Meeting Notes – NFC South/West

 Here are some more raw notes from our annual pow-wow at our nerve center here in Southern New Jersey earlier this month. We do this each year to get ready for our mag, and the season.

Atlanta Falcons

- Good football team

- Matt Ryan will be an elite player

- They are a running team, and will continue to be

- They will take more shots, but won’t change approach

- Roddy White has become really good, long strider, knows how to break down cushion, fluid, smooth, eats a lot of ground

- How can you stop them with Tony Gonzalez

- Harry Douglas is getting better

- Michael Jenkins is good #2

- O-Line is serviceable, everyone is back

- Peria Jerry is great fit, and will start next to Jordan Babineaux, best pure DB in draft

- Lawrence Shipberg not good against run

- Peterson weak off middle

- Stephen Nicholas really liked by Mike Smith

- Watch Chris Owens in the secondary

- Teams will attack secondary

- Chevis Jackson should get chance to start

- Need another pass rusher, Jamal Anderson has not turned out

Carolina Panthers

- Duke Robinson will be a G, just OK

- Mike Goodson is a change-up back

- Sherrod Moore could play both CB/S and a lot of snaps, could [...]

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