Steve Slaton intrigues me

Quick post here if you’re drafting this weekend, I was very impressed with Steve Slaton last night. He’s a smaller back, but he’s not tiny, and he surprised me how he played bigger than he is and does seem to handle the physical aspect of the game. Greg Cosell said this to me last night and I totally saw it this weekend. Note he was added to our players to target list last week.
I have zero faith in Ahman Green and Chris Brown, they are incredible injury risks. Chris Taylor is nothing special, and neither is Darius Walker. Slaton is young, fresh, and he brings some juice to their offense. That offense could be very good.

Pleeeeeeeeeeeeease don’t accuse me of creating hype. Please don’t expect the next great fantasy sleeper. Please don’t expect him to go off Week One. Please don’t get upset if he doesn’t do much.

These are the facts; Slaton looks good and the other backs are aged, injury-prone, or nothing special. I would not be surprised at all if he was a key player in their backfield.

Ok, the season needs to start because I think I’m on edge here a little bit…

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  1. FMEC says:

    John, who do you think is a better sleeper, Slaton or Chris Perry? I know Chris Perry will probably cost an earlier pick than Slaton. I’ve read good reports on Perry the whole preseason. what are your thoughts?

  2. John Hansen says:

    You have to say Perry….but he’ll probably get hurt.

  3. Turd Ferguson says:

    And Chris Johnson is no longer a “sleeper” anymore based on where he’s getting drafted, but among Perry, Slaton and Johnson who is the best value?

    Also, watching the Lions-Browns game right now and Kevin Smith looks like nothing much at all. Liking Kitna though at the end of the draft…two elite WRs, bad running game and a mediocre defense = solid stats.

  4. jbeau says:

    I saw what you saw John. Like how he runs, plays bigger than he is. I believe the word they were using is ‘Stout’. I think he will do well. Good depth guy if you got the room, especially if you are a fool and drafted Green.

  5. pandamonium says:

    Thanks John!!! “You-Are-The-F*/cking-Man” Baby!!! I’m “sooooo” looking forward to the last 4 rounds of my draft on Monday Night, just to mess with their heads. :-) It is going to be “AWESOME” when the other managers start scratching their heads when I select some of these lesser known (“Cough” SLEEPERS). I Absolutely CAN NOT, wait to “SHOCK & AWE” my League with some of these later round Hidden Gems!!! My League has a mixture of very, very savy players, as well as some clueless */ss Clowns… I have never had a better summer planning my draft. Big thanks for all the: Blogs, Podcasts, Message Boards, Projections & Sirius Satellite Radio Show. I’m “sooooo” ready to Defend My Title this year, CHEERS !!!!!

  6. carolinahotelman says:


    I’m all over Slaton and I promise not to cry if he craps his pants : ) and I’m with you…on edge and ready for the season to start…of course I don’t have as many critics. Thanks for all you do!

  7. John Hansen says:

    Turd: Going under the definition of value, it’s probably Slaton, since you might get him in the 15th round.

  8. Turd Ferguson says:

    Thanks John. I would love to get him in the 15th but I’ve been seeing him go mostly in rounds 11-12 in 12-team mock drafts I’ve done this weekend on CBS (and as early as the 8th in a couple!). That’s why I asked about his value vs. Johnson & Perry. I can make a case for pulling the trigger on Slaton in the 12th but anything much higher than that seems like a reach, no? Guess the word is out now thanks to your hype machine. lol.

  9. Stork says:

    FWIW, Chris Brown injured tonite.

  10. Stork says:

    Check that…
    Ground game shines
    Coach Gary Kubiak said rookie running back Steve Slaton would get playing time with the first team and that veteran Chris Brown would start. However, Brown was a late scratch because he aggravated the back injury that plagued him early in camp.

    “His back was bothering him Wednesday,” Kubiak said. “When he got up Thursday, it was bothering him again.

    “He had to get another shot in it. Once he got the shot, we couldn’t play him in the game.”

    Chris Taylor started and carried 11 times for 47 yards. Slaton rushed for 44 yards on 10 carries.

    “I thought both of them ran well,” Kubiak said. “That’s the best they’ve looked in preseason. This was a big opportunity for Chris, and he did a good job.”

    Darius Walker added 21 yards on five carries (4.2).

  11. eric9375 says:

    Thanks for the great info. Read this late after my draft but still got Slaton in the 14th round. Love it when owners bring old outdated magazines to the draft.

  12. eric9375 says:

    PS sounds like you need a big drink John. The season diffenently needs to get going. I cant wait!!

  13. FMEC says:

    just saw Slaton go in the 11th round redraft league (12 team)

  14. ScottB says:

    He went undrafted in my league. I almost pulled the trigger twice but I have on my bench Matt Forte and Chris Johnson, so I was weary of another rookie RB. However, if he even has the hint of a good game in week 1, I’ll be picking him up.

  15. genesee says:

    I’m torn right now. I like Josh Morgan, but I’d have to drop Vincent Jackson to grab him. Kevin Walter’s also on the waiver. What do I do?

  16. tpwaller says:

    I agree SLaton is a better option than Ahman Green and Chris Brown.

    He’s worth consideration in the late rounds. There are a lot of other young RB’s I’m more interested in like Ray Rice and Chris Johnson. Those guys are after the McFaddens, Stewarts, Fortes and Mendenhalls.

  17. John Hansen says:

    genesee, walter all the way

  18. kchrisjones says:

    As a follow-up to your drafting near the bottom of a 12 team draft, I suggest that the team you suggest would be a bottom-feeder. I have been in a league for 10 years and I picked 10th in a 12 team league. My team as follows:
    QB: Drew Brees, Vince Young
    RB: Clinton Portis, Lawrence Maroney, Kevin Smith, Matt Forte, Felix Jones
    WR: Plaxico Burress, Roy Williams, Anthony Gonzalez, Isaac Bruce, Robert Meacham
    TE: LJ Smith, Ben Watson
    DEF: Bucs D
    K: Ryan Lindell

  19. bwendorf says:

    First off, I agree w/kchrisjones — bottom feeder. You are running a team w/#2 WR’s as your number 1’s. And neither Santonio nor Calvin Johnson have sure slingers to work with.
    I got the ten in a yahoo competitive league and here’s my squad:

    QB: Tom Brady, Matt Schaub
    RB: Marion Barber III, Jamal Lewis, Michael Turner, DeAngelo Williams
    WR: Chad Ocho Cinco, Plaxico, Jerrico Cotchery, Donald Driver, Santana Moss
    TE: Tony Scheffler, Zach Miller
    K: Josh Brown
    DEF: Denver

    Barber in the first, Brady in the second (they had a foot fetish, I guess). You have to go with looks/touches first, potential/contingency plans second.

  20. FFFanatik17 says:


    Loved the “Bottom Feeder” article as I drew the 12th pick in a 12-team league. It really helped me prepare and come to terms with the fact that I can still draft a solid team without grabbing one of the “stud” RB’s. I think I drafted very well (RB has me a little concerned) and had a few guys fall in my lap, but I would love your opinion on my draft. Thanks Man and keep doing what you are doing……you guys are THE BEST!

    QB – Palmer, Warner
    RB – L.Johnson, W. Parker, R. Williams, M. Morris, P.Thomas, D. Ward
    WR – T. Owens, TJ Housh., D. Bowe, N. Burleson, R. Williams, E. Royal
    TE – Winslow
    K – Folk
    DEF – Cowboys

    Really wanted to grab Marshall, Cal. Johnson, Chris Johnson, but I guess you can’t get them all. Thank you in advance for your opinion.

  21. krash01us says:

    I think the point John is trying to make, bwendorf, is that probably 1 of the 4 guys(S Holmes, Cal Johnson, D Bowe or B Marshall)could end up being a top 5 receiver if not 2 in the top 10. Are they quote #1’s, no, but if you can get a #1(end of year stats) in the 3rd or 4th round then you are way better off. I pick 10th in a league and to your point I would not pass on Brady if he was there. That being said it will leave you a litte week in the RB position, same if Moss was there on the way down. probably have to take him. I would be pleased if Lewis fell to me in the 3rd, but I doubt he will be a top 10 back. You have to ask yourself are you better off with

    Brady, MBIII, J Lewis, Ocho Cinco(before his injury came out tonight)versus

    Brees, MBIII, Larry Johnson, Cal Johnson or B Marshall or you can take out Brees and take any of the other 3 above and go with Anderson, McNabb or Big Ben in the 5th.

    No right or wrong way to do things, just different ways to look at them.

  22. krash01us says:

    Where did you pick FFFanatiik17

  23. FFFanatik17 says:

    I picked 12th in a 12-team league.

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