Last-Minute “Feelings”

It’s a big weekend for drafts, so I thought it would be useful to go over some player who have emerged recently as guys we like, for various reasons. I don’t want to go into everyone because that would take all day and it’s covered elsewhere, but there are a few guys jumping off the page.

Here’s a quick look:

Kevin Walter – Caplan’s leading the charge on this one, and I’m completely with him. We really like this guy, and we’re loving him these days now that it’s clear his role is set as the #2. Everyone loves to pick apart predictions, and that’s fine, but when we make them it’s more about potential, and at this time of the year, that’s all we can really look at. So here’s a prediction and comparison. If Andre Johnson is out Andre Davis would have a lot of value, but Walter would be the closest thing to this year’s Wes Welker value-wise in a PPR.

Reggie Williams – Assuming the knee isn’t an issue, of course. We had Williams on the Sirius show last December and he seemed really focused on doing whatever he can to help the team and with his opportunities. The guy did score 10 TDs last year. Well, they could really, really use him right now, and he spoke a lot of how he clicked well with David Garrard. I expect very little from Jerry Porter until proven otherwise, so Williams is jumping off the page as Garrard’s go-to guy. Could be a great value.

Selvin Young
– Really like this guy, and at this point it’s just a question of health and being able to hold up. He’s looking better and better in my eyes, and at this point I honestly don’t care what he does (ok, I really do): he’s just a great pick right now based on value and potential. Pick him and sleep like a baby; no matter what happens, you make a good pick.

Jay Cutler
and Matt Schaub – Obviously, they’ve been our guys for some time. I seriously challenge anyone to come up with better breakout candidates and values at the position. Again, I could care less what actually happens because if you can’t see their potential and value, then you’ll never see it with anyone.

J.T. O’Sullivan
– I’m not trying to start the hype machine, so everyone please relax. But this guy can play a little bit, and there are weapons here. Say what you want about Mike Martz, but I can tell you this for a fact: people in the league and hardcore analysts who study coach’s tape – like our own Greg Cosell – still respect the hell out of this guy. Welders, accountants, and truck drivers may not, but NFL people do.

Maurice Morris
– Really like him as a value and depth option. Mike Holmgren knows him well and likes him. Once Julius Jones proves he can’t play, Morris’ role will grow and grow. Compared to what it was expected to be two months ago, it already has, and we haven’t even started yet.

Steve Slaton
– Eventually, veterans Ahman Green and Chris Brown will get hurt, and eventually Slaton will carve out a significant role here. He’s not a lead back from all indications, but he could be more than a 3rd down back, too. Makes a lot of sense for a deep backup late.

Ted Ginn
– Like the value for this playmaker in the late rounds. He is the #1 wideout and his movement is reminiscent of Marvin Harrison. I do think he’ll need another full season and Chad Henne in and playing at a high level to truly bust out, but we’ll seen am ermegence this year. When in doubt, got for an elite talent, and Ginn is one.

Sidney Rice
– We like this guy a lot, he’s a quality player and he could be THE MAN in the red zone for them. There’s not a ton of upside, but we see him as a player who will deliver very respectable numbers and go down as a value.

Zach Miller
– Again, so obvious he’s going to catch a ton of passes. I have not idea if anyone else is pushing him but if they aren’t, they’re dumb.

Ben Utecht
– I certainly like him and am optimistic, but I have a little I’ll-believe-it-when-I-see it with him because it’s a Bengals and they haven’t thrown to the TE since like Rodney Holman. But given all their issues at WR, he’s looking damn good.

And of course Josh Morgan and Eddie “Royale” (with cheese).

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  1. tpwaller says:


    I feel special that you need to take pot shots at your readers. And to be lumped in with welders and truck drivers, even better.

    I actually drafted Schaub as a backup. When he gets hurt, I’ll have you to blame. I will quickly pick up Sage Rosenfels who does produce in the NFL though

    I like Ted Ginn, but you’re not the only one talking him up. Got him as a WR5

    Zach Miller is on other’s sleeper list (you don’t use that term anymore).

  2. steely says:

    geez, lighten up tpwaller. he never said there was anything wrong with being a welder or truck driver, its just that in a recent survey of welders and truck drivers, they voted against Martz by 80%. Thems are the facts.
    John, do you still like Josh Morgan as much as yesterday? Seems he was ignored last night and Hill looked good. Will Morgan be last summer’s Jacoby Jones? ie nonexistent come regular season

  3. tpwaller says:

    Steely, good one – you’re more clever than John.

  4. John Hansen says:

    No idea what you’re talking about TP…really no clue.

  5. JOOCE says:

    Strange series of comments…

    I only watched about a quarter of the Niners-Bears when Alex Smith was in. He targeted Morgan on two consecutive plays, both of which were completely setting Morgan up to get leveled by a defender. They were tough plays to make. He was only targeted one other time according to stats.

  6. truckie says:

    TP, I also don’t know what you’re talking about. I think Hansen was just referring to anyone other than NFL experts, that’s all.

    Don’t know about you guys, but the JTO machine looked well oiled. (and this wasn’t against the CIN Defense but against da Bears) I’m surprised they didn’t let him play more, but after that performance I guess they were satisfied that he’s their starter. That’s the only explanation for less playing time IMHO. Otherwise they would have played him more.

  7. JOOCE says:

    JTO machine? haha

    This isn’t the 2006 Bears D though.

  8. Gump says:

    JTO looks good next to Smith because Smith really, really sucks!

  9. ScottB says:

    Thanks for the info John! My draft is tonight, so I’m taking this to heart.

  10. eric9375 says:

    Yeah I think TP was taking offense, thinking John was down playing not NFL peoples (espeically Welders and Truckdrivers), football smarts. I didnt think John was doing that. He was just making a point that the vast majority of people dont like Martz. I for one love his football smarts as far as offense is concern (good thing he is an OC). Being a Steelers fan and there for loving the run game, Martz does take something from the smash mouth football approach. But Martz is a passing game genius. Going to be interested to se what Gore looks like this year.
    John, thanks again for your insight going into this busy weekend. I agree with all the above except, I dont really feel strong for Reggie Williams. Maybe its the knee situation.
    I too am seeing the appeal of OSullivan and since he knows Martz system he could be pretty solid by mid season (not starter in fantasy but a backup).
    I can see M Morris getting it done by mid season.

    I think John downplayed Royal a bit since just one sentence. But maybe that since he should be a household sleeper name by now.

    I am surprised to not see Chris Johnson RB TEN on this list. I see an AD/Taylor combo forming this year. Not as good as last years AD numbers but more than solid especially at his ADP.

    Got a 14 owner local live in person draft tonight. Not only big money but bragging rights, so thanks again for your help.

    Good luck to all those drafting this weekend, who are not in my leagues.

  11. hossem says:

    Hi John,

    Who would you take in Round 6 of a 12 man redraft, no PPR as your #3 RB? Selvin Young, DeAngelo Williams, or Kevin Smith?

    Thanks and keep on keeping on!

  12. tpwaller says:

    How long until Matt Schaub gets benched?

    Cutler has looked good. I guess that’s why he was ranked #10 in your rankings. In a 10 team league, that would be the last starting QB taken.

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