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Just got back from the Rotobowl Draft, and wanted to share my team. Had a nice draft, although I lost focus late. It is a long day. Adam Caplan and Zap from our staff drafted today. We’ll get their draft up somewhere soon, and Adam and I decided before the draft to have a little competition to see who scores the most points and keep track of it each week.

Here’s my draft, PPR league, picked 2nd.

Brian Westbrook – Over Peterson in this PPR league.

Tony Romo – Just before the draft Zap reminded me how important the QBs were in this league last year and I am enamored with Romo’s potential, so I strayed from my own rankings and passed on Clinton Portis. I also did so because I knew the key rookie RBs would be available for me later, and they were.

Brandon Marshall – Little early, but I just had to have this beast.

Greg Jennings - Feel pretty good to get him here, since the WRs were going really fast and I opted for Romo in the 2nd over some good ones.

Dwayne Bowe -Solid #3.

Matt Forte – Feel even better about him after interviewing him on Friday night, great kid. Listen to the interview on the homepage.

Chris Johnson – I play to win in these leagues, and I took him over Kevin Smith simply for the upside and his juice.

Felix Jones – Since I held off on RB, I loaded up here. I can actually start 4 RBs in this league, and he could be my 4th.

Kevin Walker – Love him in a PPR league, and didn’t mess around with a couple of Guru subscribers in the draft. He’s my 4th WR.

Chris Cooley – He fell because of the poor output Thursday, but he was a value. I missed Vernon Davis by 1 pick, and he could have been a nice upside choice. But Cooley’s numbers will be there once they get their passing game going.

Kenny Watson – Like him a lot as my 5th back. All he needs to be very strong is a Chris Perry injury. I think that will be forthcoming.

Sidney Rice - Solid upside as my 5th WR.

Pierre Thomas – Time for some upside potential, even though he doesn’t really have a role right now.

Lorenzo Booker – Started drifting here, but I have Westbrook, so he was a smart pick.

Jon Kitna – Solid enough backup.

James Jones - Some potential and also some protecction for Jennings.

Eagle Defense – One thing I did miss out on was a really good D, but Philly could come through for sure.

Michael Bush - Why the hell not in the 18th round.

Rob Bironas - Passed on some safer choiced, but he has upside.

John Carlson – A subscriber took Zach Miller early, or else I’d be owning him. Carlson was a #2 pick, he will start, and they need him, so he could surprise.
Projected Starting lineup:

QB: Tony Romo
RBs: Brian Westbrook, Matt Forte
WRs: Brandon Marshall, Greg Jennings. Dwayne Bowe
TE: Chris Cooley
Flex (2): Chris Johnson, Felix Jones/Kevin Walter

I’d give this draft an 8 out of 10. Could have been a little better, but hard to do too much better than this.

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  1. tomc76 says:

    Looks like a really nice team. I skipped Rotobowl this year, but played the last 2 years. Correct me if I’m wrong, but it looks like this is your best drafted team of the past 3 years.
    Kitna in the 15th is great as well as Cooley in the 10th – what a steal!

  2. [email protected] says:

    Hey John – Looks Good! What League # are you in? I liked to follow along with your team last year & hope I can again!

    I picked at the other end of the draft – 11th this year! I had to go LJ in round 1, but it was hard! (Barber broke my heart & went at #10!) All the top RBs were gone along with Brady & Moss!

    One thing that I picked up from last year – with starting so many players 2RB/3WR/2 Flex – it seemed like a good idea to try to get 3Rbs & 3Wrs in the first 6 picks – going best available player available at the pick. I missed out on a Top Qb, but wanted to take a bunch of high-upside Rbs (Chris Johnson, Norwood Hightower, even Torain that may be useful flex!)

    QB: Schaub (11) Warner (12) Leinart (18)
    RB: LJ (1), Michael Turner (3), Kevin Smith (6), Chris Johnson (7), Norwood (10), Hightower (13), Torain (17)
    WR: LFitz (2), Calvin Johnson (4), Coles (5), DeSean Jax (9), J Morgan (14), Rasheid Davis (19)
    TE: Vernon Davis (9), Olsen (15)
    K: Longwell (20)
    DST: NY Giants (16)

    With a Projected starting Lineup of:

    QB: Warner (or Shaub) – Based on Matchup
    RB: LJ, Turner
    WR: LFitz, Calvin, Coles (or DeSean Jackson)
    Flex: Kevin Smith, Chris Johnson
    TE: Vernon Davis
    K: Longwell
    DST: Giants

  3. jbeau says:

    Drafted online. didn’t do as well as you. Comment on my squad. we got screwed and picked the wrong TE by accident, and have weak WRs.

    Peyton, Delhomme
    Peterson, mcGahee, deuce, Chester Taylor, Rice, R. Williams
    Andre Davis, Housh, R. Williams, driver, DJ Hackett, Steve Smith
    g. Olsen, D. Keller(mistake)
    Gostowski, Josh Brown
    Ravens, Sehawks

    Starting lineup:

    Peterson, McGahee(should start this week)
    Housh, Williams, Driver
    Flex..R. Williams,Hackett

    Did okay. Scored poorly this week 94 points, but still won my game.

  4. jbeau says:

    Thanks John. Not feeling it either. I wish I drafted alone. drafted with a partner, who really didn’t do any research and we argued about many picks. Insisted on a QB in the 2nd round. Wanted to wait on a TE, and then he argued till we ran out of time and the computer defaulted to Keller, cause he had his sorry but in the cue. Honestly don’t know how we won the 1st week.

    I am defintely taking the trip down to AC next year. and getting my own team.

  5. [email protected] says:

    Thanks John!

    I won with 147 in Week 1 – Coles killed me with his 1.5 and if I’d have started Chris Johnson over him, I would be right up there with U & Adam score-wise!

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