Get Brandon Lloyd this week

I’m not able to post here as much during the season, since the whole site is basically my blog, but I want to chime in here once a while.

Last week I picked up Brandon Lloyd in four leagues. That’s great, but I failed in in three others, purely out of laziness because I was obviously on him. I’m buried on the WW order so I’m screwed in those leagues. I have to say, I’ve been really, really impressed with Lloyd. He’s commanding the ball, making big plays, catching everything in sight, and he’s actually looking like THE pickup of the year so far at the WR position. Given his familiarity with Ron Turner’s offense, the solid game he possesses, and the role he’s cemented as the #1, I really think this production could continue. He’s not big or fast, but he simply makes plays, and he has a knack for making acrobatic catches.

He’s one of the few players standing out so far, in addition to perhaps J.T. O’Sullivan, who is standing out as a savior pickup. That is, you have a struggling starter and you pick up Lloyd and he saves you.

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  1. Idiot Savant says:

    I am betting that Meachem becomes a savior starting this week.
    Eddie Royal will be this years K Curtis ..big weeks, and small weeks..but some huge ones. I like both on better offenses than Lloyd…but I too have grabbed Lloyd in one league..not sure if I like him better than Sydney Rice who has been on my injured reserve…thoughts on that …they are my 5th receiver behind T.O., Steve Smith, Dwayne Bowe, Eddie Royal…Rice IR, and we can only carry 5 WR + 1 IR player…I have to drop one player of the group once Rice is no longer Questionable or plays in a game.

  2. Idiot Savant says:

    Fyi …I probably should trade two for one if possible RB + WR for an RB…upgrade if possible..GORE, K Smith, S Young, and Tim Hightower are my 4 RB’s (that is max allowed in this league.

  3. thegame13 says:

    Ok I missed out on Lloyd, O’Sullivan, and Meachem.

    I was able to get Antonio Bryant though. What do you think about Bryant? Any chance he sticks as a solid fantasy player (#3 WR?)

    Who are the next guys that are quiet now but 1 game away from losing out on him on waivers if I don’t pick him up now?

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