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Ya know, I’m not sure people are seeing what I’m seeing, but I’m actually taken back at how well our injury updates are rolling here in Week One. Think about how we used to have injury updates for, say Thursday, on Friday afternoon. We now have them Thursday night. And not only that, we have good information, better than you’ll find on the internet.

I mean, check out this update on the site from about 3pm ET today:

>Raven RB Willis McGahee (knee-probable) was able to practice some again Friday and the feeling is that he’s going to start. But a team source told us that it’s unlikely he’ll get close to his usual amount of carries so look for rookie RB Ray Rice to see more touches than usual.

How many other fantasy sites are a) getting this information up this early and b) talking to legitimate team sources for inside info? The gap between us and every other fantasy site is officially widened considerably.

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  1. JOOCE says:

    injury info is definitely improved! thanks again!

  2. genesee says:

    Yeah John, it has widened. A buddy of mine bought a subscription to XXX (I even told him I used the Guru and he didn’t listen) and let’s just say, I’m glad that I’ve got this site. Half of my draft are still asking me why I drafted K. Walter with my last pick…

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