Cutler is worth the fuss

Jay Cutler is as arrogant and surly as they get. He’s clearly a guy who’s been ridiculously spoiled by his incredible athletic ability. It’s obvious that he’s dominated at every level he’s competed in, and he was probably a major pain in the ass playing sports growing up, all the while destroying his opponents.

Still, I just can’t help but dig the guy. It’s the arrogance that makes him so good, and if you didn’t know it already, he is very good. Great, actually.

I couldn’t care less about his career 17-20 record, either. Anyone who points to that and disparages Cutler hasn’t a clue. All you really need if you need proof that Cutler is better than just about everyone else in the league is vision. To say the guy passes the eyeball test on the field is an understatement.

Anyone who points to Jay Cutlers record as an indication of him being overrated needs to see an eye doctor.

Anyone who points to Jay Cutler's record as an indication of him being overrated needs to see an eye doctor.

Denver’s problem under Cutler is their defense, clearly. It really sucks. They can’t stop the run on the D-line, don’t have a pass rush, their LB corps has been a disorganized mess, and their coverage on the back end has been dreadful. Other than that, they’re fine. When this defense gives up 22 or fewer points, which isn’t too much to ask most of the time, Cutler’s record is 12-1. The poor guy’s 0-5 when his defense gives up 40+ points, so I guess we can say he tends to lose shootouts.

My initial reaction to the Cutler mess was that he had to be moved, but then over the last couple of weeks that did not appear to be in the cards. Now, it looks like a move is on again, and quite frankly, I’m glad. I certainly don’t like Cutler’s reaction to this situation, and he’s definitely being a baby, but it is what it is. I had concerns that, if he eventually reported and played for Denver, the stresses of the season could have caused this situation to get beyond ugly. I actually envisioned like a mid-season walkout. That’s a major indictment on Cutler, but the thought did pop into my head.

But as bad a Cutler is, the other side is to blame here as well. The Broncos have to know Cutler’s personality, and you have to handle the dude with kid gloves, especially since the guy’s underpaid. They did the opposite of that.

It’s kind of sad Cutler needs special treatment, but that’s the reality, and Denver will likely soon understand the alternative. I assure you, the alternative to Cutler will pale in comparison. For example, there’s a former #1 pick overall likely available, and he’s a really good guy. His name is Alex Smith. He can’t play, but he’s a great dude. I’ll take the prima donna, who does play hard (and very well) on the field and wants to win, thank you. Cutler’s no Vince Young, he’s a great player, not a whining baby who stinks, like Young.

So it would appear now the question is, what would be the best landing spot for Cutler? Contrary to popular belief, it would not be New York. Rex Ryan is building a defense there, and it’s not going to be a compatible environment for Cutler. I don’t see him in Detroit, either, although that’s at least viable, what with Calvin Johnson being one of the most gifted receivers to ever play in the NFL and all. You can’t put pulling off a trade past the Vikings, and while it’s not an ideal spot, that’s viable as well. Brad Childress is a pass-oriented guy, and it’s a deep passing game. Cutler’s also familiar with the foundation of the west coast system. But with Sage Rosenfels added, it’s not going to happen. I don’t see him in SF and Cle due to potential clashes with their head coach’s and poor personnel at the skill positions. Chicago is a possibility, and I’ve heard the team, while content for this year with Kyle Orton, knows Orton really isn’t the answer. I don’t really see Carolina, since John Fox is all about the running game, but they do need a long-term solution at the position. You can never rule Washington out when it comes to acquiring a marquee player who is available.

The perfect team in this is Tampa Bay. They don’t have much to offer in terms of very high draft picks and young prospects at the QB position, but after the debacle at the position with Jon Gruden, it’s time for Tampa Bay to have a legit young stud at the position. When was the last time they really did? We’re talking Doug Williams here, since Vinny Testaverde was hardly a stud when he was with the Bucs. In the history of the world, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have never had a QB as good a Jay Cutler.

If Cutler is truly on the move, Tampa has to find a way to get him in the fold. They have added some significant pieces on offense, and Cutler would be able to step in and immediately make this offense potent. The Bucs have a decent enough defense, and they would be legit Super Bowl contenders in the NFC this year if they acquired this talented man-child.

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  1. I’m not a Jets fan, but I’m salavating at the fact that Cutler COULD end up on the Jets. Having him on that team, with that Defense…..Wow. Offense may not be spectacular, but he certainly upgrades it.

    Possibly a Top 5 Fantasy QB for 2009.?.?

  2. Dack says:

    Wow. You have a major man crush on this guy. I’ve seen him play and he has the tools. I agree.

    However, when he throws the ball 40 times a game and wins the guys might be happy. If not… look out below. He is coming across as a mini T.O.

    I’d be sick if my team traded for this guy.

  3. Jason says:

    I guess I find this whole thing ironic.

    Back in 1983, John Elway refused to play for the Baltimore Colts and was quite verbal about it without all the internet chatter of today. He managed to force a trade and the Denver Broncos were the winners on that end of the trade.

    Flash forward to 2009, now the shoe is on the other foot. Jay Cutler is managing to force a trade to get away from the Denver Broncos. Being that he literally is ‘a franchise quarterback’ who has probably a decade of really great football in front of him, I just don’t see how the Broncos can come out on the winning end of any trade.

    I did feel that firing Shanahan was a bad move for Denver. Now add in the loss of Cutler and I see a franchise that will be struggling for the next few years. What’s worse, I am big on Eddie Royal and feel this whole saga is going to drop his numbers quite a bit.

    Though on one final note, I loved the comment by John Clayton on ESPN when he stated that he contacted the Denver Broncos to be sure that this wasn’t an April Fools Day Joke.

  4. Jude says:

    Man, would I love to see “Cuts” on the Lions – Imagine him and Calvin Johnson – That would be scary !

  5. FootballGuy says:

    It probably won’t happen but I love the idea of Cutler going to Houston. Kubiak has ties to Denver, plus Kyle Shanahan is the offensive coordinator. Denver would get Schaub in return which would not be a total disaster from their point of view.

    Maybe Schaub and a draft pick for Cutler. Houston would be making a bold statement.

  6. Jude says:

    Cutler and Andre Johnson and Owen Daniels would be nice too…. Houston could make the playoffs !!!

  7. Thor says:

    Good riddance to Jay Whiney ass, arrogant Cutler!! Did any of you guys catch this guys press conferences after a game whether the Broncos won or lost? What a jerk!! The guy is a freekin prima dona deluxe, who treated the media, and some fans like crap! Let Detroit, or New York or Washington or whoever wants him have him. I hope he learns some humility, he needs it in the worst way.

  8. Jude says:

    Cutler could call me every bad name in the book as long as he puts up 4500 yds and 30 TDs and helps me win a fantasy championship.

  9. JOOCE says:

    Are the Vikes really out of the running because they acquired Rosenfels? They are now only slightly better off than when they had Jackson and Frerotte in the fold.

    On another note, I told my brother that the following 3-way trade was pulled off:

    Cutler to Browns
    Quinn to Lions
    Anderson, #1 overall pick, undisclosed pick from CLE to Broncos

    He was floored and talked about it for a half hour before I could no longer contain myself. April Fool!

    This is much funnier if you know how obsessed we are with the NFL…

  10. stemel says:

    Donovan McNabb and a 3rd rounder gives the Broncos a legit QB for the next 2 years and a pick to build the future. The Eagles get their QB for the next 10 years. Kolb ain’t the answer.

  11. Ariakis says:

    Gonna go out on a limb and say this wasn’t the ideal landing spot for fantasy. For real life he’s got a defense, a RB, good TE’s, a decent OL, and should be fine. I’d like to see them go for Holt … if he’s got anything left he’d be a great fit.

  12. Jude says:

    This Bears trade makes me sad…The Bears need a “Game Manager” not a “Play Maker” at QB. They have no WRs – Lloyd,Hester, and Davis arent Marshall,Royal,and Stokley…Cutler will be pulling out his hair by game 4. I cant believe that the Lions didnt try to do this…they have their home games blacked out because they cant sell out..Cutler and Calvin Johnson could have been special.

  13. Idiot Savant says:

    I’ve blogged a lot on the Guru message board… lamenting Cutler’s behavior, but agree that Cutler has special abilities. Does he have the headbone to be a champion. Maybe Mc Daniels doesn’t think so. Could he master the intricate New England system…subjugate his ego to play within the system? Does he have additional off-field issues as some (often wrong) news outlets in Denver allege?

    This move makes the NFL Draft must see TV. What will Denver do…move up and get Stafford…take Sanchez as he falls?…or go after another smaller school QB in Josh Freeman who has impressed as well…but has been under the radar.

    I think Sanchez may be the fit…he’s smart…recognizes defense quickly and has been taught in a pro style offense. Cassell didn’t play but learned in the system. Anyone who has met Sanchez finds his attitude, enthusiasm contagious. Does he have the cannon that Cutler has? NO. Does he have an NFL arm …absolutely..he can make all the throws…but does not do so in the spectacular fashion of Cutler or even Stafford..but he has the intelligience to play the position, and play within the system. He reminds me of Tom Brady with better mobility…yes he’s young…and inexperienced…well that remimds me of Cassell. NFL DRAFT…must see TV.

    Cossel will not like Sanchez as much as Stafford…because he loves the big arm. Ryan Leaf had a big arm. Jeff George had a big arm. Drew Brees, not so much, Tom Brady, solid, but not spectacular arm coming out of college I believe. Joe Montana decent, but not great arm. You don’t need to be the strongest gun in the West to get it done, if you shoot straight and have good timing. Sanchez seems to have that. Some have said he’s more of a West Coast QB…I don’t believe that one should pigeon hole him. He’s young and getting stronger still…plus he’s mature (As opposed to Leinart who partied like its 1999 his last season).

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