T.O. is G.O.N.E

I keep thinking how 2009’s going to be an “off” season. I think it’s going to be a tricky one, and I’ll be preparing for that all off-season and preseason. With Terrell Owens released from Dallas, that’s yet another reason to be concerned about ’09 being uneven. Owens has his issues, for sure, but he can still play and put up numbers, and he was still a legit #1 for the Cowboys.

Now, it’s questionable if Dallas has a #1 WR. They obviously traded for former Lion Roy Williams last year, but his play and involvement in the offense last year in Big D was nothing short of embarrassing. I know it takes time for a new player to assimilate himself, especially when he goes to a new team midseason, but Williams was horribly worthless last year. The year before, we saw wideout Chris Chambers find a way to help the Chargers after a midseason trade, yet Williams was just slightly more valuable to the Cowboys last year than I was.

Williams has already reported for the team’s off-season conditioning program, ahead of schedule, and he will have a full off-season to work with QB Tony Romo, which will certainly help. But there’s an erratic element to his game that doesn’t sit well with me. He tends to disappear for long stretches, and I wonder if he’ll give the Cowboys what they need from their #1 spot. At times, Williams is more flash than substance. He’s obviously very talented, at least, and Dallas’ #1 receiver is really TE Jason Witten, so that does help. But Dallas’ overall receiving corps is very thin now, so Owens’ departure makes all their players a little shakier, perhaps other than Witten, who may actually catch 100 balls this year if healthy. One player to watch for those in keeper leagues is Miles Austin, who proved to be a solid deep threat in ’08 and could be a #2 WR for this team. Patrick Crayton is better off in the slot.

Like Terrell Owens or not, but QB Tony Romos fantasy values takes a hit with T.O. being discarded in Big D.

Like Terrell Owens or not, but QB Tony Romo's fantasy value takes a hit with T.O. being discarded in Big D.

He’s still one of the better starters, but I’m concerned now about Romo’s fantasy value in ’09. I’m thinking, if WR Anquan Boldin sticks in Arizona, that Kurt Warner’s a better pick. I may even want to rank Green Bay’s Aaron Rodgers ahead of Romo. But given Romo’s status in the league, he’ll probably be drafted as the 3rd or 4th QB off the board, which means he’ll probably be overvalued.

It’s early, of course, and Dallas will certainly bring some guys in via the draft, free agency, or both. But while the team chemistry will improved with Owens gone, I’m not convinced their offense on the field will be good enough to meet the high expectations.

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  1. Phish fan do or die!! says:

    Maybe a good move for Romo’s psyche, but I don’t think Williams is the answer. His value will obviously jump up this year, and with a whole offseason to gel with Romo, he may be pretty good. I do like Austin too. Look for T.O. to stay in the NFC East and join the Skins, this way he can torch the Cowboys twice, like he enjoys torching the Eagles twice each year. Snyder ain’t scared to throw out the money either.

  2. PackFan says:

    Is there something about these Cowboy moves that just doesn’t feel right? The synergy just doesn’t seem to be there. Give a guy a guaranteed 12 million, then cut him a year later and take a 9 million dollar hit on the salary cap all while moving into a brand new stadium. Give a 1st and a 3rd for a guy who proceeds to catch 11 passes in 10 games. Trade a cornerback for a backup quarterback that may very well have been released after the draft anyway. Apparently Coach Jones now realizes that one can never have too many ex-Detroit Lions on one’s football club.

    As for T.O., perhaps he’s painted himself into a box – but that might just put him in the right mindset to line up opposite of Randy Moss and catch a few balls from one Tom Brady. The off-season circus never stops.

  3. flanwagon says:


  4. Pretty Tony says:

    Well, I am not too surprised by this as Owens seems to wear out his welcome pretty quickly these days. I think that if Owens is smart (insert joke here) he calls up Belichick, pomises to be on his best behavios for two years and signs a two year incentive laden contract with the Patriots and finally gets a Ring (as does Moss). On offense with Brady, Welker, Moss and Owens would be unstoppable. It would also do wonders for the back up in New England if Brady has a set back. Most likely, Owens will chase the dollar and sign wth Oakland, but, even though I don’t like him, I would love to see what kind of crazy numbers the Patriots would put up with him on their team (and I am a Giants fan).

  5. Brad Freeman says:

    The national press is in full bore overkill mode on this story. To me, it is “ho hum, about time”. Personally, and I am sure I am in the minority, I don’t give a rat’s ass where T.O. goes.

  6. Idiot Savant says:

    T.O. is going to want to go to a contender…or an NFC East team to face the Cowboys regularly

    New England doesn’t really need him…and I’m not sure Moss and T.O. could co-exist even under Belicheck

    Washington -is not really a contender- and they have said they aren’t interested

    Philly- NO Chance he is welcomed back

    GB -no need

    NYG’s…PERHAPS…especially if they release Plax but why trade one problem child for another? Eli is not strong enough to manage T.O.’s ego…and Coughlin would go insane with T.O…

    San Diego- No real need with V Jax/ Chambers and Gates…Norv Turner would not be able to manage the ego either.

    Denver- Perhaps if they ship out Baby T.O…then you have a guy with a huge EGO, but at least he pretty much stays within the law…an upgrade of sorts…downside…Marshall has lost value on the market, so you won’t get enough back.

    Baltimore- probably won’t be interested have he slighted them to go to Philly a few years back.

    Jets- No QB- no chance

    Miami- assuming they were contenders ( probably not)- Parcells won’t have interest.

    Tampa- Possible fit-but Luke Mc Cown at QB may not intrigue T.O.

    Carolina- love it on paper- but John Fox would probably not utilize him enough…S. Smith would punch him in the mouth if T.O. got out of line.

    Chicago- Should make a play…but won’t…he won’t like Chicago…QB’s and WR’s don’t enjoy success there…not great QB play to entice T.O.

    New Orleans- Interesting? Payton and Brees seem like guys who could deal with T.O. a little…but is Colston and T.O. a good pairing… gut instinct says no.

    Minnesota- Good Fit- one of the best fits for T.O. perhaps..with B Berrian on the other side and S Rice in the slot?


    Pittsburgh- right enviornment- but not the teams style…

    Seattle- may contend for division..possible but unlikely fit…if T.O. suffers from depression…Seattle’s dreary days not the place to be.

    MY FAVORITE FIT for T.O.- INDIANAPOLIS- Harrison is gone- Peyton Manning is a player that T.O. has to show respect toward- he’s got the rings and the teams respect. IF T.O. comes at a discount…Indy could grab him? For T.O. its gotta be about the rings…but he doesn’t want to play second fiddle to R Moss I’m sure so Indy is a better fit. Risk- T.O. upsets the obsessive compulsive Manning’s rhtymn. Peyton seems to like things “just so”…T.O. doesn’t play that tune typically…still what a matchup nightmare with Wayne and T.O., Gonzo and D Clark. T.O. can go underneath and also catch the jump ball.

    As far as Dallas goes…Roy Williams didn’t get a shot last year…it was very strange…but he’s a beast talent wise, and probably was humbled by his lack of use. I’m guessing he’ll click fairly well with Romo this year, and will rank him in the top 14 of receivers because they can work on timing whenever Jessica Simpson is not canoodling with Romo in the off-season.
    Nice observation on Miles Austin.

    ON Romo- I will downgrade Romo- Brees and Brady and Manning all will be over him on my chart …Warner will be higher than Romo, but I still fear injury to the old man… I have Romo down to A Rodgers/ Cutler/ Rivers status in my mind which isn’t bad. Not sure where I have Mc Nabb…want to see some another weapon for him. I may downgrade Mc Nabb to the same rank as Romo/ Rogers etc… Westy’s getting older and he helps Mc Nabb a great bit in the numbers dept.

  7. Idiot Savant says:

    Scratch Minnesota…forgot Childress was there for T.O.’s Philly Soap opera.

  8. JB says:

    I’m leaning towards Washington…Snyder signs big names and he would look nice across from Moss..Campbell sure could use the help..but I’m not sure if he could wear #81 on Washington..That was Art Monk’s number…

  9. Idiot Savant says:

    Most likely OAKLAND…they need WR upgrades in a huge way and have a history of taking on guys with bad images.

  10. tomc76 says:

    Does anyone really care about this guy anymore? The guy is a jerk, and doesn’t deserve anymore attention.
    What’s the chance he ruins the Bills now? I say 100%.

  11. akmutts says:

    T.O. will be the first player to go into the hall of fame as “player,” with no team.

  12. Can you provide more information on this for the rest of us far-away (Europe) NFL fans?

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