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We’ve just now basically closed out the preseason with some key updates today for those who’ve yet to draft. Online and updated today is:

– Rankings, Projections, Cheat sheets
– Depth Charts (8/31)
– Last-Minute Stock Watch (8/31)
– Values & Players to Target
– Players to Avoid
– Rookie Report
– Caplan’s Injury Roundup

And since we’ve worked hard over the weekend for those with drafts this weekend and week, we do need some time to break down Week One. Our normal schedule will be in effect next week, and you can see that as well as a complete overview of our site and offerings here:

This week is a hectic week with the holiday, it being the preseason and also in-season, and also with the Thursday game. But here’s a quick overview of what you can expect this week.

– Week One Rankings & Projections – We’ll have them up Wednesday morning some time.
– Wednesday Injury Roundup – A new feature this year, a quick roundup of the week’s key injuries on Wednesday evening. Wednesday is usually the first day of practice.
– Week One Game Center/Looking Glass – Our game previews cover almost all players of note, and we’ll have Week One’s up Thursday early afternoon.
– Week One Office Pool Picks – Thursday morning.
– Thursday Injury Roundup – Another new feature, we’ll give another quick roundup of the week’s key injuries on Thursday evening.

After this we’ll pretty much pick up our usual in-season schedule, which again can be viewed here:

Again, after this week we will settle into a routine and we will also start e-mailing a good portion of our content. We do always post content online before e-mailing it, so feel free to check the site whenever you’d like.

We hope you enjoyed our preseason coverage, and we think now that the season is upon us you’ll realize the benefits of our merger with even more, with increases in content quality and quantity.

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  1. pistolpete61 says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed the preseason content,reading as much as I can and also taking notes.I understand what you mean by getting a feel for the players from reading the key articles.I read,took notes,and copied the recent articles-blogs notes-chats-content and what ever else I could.I had my worst year ever last season and am looking to bounce back in the few leagues I’m in.I love the information and I love football.Keep up the good work.Thanks.

  2. JK1 says:


    I’ve been a subscriber for a few years now, and I have to say that this year’s preseason reports were the best, yet! You and your staff have gone all out. Thanks for all your efforts.

  3. John Hansen says:

    It really is crazy, isn’t it? Why would anyone go anywhere else? And wait until you see the regular season.

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