Magazine Draft Concludes tonight

Tonight is the night we finish up the remaining 6 rounds of the Magazine Expert Draft. We do only 14 rounds in May, and then finish when things are more clear here in August.

My May draft went well, although I would have tweaked it had we started around now. Here’s my team so far:

Palmer, Carson CIN QB         –        8        5.05

Addai, Joseph IND RB          –        4        1.05

Forte, Matt CHI RB    –        8        6.08

Maroney, Laurence NEP RB   –        4        4.08

Williams, DeAngelo CAR RB    –        9        8.08

Bruce, Isaac SFO WR          –        9        10.08

Colston, Marques NOS WR    –        9        3.05

Crayton, Patrick DAL WR      –        10      9.05

Edwards, Braylon CLE WR     –        5        2.08

Gage, Justin TEN WR           –        6        11.05

Clark, Dallas IND TE   –        4        7.05

Scheffler, Tony DEN TE       –        8        12.08

Brown, Josh STL PK   –        5        14.08

Cowboys, Dallas DAL Def      –        10      13.0

I go mostly for upside in these final 6 rounds, and to protect any key players and get depth. Here’s how I’m ranking the remaining players for tonight’s draft. I hope no one in this league readers this (Caplan, if you’re reading, stop!)


Warner, Kurt ARI QB – Any other draft that goes until the end, I’d have him already, since I think I took him in like 5 leagues this year in the 15th round.

Favre, Brett NYJ QB – Someone’s getting lucky.

O’Sullivan, J.T. SFO QB – Worth a shot.


Perry, Chris CIN RB – Great depth option in this PPR league.

Hall, Andre DEN RB – We’re hearing some good things, could be the goal line back and have surprising value.

Jackson, Fred BUF RB – Really nice depth.

Thomas, Pierre NOS RB – Depth, and upside.

Ward, Derrick NYG RB – Will likely start a few games

Booker, Lorenzo PHI RB – Nice depth in a PPR

Jackson, Brandon GBP RB – Grant’s issues make him look better

Hightower, Tim ARI RB – Nice handcuff stash-and-hope RB

Betts, Ladell WAS RB

Bush, Michael OAK RB

Foster, Deshaun SFO RB

Faulk, Kevin NEP RB

Harrison, Jerome CLE RB – Might actually play a lot.


Royal, Eddie DEN WR – OK, he’s my guy now. You can accuse me of creating hype on this one because I think I’m right.

Morgan, Josh SFO WR – Still like him for sure, but I like Royal more. Morgan may have more upside, but Royal is a safer bet to see a lot of time all year.

Jackson, DeSean PHI WR – Could be gold in a PPR league.

Meachem, Robert NOS WR – Upside.

Henry, Chris CIN WR – Good depth.

Jones, James GBP WR – Should catch a lot of passes for a #3.

Hackett, D.J. CAR WR – Looking like a bust for 2008.

Davis, Andre’ HOU WR – Upside.

Battle, Arnaz SFO WR – Might have value in a PPR

Lloyd, Brandon CHI WR

Muhammad, Muhsin CAR WR


Miller, Zach OAK TE – Jesus, this is a steal in a PPR

Smith, L.J. PHI TE – Nice backup

Watson, Ben NEP TE

Boss, Kevin NYG TE

Keller, Dustin NYJ TE – Upside

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9 Responses

  1. steely says:

    I have Addai also, shouldn’t you make it a point to grab D. Rhodes in case he goes down? (which is all but a given, since he seems like the softest top 6 RB in history)

  2. John Hansen says:

    Yeah, goes without saying…or maybe I should have just said it.

  3. steely says:

    The reason I bring it up is because I debated taking Andre Hall with my last pick but instead opted for Rhodes. Upside vs safety of a handcuff. Its tempting to go for the upside.

  4. Idiot Savant says:

    Lovin your list…just got Eddie Royal for a $1 in the TGR ULTIMATE AUCTION LEAGUE (a day before this list thank goodness)

    (He both provides protection in case Brandon Marshall goes down and fills in during the first two weeks.) Its a 16 team league so the loss of a top flight WR (or QB/ RB)can kill you!

    Like Hightower but his cache/ cost ($6 early in our $200 draft)…is growing…gotta handcuff Edge with him!

    Keep up the good work!! (Both to you and Adam)

  5. Turd Ferguson says:

    John, I’m feeling Eddie Royal too and just read that he may in fact start even when Marshall comes back…is that what you’re hearing? What do you think about a WR handcuff strategy of picking up Marshall at a discount and grabbing Royal late? Also targeting Cutler this year so would that be just too many Broncos?

  6. John Hansen says:

    Yep, that is what we are hearing.

  7. John Hansen says:

    Note: I got

    Pierre Thomas – I have a feeling Deuce may be done soon and I needed a RB, so I passed on Royal (it was hard to do but I’m solid at WR).

    Devin Hester

    Zach Miller – He’s by 3rd TE, but you can start 2 with one as a flex, couldn’t pass on him.

    Jamarcus Russell – Little risky to roll with as my #2 but Garcia at least is undrafted. Shaky backup, though.

    Andre Davis – Nice upside.

    Ladell Betts – Good stash and hope RB. Rhodes was taken from under me in May.

    Here’s my roster, solid team in a PPR league

    Player YTD Pts Bye Drafted
    Palmer, Carson CIN QB – 8 5.05
    Russell, JaMarcus OAK QB – 5 18.08
    Addai, Joseph IND RB – 4 1.05
    Betts, Ladell WAS RB – 10 20.08
    Forte, Matt CHI RB – 8 6.08
    Maroney, Laurence NEP RB – 4 4.08
    Thomas, Pierre NOS RB – 9 15.05
    Williams, DeAngelo CAR RB – 9 8.08
    Bruce, Isaac SFO WR – 9 10.08
    Colston, Marques NOS WR – 9 3.05
    Crayton, Patrick DAL WR – 10 9.05
    Davis, Andre’ HOU WR – 8 19.05
    Edwards, Braylon CLE WR – 5 2.08
    Gage, Justin TEN WR – 6 11.05
    Hester, Devin CHI WR – 8 16.08
    Clark, Dallas IND TE – 4 7.05
    Miller, Zach OAK TE – 5 17.05
    Scheffler, Tony DEN TE – 8 12.08
    Brown, Josh STL PK – 5 14.08
    Cowboys, Dallas DAL Def – 10 13.05

  8. slacks28 says:

    Is it too early to start a “Free Agent/Waiver Wire” sleeper blog.

    With many of us using the bottom feeder strategy to dominating our leagues, I think some people, depending on depth of knowledge in our respective leagues, might have come up short in the TE/DEF department. I think that I did when I was forced to draft the likes of:

    L.J. Smith: Although he has some upside, barring he stays healthy, but has never really produced as an elite or close to elite tight end since his rookie or 2nd year (can’t remember which one)


    Randy McMichael: Reports say that his OC is calling for him to be a bigger part of the offense this year instead of blocking all the time, but that just equals high risk w/ mediocre rewards.

    So faced with my TE dilemma, which could have been worse, I did some research and a name I came across was Anthony Fasano (MIA TE). I like what they have to say about this guy. Miami has a running game which everyone knows opens up the passing game. They have a QB with an average arm, which to me sounds like a whole lot of short to medium range passes, i.e. TE area and miami has a decent OL so fasano will not be called upon to be a pass blocker all that ofter. Nothing but upside from this guy, so if anyone is screwed for a TE and looking for a possible undrafted sleeper, you may want to throw Fasano on your roster and see how it plays out. More comments and suggestion would be great.

  9. Air Stich says:

    VERY nice getting Colston mid 3rd in a 12 team league. He and Braylon are a great WR duo to pair with a top 5 RB. I don’t think many of us have been that lucky.

    I also grabbed Pierre late and plan on hanging onto him for a while. FGuru isn’t the only expert I pay for with a strong feeling (inside info?) that Duece is done sooner than later. We’ve already seen that Bush can not handle the full load and Stecker is more of a backup/special teamer. NO’s offense could be epic this year and Thomas may find himself with nice TD numbers.

    Pretty bush league of the Portis owner not to grab Betts before the 20th round. I’d love to see some of the junk he took instead of handcuffing his injury prone stud RB with a proven commodity. Are we sure this is an Expert’s League?

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