Meeting Notes – NFC East/North

I’m officially buried with the magazine, so I’m not going to have a ton of time to post thoughts here these next few weeks. However, what I do have are some raw notes from our annual pow-wow at our nerve center here in Southern New Jersey.

I figured these notes would be interesting for readers to check out, so I’ll chime in here each day this week and cover two divisions. These aren’t our official positions per se, but these notes cover a lot of the stuff we talked about.

Dallas Cowboys

- Roy Williams is the key to everything they do, packed it in last year, erratic, they have no skill player without him

- Crayton is a good #3, Austin showed flashes

- Romo is an enigma, looks really good, but then can also be rattled

- Felix Jones is big time runner, no one coming out this year is as fast as him, can make unblocked defender missed

- D is good

- Ratliff had real good 2008

- Olshansky should replace Canty without problem

- Secondary is issue, Mike Jenkins will start but not that good

- Scandrick is a slot guy

- Sensabaugh/Hamlin at S

- Keep an eye on Barber, if he gets hurt Choice is starter

- Barber is a violent player and great at the GL

New York Giants

- Eli isn’t really that good, just OK, erratic, inconsistent, not a stiff, mentally he can’t correct himself sometimes, he’s above average but not elite, don’t know what you will get week to week

- They are a running team, and want to make sure you know that

- Steve Smith is not a starting NFL WR

- Nicks looked like a TE on film, would be perfect X receiver in Giants system because of physicality

- Manningham is not a bust yet, but is a small/slow WR

- Great depth, a lot of talent

- Michael Boley is not a great player, but great addition for depth

- Beckum is more of a WR, just bigger

- Receiving corps could make things ugly

Philadelphia Eagles

- at end of day, Maclin is best WR in draft, will be X/Z WR, strong and built, fast as hell, take a pass in middle of field effortlessly, twice WR Jackson is, has to take the job from Jackson

- Curtis/Jackson probably start

- Jackson can only play Z in West Coast because that is the move guy, he can’t play the bump

- Jason Avant is a pretty good 3rd down WR

- McCoy is better runner than Moreno, ran inside at Pitt in Pro offense, could get skinny, not powerful, more laterally explosiveness than Moreno, catches the ball well

- Very good defense

- Sean Jones is an interesting pickup, ACL injury history

- Jamal Jackson is weak link on line, and Cole could win job

- Jason Peters is incredibly athletic and has great feet, does have issues with focus, top notch LT

- Rashad Baker replaces Considine and is better than him

- Ellis Hobbs is good signing, and gives them another returner

Washington Redskins

- should never have hired Zorn with Jason Campbell as QB, doesn’t fit West Coast, 5-7 step drop guy who is a little slow

- Campbell has improved every year, slowly and gradually with a below-average O-Line/WR corps, kind of like JaMarcus Russell…he is in a bad place, but is still a phenomenal kid

- Not a good O-line

- Chris Samuels has never been a good anchor

- RT has been a problem for a long time, Jon Jansen is old and can’t do it

- Brian Orakpo was most naturally explosive guy, needs help with his moves

- Albert Haynesworth is a great football player that can play DE as well

- Chris Horton was phenomenal last year especially as 7th rounder last year

- Clinton Portis no longer has explosiveness…tough guy, physical, workhorse, loses a little more explosion each year

- Devin Thomas has a chance to be a very good NFL WR, but they need him b/c Malcolm Kelly’s knee injuries are trouble

- Moss/Thrash are hurt already…Moss is not a #1, wears down

- Cooley is slow, just OK, really not that good of a receiver, just not very talented

- DeAngelo Hall ability wise is right there, but doesn’t play to his skill set, never his fault

- Jim Zorn is not changing too much with offense, just bad fit with Campbell…he is lame duck right now

Chicago Bears

- Ron Turner: run the ball, work off that

- Forte good sustaining back

- Pace at LT, Williams at RT

- Solid O-Line

- Olsen/Forte will benefit from Cutler

- Iglesias is in the NFL-ready category

- have played a lot of 2-TE sets because both guys are good (Olsen better receiver)

- Cutler lets you attack entire field, all-dimensional

- Hester not 95 rec/15 TD, could have high YPC

- Hester will tilt coverage

- Omiyale will compete for starting guard job

- Secondary was issue in 08

- Josh Bullocks start at FS

- Same personnel, those guys have to play better

Green Bay Packers

- BJ Raji will work in 3-4, his movement skills will let him play NT or DE

- Clay Matthews doesn’t rush QB yet, complimentary puzzle piece, not lead dog, explosive off the ball, short area quickness

- Brandon Underwood, hybrid CB/S, could play a lot

- Offense won’t change, efficient and explosive

- Meredith could play LT in NFL, definitely RT, maybe not this year

- Weak inside, still working through guys

- Line is average

- Ryan Grant is in offseason program, could be better, one-cut downhill runner, benefited from shotgun

- Brandon Jackson is interesting backup

- Multi-dimensional offense

- Rodgers will only improve, replaced Favre without flinching

- Rodgers was MVP candidate on a good team…is a winner

- Defense was so bad, Rodgers was always playing behind, not elite but very good

- Flynn is probably ahead in backup battle

- Is Aaron Kampman a 3-4 LB? Athletic enough? Straight-up pass rusher

Detroit Lions

- Stafford was right choice

- Ronald Curry is intriguing signing

- Derrick Williams is intriguing as slot WR

- Brandon Pettigrew is solid, building blocks…not great receiver, good blocker to help strong-side run game

- Louis Delmas was good pick

- Schwartz can scheme defense until they get better players

- Scheme will make them solid enough to build around Stafford

- RT is problem is Gosder Cherilus

- Peterman is average guard

- Manny Ramirez they hope will win job

- O-line is average…Pettigrew makes them better

- Kevin Smith was better as year progressed in 08, looked more smooth/fluid, improved at NFL-level, will be their back, never goes down when first hit

- Commitment to running the football is what makes the game

- Maurice Morris is good backup, will catch balls, 3rd down back, run downfield routes

- Linehan likes one back, 3 wide, who will run the ball then go over the top

Minnesota Vikings

- Very good football team, just a QB away

- Phil Loadholt could start right away at RT

- Percy Harvin was most dynamic athlete in class, use him as motion guy, will help run game, and can help control the 8th guy which helps Peterson run the football

- Really good D-Line, maybe best pass rusher, great T tandem, EJ Henderson back, Chad Greenway is on verge of being a star

- Secondary is not top notch, Winfield is tough as they come

- can’t hide your QB

- Rosenfels will be QB, but not that good, has only started 12 games, just a guy

- That is why they will end up signing Favre

- Tarvaris Jackson cannot slow himself down, like Kyle Boller

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4 Responses

  1. Idiot Savant says:

    Very interesting…especially note on Clinton Portis…I hadn’t heard that from the site that I recall. I was on him last year…and rewarded …but will heed this as a warning.

    I am watching for more news on Devin Thomas. Would it be correct that this WR class is deep…but not as good at the top as last years?

  2. JOOCE says:

    Good point on Roy Williams. I don’t have a good feeling about him, but it would be nice to see him emerge.

    Also interesting RE Kevin Smith, but I don’t feel like he is a play to win pick. What do you think his upside is for 2009 and beyond?

    IS, you think that 08 WR class was stronger at the top than 09? I get the opposite feeling.

  3. JOOCE says:

    Although we will only know when the 09 rookies step on the field, much like Eddie Royal showed everyone last season…

  4. Idiot Savant says:

    I didn’t think last years was that strong particularly…but that I’m not confident that we’ll have many impact WR’s this year…Two years ago Calvin Johnson was a total stud…can’t miss nearly…

    I don’t get the sense any of these WR’s are going to be impact players in the first year…and Desean Jackson, Eddie Royal and even D Avery will be better 1st year players in 2008 than the top 3 players in this class…(plus in hindsight we know who they are)…Devin Thomas was a highly touted player last year but was hurt. I want to watch him since he already should know the playbook. The bloom is off his rose…since he came out in 2008, but he may make more of an impact than those this year. So, perhaps the talent is higher coming out in 09’… but I think its hyped since there wasn’t a great bubble of talent at other positions at the top…deep draft in 09’…not the high end ceiling. Calvin Johnson’s are rare.

    Guys like Early Doucet could still emerge this year if given an opportunity.

    Maclin is highly spokin of by John…but he must fight off Desean jackson and K Curtis before he takes the job. Crabtree seems to be losing popularity…in part because of the lack of QB, but also as some question his speed and attitude.

    Nicks is in a great situation…but people seem to think he’s slow…(I think he’s got a shot to have success out of opportunity)…as does Percy Harvin…but Minny is a run team first for certain.

    Few WR’s make an impact as first year WR’s…maybe more will crack lineups this year as a few teams have aging veteran WR’s…time will tell.

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