few more mags it make sense that they would put a face that was recognizable to a wide audience. I’m still sticking with Brady.

  40. Jared says:

    I’ll go with Anquan Bolden and the angle is what team will he be with?

  41. Hail Skins says:

    Not even one Turner guess thus far?


    Don’t know what angle it would be, but he’s being overlooked.

  42. Mark Brown says:

    MJD…no doubt about it…you can’t move him up to #2 (#1 ppr) and not roll out another running back…

  43. flanwagon says:

    Good riddle, John. You mentioned he’s “really good” and “definitely better” then Lynch, so it sounds like this to guy is an elite talent. I’m guessing the angle must be a major off-season move, the outcome of which will be the “interest to fantasy owners”. I’m thinking its either Brandon Marshall (with Orton/McDaniels) or Calvin Johnson (with Stafford).

    i’m going Calvin Johnson

  44. reifnir says:

    Chris Cooley. He’s one of only a few stud TEs and he also plays Fantasy Football.

  45. stemel says:

    Put me in with the Chris Johnson group.

  46. B Rabbit says:

    I have to go Tom Brady as well. There are a few angles and things we would like to know about him. How is his recovery coming along? What will he do without Josh McDaniels? Does Gisele Bundchen have any single friends that like FF geeks in their mid 30’s? Enquiring minds want to know baby!!!

  47. A Sikora says:

    Please be Chris Johnson.

  48. The Grifter says:

    Matt Forte as he catches a swing pass from Cutler and angles into the endzone!

  49. jason tapley says:

    i say tomlinson or fitz

  50. jason tapley says:

    i change to forte

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