NFL Draft Quick Takes

Here are some quick thoughts so far on the NFL Draft. I’ll be producing a full Post-Draft Stock Watch on Monday, and that will cover all players who’ve seen their stock rise or fall from the draft. Then, late in the week, we’ll bust out our annual Post-Draft Rookie Report. In between, I have the first expert draft of the year on Wednesday, and I’ll be blogging while that’s going on.

Here are some random thoughts:

9:42 Update:

  • We all knew the Eagles were going to take a back, and they did well in LeSean McCoy. He’s probably best used in a complementary role, but that’s fine here for the short-term. He’s a good receiver, is laterally explosive, and has a nose for the goal. He’ll get a chance over the next 1-2 years to prove he can be a lead back.  And finally, it looks like Andy Reid will actually play a rookie runner.
  • The Browns added another receiver, and an intriguing one in Mohamed Massaquoi. He’s not a burner, but he could be a solid #2 in the NFL – and he’s a high character guy, so he’s needed in Cleveland.

8:52 Update:

  • By the way, some questioned why we had Brian Robiskie so high pre-draft, but in addition to liking him, he’s NFL ready. He’ll start on this team from Day One, that’s a lock. I probably wouldn’t draft him, but he’s someone to watch, as he could surprise with 50-60 catches as a rookie.

8:42 Update:

  • Hey, what better team to take the incredible Pat White than the Dolphins? A perfect wildcat QB, White will help enhance the trickery that defined their offense in 2008. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was worth picking up during the season for some upside, and due to the fact that he’s scoring TDs as a receiver, runner, and quarterback. The Dolphins do need more playmakers.

7:48 Update:

  • We ranked RB Chris Wells 3rd at RB going into the draft, and he was the third back off the board. Still, this was a good value for the Cardinals, and I would imagine he will be given every opportunity to be their guy. Not good for Tim Hightower, who we did warn about in the summer, saying how we did like him, but that he wasn’t special. Wells has some issues, like injuries first and foremost, but he has special qualities. He may overtake Moreno as the consensus #1 fantasy rookie RB.

First post:

  • We wrote last month the Lions would be crazy to pass on QB Matthew Stafford, so I obviously agree with the pick. I’m not 100% sure he’ll come through, but I think there’s a very good chance he does, and I don’t see much bust potential at all. He’s a franchise-type QB, and he should be able to handle the tough situation he’s in. Actually, with TE Brandon Pettigrew also drafted (surprised they didn’t go defense there), Detroit has the makings of a nice little corps of skill players.

    WR Jeremy Maclin should play right away for the Eagles and he will really help their inside passing game while also adding some juice to their receiving corps and upgrading their return game. This is all good news for their offense.

    WR Jeremy Maclin should play right away for the Eagles and he will really help their inside passing game while also adding some juice to their receiving corps and upgrading their return game. This is all good news for their offense.

  • I was disappointed the Eagles didn’t take RB Donald Brown, but I do still love the Jeremy Maclin pick. Our own Greg Cosell studied him closely on film and really, really liked him. He can be a tough possession receiver over the middle, plus he has speed. He strikes me as the perfect #1 WR on a team that really doesn’t have or need one. Tremendous news for QB Donovan McNabb, of course. Kevin Curtis may be relatively worthless now, but I’m not sure if they won’t put DeSean Jackson in the slot more and move him all over.
  • I think the Jets will be disappointed in Mark Sanchez, based in part on what they gave up to move up to take him. He will need time, and with an average or even below average NFL arm, this wasn’t an ideal landing spot. It could be a loooong time before he’s ready to reach his full potential, and even then I don’t see that as being equal to a guy like Matt Hasselbeck, who has been very good, but certainly not great.
  • Michael Crabtree to the 49ers doesn’t do much for me, really. It’s not good for Josh Morgan, for sure, as the two are kind of similar. At least QB Shaun Hill should be able to get him the ball, and Ike Bruce can teach him a thing or two. Brandon Jones will be lost in the shuffle.
  • Knowshon Moreno to the Broncos is good and bad. Ultimately, he should be their main guy, so that’s good. But he’s not a slam-dunk #1 back in the NFL, so that’s a little bit of a concern with all the other backs here. Still, he’s easily their best back, so he’ll be our top ranked rookie RB.
  • Really surprised the Colts took Donald Brown, who we are very high on. He may not be a true feature back, so it makes a little sense for them. But this was not a good team for him to land with on paper based on the opportunity- and I’m going to struggle big time with Joe Addai’s fantasy value now.
  • Kind of knew the Vikes would take Percy Harvin. They love explosive plays in the passing game, and he’s arguable the most explosive playmaker at receiver in the draft. He can score any time he touches the ball, and we always knew Sidney Rice probably wasn’t good enough to be a #2 in the NFL. The Vikes have plenty of speed and playmaking ability at receiver now, so that’s good for QB Sage Rosenfels and RB Adrian Peterson. There should be serious rushing lands for AP now.
  • Darrius Heyward-Bay goes to the Raiders, so that means he’ll probably be a bust. Sure there is some potential now and they did give JaMarcus Russell an incredible vertical threat, but both guys aren’t quite ready for prime time, so don’t expect much consistency this year. But the Raiders do have some playmakers now in these two and Darren McFadden (who I think they will use like Reggie Bush this year).
  • Josh Freeman to the Bucs should be okay news for Luke McCown for this year. I would be shocked if Tampa had designs on playing him right away, which is probably why they added veteran Byron Leftwich, who can tutor him.
  • Not sure about Hakeem Nicks to the Giants. I worry about him being too slow and sluggish in the NFL. Not a bad place for him, though, since the Giants need a go-to guy and run the ball first and foremost, anyway. I’ll be fine with him here if they still get Braylon Edwards, but that seems less likely now.
  • Kenny Britt to the Titans makes some sense, since he’s a sizable receiver who has physicality. I see him starting eventually over Justin Gage alongside Nate Washington, but he won’t have much fantasy value on this team this year.

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  1. JOOCE says:

    At Florida, Harvin had 194 carries and 133 catches.

    Do you think that Harvin might cut into AP’s production? Chester does enough damage…

  2. vDev says:

    I’m curious to know your thoughts on the Colts drafting Donald Brown? Does this mean that Addai will not only lose carries but maybe his starting job? Or does Brown fit into a pure backup role or maybe even the dreaded two-headed RB backfield that seems to be common these days.

  3. John Hansen says:

    Nah, Harvin won’t cut into Peterson’s production, safe for a carry or two each week.

    I think it may be a little of both with Addai, but first and foremost it’s securing a great complementary back for the Colts now that Rhodes is gone. Still, it’s not very good news for Addai, since Brown is damn good. This probably won’t end up being like Ray Rice in Baltimore last year, Brown’s better than Rice.

  4. chewbacca218 says:

    Maurice Jones Drew will benefit immensely from the drafting of Eugene Monroe and Ebon Britton.

  5. Johann says:

    Harvin to the Vikes = PERFECT fit, IF he’s stays out of trouble (big if?). Now watch A.P. EXPLODE for significantly more TD’s AND more long breakaway rushes this year now there’s a real QB and 2 legit WR threats in the lineup!

  6. Johann says:

    John, your take please on Pat White’s impact on the dynasty value of Chad Henne in Miami?

  7. Scott B says:

    If Stafford is the starter for the Lions this year, does this make Calvin Johnson a #2 WR or do you figure if Johnson could produce the way he did last year, he could at the very least match those results again with the rookie?

  8. Stretch says:

    All of UF WRs are busts for the most part when they get in the NFL. I don’t think P.Harvin will be anything different. The #1 rookie WR this year will be J.Maclin hands down. He is in a better offense with QB McNabb & RB Westbrook with 2nd year WR D.Jackson.

    Plus, P.Harvin needs to be a spread offense to be effective. The Vikings are a run first team with A.Peterson.

  9. John Hansen says:

    I’ve been working over the weekend on a large post-draft Stock Watch, will post that tomorrow on the site.

  10. John Hansen says:

    As for Johnson, already wrote this. He’s still a #1 in my eyes, no question

    Calvin Johnson (Det) – More so for the long-term, but overall Johnson’s Lions are in better shape than they were at QB, and in much better shape at TE. If Matthew Stafford plays this year, it will most likely be because he’s ready to play, and as we learned last year with Atlanta and Baltimore, a receiver can do well, if not flourish, with a good rookie QB under center. Things are looking up for Johnson, no question.

  11. chewbacca218 says:

    Pat White was drafted to run the wildcat. Period. He will be moved around and snaps under center will come on wildcat/gadget plays. Chad Henne is their QB of the future.

  12. Johann says:

    Chewbacca218 – how I WISH you were correct about Henne vs. Pat White in Miami. The Dolphins GM doesn’t quite see it the way you do however… “Dolphins GM GM Jeff Ireland told the South Florida Sun-Sentinel that White was drafted to compete with Chad Pennington and Chad Henne as the team’s quarterback of the future”
    (from Adam Schefter’s blog) (<—sorry John)
    This just clouds everything up a bit for Henne, but hopefully they appreciate a “real” QB and go with Henne as their starter.

  13. Johann says:

    Stretch – I like Maclin better than Harvin as a WR, but Percy is a special talent who should flourish in the NFL. Yes he’s from UF, but thankfully he’s no Chad Jackson, etc. The only thing I see possibly standing in the way to stardom for Harvin, is that unimaginative buffoon of a head coach the Vikings refuse to fire.
    The Vikes ARE a “run first” team, and how’s THAT worked out for them? The whole point is, now with Harvin, Berrian, Rosenfels, and Shiancoe, the Vikes can field a more balanced attack. Without that extra guy in the box, and a new legitimate passing threat, AP should ROMP this year!

  14. Johann says:

    “….This just clouds everything up a bit for Henne, but hopefully they appreciate a “real” QB and go with Henne as their starter.”

    I meant starter after Pennington is done, of course..

  15. timtlo says:

    I thought MJD was going to benefit big from the 2 tackles they drafted as well . . . until they drafted Rashad Jennings. The tackles will be great for the Jags running game but Jennings could definitely take some goal line touches. Mr. Hansen?

  16. John Hansen says:

    On Henne, he should still be the guy. Our Greg Cosell doesn’t think White is a traditional starter, a viable one that is, and he’s rarely wrong.

    I’m not too worried about MJD. For one, he’s been a fine goal line back. He may steal some carries, but that’s not a bad thing. Keep in mind MJD has never truly carried the load. And Jennings must have slipped for a reason. You don’t pull a MJD in favor of a rookie 7th round pick at the goal.

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