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I’ve won 18 championships over the last 12 years, and I don’t think I’ve ever been in one single league for more than 5 years without winning it – other than my own league. I started off well in this league, finishing the regular season as a top team the first three years. But over the last three years, I’ve been basically middle of the pack. I think I have a mental block or something.

Anyways, I get another crack at this one today, since we’re conducing the first 14 rounds of this 12-team PPR league at 1pm ET. Keep in mind owners are required for the mag to draft a starting lineup, which is: 1 QB, 2 RBs, 3 WRs, 1 RB/WR/TE, 1 PK, 1 DT.

If you’re into it, you can follow the draft as it occurs here:


Just make sure you hit reload/refresh to see the current picks.

Feel free to chime in here with any thoughts or questions, and I’ll try to answer them.

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  1. MI-5 says:

    As I write this 5 rounds are complete and the draft is half way though the 6th round. You picked so far, LT, S. Smith, R. Bush, B. Edwards & A, Rogers. I have to say, I love all but one of your picks, LT. I posted recently on the boards, that he has bust written all over him, and anyone who needs convincing should talk to a FF couch who drafted M. Faulk those last few years with the Rams. LT has a lot of miles on his odometer and this team is morphing into a throwing team. Plus I think the team believes that their new franchised RB (Sproles) may be better for screen passes. I think you got to take Turner, Jackson or Slaton (PPR jump up).

    S. Smith – PPR gold

    R. Bush – PPR gold and the best value of the draft; I predict that he has more FF points than LT in 2009.

    B. Edwards – Could be a great pick, but may be a reach based on his correct team. I think I would have taken P. Manning and smiled all day.

    A. Rodgers – I like the pick, but Warner was there too. I think I still liked Manning a round earlier.

    Hang in there

  2. John Hansen says:

    I made sure I got Darren Sproles, though. So I have the Charger RB, and if LT is healthy I could use Sproles as an upside flex. That was my plan taking LT.

  3. War Eagle says:

    John…that lineup is looking like you are headed for middle of the pack again (IMHO).

    Early reach for QB…think you should have targeted a better WR or RB at that pick (could have had Tony G. at TE). The WR situation after Smith looks weak, and no TE yet. McGahee is a very risky pick with little upside due to timeshare in Baltimore.

  4. John Hansen says:

    I think I have the best team so far, actually. Rodgers was #2 in scoring last year. Berrian and Clayton are really good #3s and #4s. Carlson was a great value in the 11th. McGahee is going to get every chance to start at RB, so worth it late in the 8th round.

    The rosters are here:

  5. War Eagle says:

    Based on your notes for AFC North, seems like McClain would have been a better pick at RB than McGahee. Of course..you got the Vikings on DST :-)

    In regards to starting lineups, I like the Top 5 in this order thus far:

    1a) Rotoworld
    1b) Football Die Hards
    3) The Huddle
    4) Fantasy Guru
    5) Fanball

  6. John Hansen says:

    McGahee has a lot more upside. Keep in mind they lost FB Neal, which is why McGahee will be given every chance to be the guy at RB. He’s much more talented than McClain, and he’s also a pretty good receiver and could catch plenty of passes in this offense, even with Rice there. He could crap the bed, but I was going for some upside and potential value.

  7. MI-5 says:

    If I had to pick right now with the draft mostly done (kicker time), the best team belongs to “Citizen Sports”.

    QB: Brady / Orton
    RB: Gore / Slaton / L. Washington / McClain
    WR: A. Bryant / C. Chambers / Cotchery / Evens / Bess
    TE: Daniels
    K: Akers
    D: Green Bay

    Now that is laoded. I think this team is great and is even better because this is a PPR League.


  8. John Hansen says:

    Brady was a hell of a value for him, 4th round!

  9. Cat says:

    John, not liking the squad. Running backs on there last legs and underachieving receivers.

  10. John Hansen says:

    I’ll be posting to this thread in December when I’m kicking royal arse :0)

  11. Gump says:

    I agree with Cat. Your RBs are scary. LT has chronic injuries now and Bush can’t last 8 games. You should have taken Turner.

  12. austin says:


    I think your team grades out the highest so far and not much to disagree on in the draft. Getting Bush in the 3rd was a steal with this scoring system and Mcgahee should see 70% of the carries in Baltimore with MCclain being forced to fullback. I might have gone T. Jones in the 5th over Rodgers especially since Bush is an injury risk but you made up for it with Mcgahee late. Would of liked to see you grab Mendenhall but he went a little higher than expected. All in all though great Draft!

  13. John Hansen says:

    I think what people are missing with the RBs is that I got them in the 7th, 8th, and 10th round. I believe LT will be okay, like Curtis Martin at 30, not Shaun Alexander. And I have a devastating weapon in Sproles if I’m wrong. I wouldn’t call Steve Smith underperforming, since he was 4th in this scoring last year. Edwards is a #1, like him or not, and will catch plenty of passes with Winslow gone. Berrian is also a #1 for this particular team and a nice #3 with an upgraded QB situation. Clayton has definite upside and could really surprise. I’m also strong at QB, TE, PK, and very much so with DT. If McGahee is just decent, I think it’s a very complete team.

  14. Cat says:

    I think you and john are way off. Bush won’t last, mcgahee won’t last and isn’t that good anyway. Austin you said he should have taken Thomas jones instead of Rodgers – no way. Jones is old, holding out looking like a bust this year and Rodgers is fantasy points every week. Back to the drawing board.

  15. ANT says:

    I think Berrian is in for a down year. I think Percy steps right in as their best WR on that team and does what Desean Jackson did last year for the Eagles.

  16. Phil Gecsek says:

    Hi John
    I wasn’t feeling real good about my team that I drafted in your Showcase league. but after seeing your draft I’m feeling a little better. We have common ground with the Bush and Edwards picks, I think they will both pan out quite well. I love Edwards for my #2. Some of my picks were taken earlier than I drafted them also.AKA Fred Jackson. Anyway thanks for the Showcase league its a good time. Hope to see you again in AC at the Roto Bowl this year. Always a good time there!!
    Later Phil Gecsek

  17. Chris Becker says:

    Lotta doubters out here but it’s early fellas, give GURU a break. Love McGahee so late, no risk in the 8th with possible big rewards in Cameron’s system. Bush and LT in ppr scoring are play to win picks. a little thin at WR but with 12 teams you can’t have everything. Overall very solid and if healthy borderline dominant

  18. Cat says:

    Someone please tell me what bush, Edwards and mcgahee did last year. I know it’s not all about last years stats but you could have gone with safer picks who have the potential to do just as much. I have no issues with LT or Rodgers.

  19. Cat says:

    Sorry I just like football debate.

  20. Former Army Person says:

    Cat -you do know that Bush was 10th in points per game in ppr formats last year? 6th until he got hurt? That’s pretty good performance for an rb available in the 3rd rd. Yes, he’s an injury risk but at that point he’s got to be worth it.

    I’m shocked Pierre Thomas went only three picks later. I’m a huge Thomas fan, but I’ll take Bush over Thomas for about the same pick.

  21. austin says:


    Bush was #1 in ppr leagues before getting hurt and although an injury risk, when healthy he is a beast in ppr so to get him in the third is a steal. I like the Rodgers pick and said it worked out. I usually like to wait a couple more rounds before taking a qb. I would target a guy like Schaub late in drafts but thats just my opinion. Rodgers could easily be a top 5 qb so again it was a solid pick. Im not a huge fan of Jones but they have a solid line, a rookie qb and will be looking to run a ton. Probably wont duplicate last years stats but he will be solid. As for Mcgahee he didn’t do anything last year but either did Brady. Are you suggesting we shouldn’t touch him either? Like I posted above, Mclain will move to fullback so either Rice or Willis will get a chance to get the majority of the carries. When healthy Mcgahee is a solid talent who can also catch the ball out of the backfield. Guru didn’t take him in the 4th but took him late at a spot that offers huge value if he does win the job as he could produce like a #2 in the right oppurtunity. Again just my opinion.

  22. austin says:


    I am curious why you went LT over Chris Johnson,Gore,Turner etc. I like Johnson at that spot but LT could easily justify that pick. I would love to hear your thoughts on this. Thanks in advance and keep up the good work!

  23. healthpellets says:

    @Austin… time share, talent/offense, SOS…in that order.

  24. Cat says:

    I like Brady. Bush can’t stay healthy plus they now know what they have in Pierre Thomas. They will try to keep bush healthy in any way they can, imo.

  25. Cat says:

    Oh, ray rice went after mcgahee. Would have taken him first

  26. Law Firm says:

    Love the Carlson pick. I’m finding Carlson, Celek and Keller are falling really late in most drafts. I prefer that value than reaching for Gonzalez really early. Don’t like the McGahee pick at all. I think McClain and Rice have more value than that gimp. In fact, I think Cedric Peerman could be a deep sleeper this year, with McGahee always on the mend, and McClain working more as a true FB.

  27. Cat says:

    I like the tight ends late as well.
    Bush is overrated. 10th in points per game in ppr doesn’t impress me for someone who doesn’t do much else and is injury prone and plays soft.

  28. Phil Gecsek says:

    10th in points doesn’t impress you for a third round pick? It is a pick to win and that is what John usually does. Anybody can draft with a list in front of them, sometimes you have to take chances and go with your gut. Going into drafts you always have guys in mind that are going to out preform and have breakout years thats what makes fantasy so much fun to argue about!

  29. austin says:

    He was 1oth in points per game including games not played. I believe he was 1st in points per game only factoring the games he actually played in. Definitely a play to win pick and a smark pick in the third.

  30. austin says:


    Thanks for the response on the LT vs. CJ debate. I’m not sure I totally agree on the talent argument though at this stage of LT’s career. I think CJ has a chance to be special and while in a time share I think he see’s a much greater percentage of the carries not that he knows the offense and that was evident in the playoff’s as well when he was tearing apart a very good Balt. run defense. I think Fisher wants to get the ball in his hands even more. I do think LT is underrated this year so I’m nitpicking when I say I would of gone CJ at that spot. Overall though Hansen did a great job in the draft.

  31. healthpellets says:

    @austin. i think you misunderstood my post. i was address CJ3, then gore, then turner.

  32. healthpellets says:

    @Law Firm. But what is value re TEs? i think you can make an argument that taking a top 3 TE in the 4th is value when the TE scores as well as a WR2. and then that’s one less hole on your offense you have to plug every week. if you want to make an argument for upside, okay. but my goal is to have as much top flight talent as possible. maybe i’m way off base here, but if i have the choice a top 3 TE in the 5th or my WR3, i will be taking the TE.

  33. PackFan says:

    Just a few comments on the draft:
    1. I wasn’t expecting to see Jones-Drew fly off the board with the first pick. That was a bit of an eye-opener for me.
    2. One thing about a 12-team draft – it’s a long-ass wait in between picks. The talent really flies off the board.
    3. I have absolutely no idea who has the best team. Drafting in mid-May would be an unpleasant experience; I realize you have to do it for the magazine and all, but so many familiar names in new places .. so many questions about chemistry, and who the heck knows about the injuries yet to come.
    4. John, I get the feeling you were swinging for the fences – you sort of went old school on us – lots of guys who have done it in the past. Hope you get the LaDainian of a couple years ago – I get the feeling you drafted him in part for the division he’s playing in, and the diverse weapons on that Charger team. You left a lot of younger studs on the board with that pick, but you covered your drawers nicely with the mighty mite Sproles. With your running back corps – it could be feast or famine, you could blow the doors off the league, or get your own parking space in front of the infirmary. Fred Taylor with the Patriots could be a very interesting pick. Also, will you get the Braylon of 2 seasons ago, or last year’s candidate for the Hands of Stone award? I wince anytime I see someone draft a Viking receiver – but that purple defense might be just what the doctor ordered to get you off to a 2-0 start in this league. With their schedule they could very easily explode the first couple of weeks. Your TE should catch a lot of balls this year in Seattle, and who knows … but with that Houston team, you just might have one of the top 3 kickers in fantasy this season.
    5. I like your decision to go with just one QB for now … you were able to pick up one more potential weapon, and you can always cover week 5 with a good match-up QB.

    Best of luck.

  34. Law Firm says:


    I can understand your perspective, but again, if I can grab a WR who’s a number one with my 5th pick, why reach for a guy like Daniels who is is only a PPR threat? Sure, Gates and Witten have strong arguments as number 1 WRs for their respective teams, but when consider Gonzo is arguably the number 2 WR on his team behind White, where’s the upside? I doubt the presence of Gonzo hurts Whites value, in fact, I think it helps.

    It’s a strategy that works for me, and I think a few young TEs will even emerge (like Coffman, Casey and Beckum) which strengthens my argument.

  35. cat says:

    in the 3rd round take Bush – yes i can understand that. but its not a play to win – its play to lose because he’ll just let you down when he gets injured. bush already “broke out” if he was 1st in points or 10th or whatever so draft someone else to “break out”.

  36. John Hansen says:

    Wow, a lot of commentary on this draft. I like my team. I took LT over Johnson because I think he’ll be more than fine if healthy, and I knew I’d get Sproles if not. The downside is if he’s not healthy but playing, like last year, but LT is a much more proven commodity. Some are raking on LT as if he’s a bum, but he was 8th in PPR in this system and .4 points from being 5th, while playing with a toe injury. Johnson was 11th and Gore 13th. Turner doesn’t catch the ball and has a tough schedule. I love Johnson’s game, but he’s done it only one season and White is actually no slouch and steals a ton of TDs.

    While some may not like the team that much, I’m not sure how anyone can seriously rake on this starting lineup in a 12-team PPR draft comprised of guys who do this for a living, and some of the best in the business:

    QB: Aaron Rodgers
    RB: LaDainian Tomlinson
    RB: Reggie Bush
    WR: Steve Smith
    WR: Braylon Edwards
    WR: Bernard Berrian or Mark Clayton
    Flex: Darren Sproles/Willis McGahee/Berrian/Clayton
    TE: John Carlson
    PK: Kris Brown
    DT: Minnesota

  37. Idiot Savant says:

    I haven’t gone to the site yet…but on LT…he had turf toe…not an injury to his knee. He should be more explosive this year…able to cut…last year he was bascially a straight line runner. As you sad..if not you got Sproles… You look fine at each position though B Edwards must play better than last year and Berrian is better in non-ppr…

  38. cat says:

    LT had injuries to his toe and knee but I’m not hating. LT is solid if not spectacular at times. just you said about the past couple of years, you will be middle of the pack unless you find some major sleepers or make some deals. all in due time.

  39. Wax Man says:

    I’m having a hard time with the LT pick. I think Turner would have been much safer and CJ has about the same PPR potential. Your rankings predict a 13 TD rushing season. I think 8 – 9 is more realistic with the emergence of Sproles. By taking LT with the 4th overall, you have handcuffed yourself to Sproles and may find youself with headaches trying to decide who has the hotter hand each week. Turner will be a no-brainer every week, regardless of the schedule. I just don’t feel the vibes with LT.

  40. John Hansen says:

    Turner may be a little safer due to his age, but in a dream season for Turner with 1700 yards rushing and 17 TDs, and a down year for LT, Turner was still only 5 total points better for the whole season. If Turner falls back slightly, very likely with Tony G there, and LT improves only by 1%, LT will score more points. I kind of like having Sproles as an upside flex, too, even if LT is healthy. Norv Turner and RBs, going on three decades of producing nothing but studs.

  41. Wax Man says:

    Point taken. I also think that SD is running out of chances for making a run, so this year may be now of never for them. I will be interested to see what LT’s ADP is later this summer. If you are correct with your projections, LT could end up being a value pick for many of us.

  42. jbeau says:

    Good squad John. I think some guys are dwelling too much on the past season. I agree with you on LT\Sproles move. If you didn’t grab Sproles, then you would have been in trouble. McClain is moving back to FB fulltime, so Its McGahee’s job again. Rice has no chance of taking his job. Clayton is gonna be great for you, may produce as a #2 this year, especially with Mason’s shoulder issues. Bush is the man in PPR, but gotta worry about injury there, but you can’t really dwell on that in a draft.

    I think you are in the top 4 at this point. I like Rotoworld’s draft, diehards did pretty decent for the 12 hole.

  43. Law Firm says:


    I have to disagree with you on McGahee. It’s very much a quagmire in BAL at the RB position. McGahee is still nursing injuries, and last I heard, there were rumblings of even more tweaks. I’m not sure this cat keeps himself in tip-top shape in the off season. I think McClain will still be a goal line vulture, with Rice getting more reps and the rookie Peerman, getting some reps on passing downs. Flacco should also start to expand on the playbook, making the passing percentage increases highly likely.

    I still like John’s team, but I think Edwards, LT and Bush all need to bounce back in a big way to make it happen.

  44. jbeau says:

    Firm, I am well aware of your disdain for ‘the Gimp’. hahahaha…I just think that he is a low risk pick. He is falling way late in drafts, at least mock drafts that we have done. I think the key is to get Rice though(just like John had to do with Sproles). Honestly, that is a backfield I will be trying to stay away from in drafts. I just took a look at the RBs selected after, and think I would have taken Julius Jones or Jamal Lewis instead, since it would be hard to handcuff with Rice.

  45. Idiot Savant says:

    Finally took a look at the full draft… I think you did well…provided you are correct on LT..(and I trust your judgement plus never will assume a player with turf toe is an injury risk, unless he’s currently got the problem…TT is painful, but rest will eventually heal it fully.)

    Looking it over…I think B Berrian was your best option at that point…Lance Moore ALMOST fell to you…which would have simply made you scary in this format…with him as a 3rd WR…I think he was top 15 in ppr last year… Berrian wasn’t bad…but finished top 30…with upside coming this year.

    I’m with you on the value of Mc Gahee, and also like late pick Devin Thomas. You waited and got value on John Carlson. Good luck this year…GURU PRIDE at stake!

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