Time to play this year’s version of “Guess the Cover Boy”

Tomorrow afternoon, if all goes well, I’ll be sitting down with this year’s cover boy,  and it’s become a bit of a tradition here to ask people to give their guesses as to whom it is.

This year, I’m going to make it tough and I’m not going to give any major hints. The only hint I’ll give is that there is an angle with this player. There’s something specific about him that should be of interest to fantasy owners, which is why I’ve picked him. He’s also really good, of course.

As usual, once I conduct the interview, I’ll spill the beans. For the next 24 hours, however, I’ll be sweating all the details and worried that something will mess me up. The reality is I’ve never had a problem, so I’m pretty sure I’ll be fine.

So guess away, and feel free to list your reasons why this guy is interesting and should be on the cover.

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  1. Clevage says:

    the key element i have not read from any posting is the cover boy must SELL MAGAZINES. my guess is Tom Brady. it’s the biggest story this off season, PLUS, he has a winning smile and cute ass.

  2. Brian says:

    Devin Hester or Jay Cutler.

  3. Wax Man says:

    Larry Fitz

  4. Gavin says:

    Calvin Johnson-he’s already a stud and he is a 3rd Yr WR in a great position to improve with better QB play and some other offensive weapons to keep defense’s half way honest.

  5. John Hansen says:

    Man, now I feel bad for all the people who will be wrong. I’ll give a hint he has been mentioned here – and it’s not Tom Brady. I wouldn’t even try that, although it’s certainly worth a shot. But what’s he really going to say? Not much, most likely. I would spill the beans, but I don’t want to eff up the interview karma.


    It’s got to MDJ, I mean theres nothing but good karma for the man!

  7. zeech says:

    Im going with the lightning fast Chris Johnson…..He’s all about the homerun.

  8. Ke Van says:

    Matt Ryan

  9. Johann says:

    Too funny – some people never read the posts ahead of theirs – they just want to blurt out their “expert” opinions. JOHN HANSON himself reveals in HIS post it’s either Megatron, Cutler, Hester or Fitzgerald.

    Followed of course, by THREE posts RIGHT AFTER his, guessing 3 players already ruled out! BRILLIANT work there James Loveless, Zeech, and Ke Van!! lmao

  10. Johann says:

    (sorry for the spelling error there John – I meant “Hansen”)

  11. ngialias says:

    I agree with MJD.

  12. Gary Winebright says:

    Cutler is the poster boy for the front page.

  13. Ryan Walker says:

    I am gonna take a shot and say jeremy maclin!!!

  14. Ryan Walker says:

    Ok I will be more serious… Matt Forte Please John interview him!!

  15. Seinfeld says:

    Yeah, it’s a little tough to be critical towards everyone else when you can’t even spell John’s name right, isn’t it Johann? For your info, I can only see about 15 of the 65 responses here with no additional pages available. That being said, I will go with Fitzgerald. I think his story would be of interest to people and you don’t really know a lot about him as a person. Seems like a good guy. Not your typical NFL Diva wideout.

  16. Joe Riopel says:

    Royal W/Cheese

  17. Joe Riopel says:

    i know its not him, but consider him for the 2010 cover


  18. the ghost of fred taylor says:

    gotta be MJD

  19. Steve says:

    Matt Ryan….

  20. jbeau says:

    Johann…there are 70 comments…read all of them buddy.

  21. Bill Cervi says:

    Jay Cutler… a man scorned, one town shocked, one town elated and all the FF fans in between. If I was selecting a cover he would be my boy! Scandal = Mag sales!

  22. Dan says:

    Johann and Seinfeld…you can check out the comments you “couldn’t see” by clicking on “<<Older Comments” right above where you “Leave a Reply.” John doesn’t narrow it down to the 4 players that Johann said because Johann never read the “Older Comments” that guess probably around 30 more players, including Forte, Warner, Rodgers, SJax, Romo, etc.

    My guess is MJD.

  23. Nathan says:

    I’m thinking Forte, with the angle being he might be the only back whose team could gain a franchise QB and actually have it help and not hurt him.

  24. Dom says:

    Gotta be MoJooo, Jones-Drew is a studd, way better than Lynch and the angle is that fred taylor is finallly gone so hes getting his shot!

  25. Nathan says:

    Dom, I thot of MJD too, but went with Forte because he’s probably in less demand time-wise these days. Sometimes real life actually affects fantasy. :)

  26. Chris Riley says:

    This one’s easy…..Andre Johnson!

  27. Seinfeld says:

    Okay, so when are we supposed to find out. I don’t know that Forte is obviously a better player than Lynch was coming off of his rookie year. John said this player is definitely better than Lynch. Gotta be someone a little more proven, doesn’t it. Okay, let’s handicap it.
    AJ 2 – 1,
    Fitz 3-1,
    MJD 3-1,
    Forte 5-1,
    Jay Cutler(aka loser) 6 – 1,
    Matt Ryan 10-1,
    McNabb 10-1

  28. Seinfeld says:

    My apologies to Jay Cutler. I meant Drunken loser. Thank you.

  29. John_Hansen says:

    I don’t have my blog login with me, but it’s Maurice Jones-Drew.

  30. Law Firm says:

    Nice choice, John. Yep, definitely has the angle now that he’s THE MAN in JAX. Must have been a fun interview, seems like a funny, down to earth cat.

  31. Bob says:

    My guess is Tom Brady.

  32. Nathan says:

    Fabulous choice John! I’m interested in what your angle was, besides MJD possibly being the top fantasy scorer this year. Law Firm, you’re right on about him. During Sirius’ training camp tour last summer Tim Ryan (USC) was razzing MJD (UCLA) about national championships: “How many you got daddy? Huh?” MJD’s reply: “Oh, well we don’t pay our players.” His success couldn’t be happening to a nicer guy.

  33. John Hanson says:

    is that really you john? see, anyone can post with John’s name.

    and this is healthpellets, btw.

  34. John Hansen says:

    damn it. wrong spelling. maybe not anyone can do it… ;-)

  35. John Hansen says:

    Yep, that’s me. I usually say it after these, but a fantastic dude. I think the best way to describe MJD is I’ve never seen a better combination of confidence and humility. The dude’s outstanding. Interview forthcoming. Longest ever, too.

  36. austin says:

    Do I win anything for being first? Just kidding. Looking forward to the interview!

  37. jack black says:

    Tom Brady … shoot up wedding and all

  38. jack black says:

    PS put his wife on the cover

  39. True Bruin says:

    I am glad you selected MJD and not because I am also a former Bruin but because he is a stud and class-act. The last couple cover boys I thought were weak. Tatum Bell and Lynch are punks, and even though I like Steve Smith he is a little bit of a hot-head. Hopefully, next year and the years to come you have a criteria: player must be good and a class-act. Next year, try to get Forte, Matty “Ice”, or Brees.

  40. Seinfeld says:

    Bruin, for the record Tatum Bell was not on the cover. Reggie Bush was on the cover and Clinton Portis was too, but not Bell!

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