Please draft Josh Morgan

I was going to put up a large post about all the issues in the league right now, and there are plenty, but I think my time is better spent updating my “Good Vibes/Bad Vibes” article so I can do that comprehensively. I hope to have that up late tonight, or at the latest early tomorrow.

Just a quick post to make a case for 49er rookie WR Josh Morgan. I didn’t expect him to be a serious factor two months ago, but we have been on this guy from the jump as soon as he started excelling in the preseason.

We know what he’s done in the preseason, but there are several things jumping out regarding Morgan right now.

  • It’s a new offensive coordinator, of course, and Mike Martz has no allegiance to any of their receivers, other than Isaac Bruce. Morgan is one of his guys, since he always has a large input on the drafts he’s involved in. In fact, if Martz retired from coaching, I think he’d be a great draft/rookie analyst and scout.

  • The 49ers only signed Bryant Johnson to a one-year deal, so they have very little allegiance to him. Maybe if they did a long-term deal with him they’d feel compelled to play him, but that’s not the case.

  • Morgan has been starting in Johnson’s spot while Johnson’s missed a lot of time this summer (another reason to like Morgan). That spot just so happens to be the #1 WR spot in this offense, Torry Holt’s old spot. So Josh Morgan might open up the season as the #1 WR for Mike Martz. Do you need any more convincing?

  • The likely starting QB, J.T. O’Sullivan, is also new to the team, and he has no loyalties. He’s looking to build chemistry with someone, and guess who he’s been going to this summer?

We’re thinking Morgan is worth even a 12th or 13th round pick. I hate to say it because it may jinx him, but he’s really standing out as this year’s Marques Colston circa 2006.

I’m freaking begging you over here; draft Josh Morgan.

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  1. thegame13 says:

    I love Morgan too. If he were to start what stats would you predict for him?

    If I had only 1 roster spot avail would you rather have DeSean Jackson (potential starter now that Curtis is out 6 weeks + and Brown w/bad hammy) or Morgan?

    PPR league. Start 3 WR

    My WRs are Welker, Holmes, Calvin Johnson, Mason, Engram, DeSean Jackson (just picked up as soon as I heard about Curtis)

  2. John Hansen says:

    I’d rather have Morgan, Jackson really doesn’t project as an actual starter, at least now he doesn’t. I’d say Morgan’s realistic upside is 60/750/5. That may be a stretch – but of course he could even exceed that by a lot.

  3. jbeau says:

    John…..Royal or Morgan??? Don’t have room for both. Picked up Royal already, but the numbnuts in my league don’t keep up much. Really in need of an impact guy because my WRs, SUCK.

  4. KCMiller3 says:

    Morgan or Hester for upside? Thanks!

  5. jbeau says:

    Nevermind John, dropped my backup QB and picked him up. I much rather articles like this. I got Big Ben as a starter, only a 10 team league, so by week 6 I will be able to drop someone.

  6. thegame13 says:

    I have Morgan now. Hope he keeps it up.

  7. PackFan says:

    OK then, I’ll do it.

    Drafting tonight. Round 12 … Josh Morgan it is.

  8. JOOCE says:

    I’m also curious to your thoughts John: Royal or Morgan?

  9. thegame13 says:

    Please do more individual profiles like this. I’d like to see your thoughts on players and WHY you think that way.

  10. CFPGator says:

    John, would love to see that article on drafting in the back of a draft. I’m currently drafting 12 out of 12, and why I like my team so far (Lynch, T.O., Santonio, Calvin, Cutler, Kevin Smith), I feel like every pick after T.O. I was reaching, at least reaching above ADP levels. I like all the players, but your strategies would be helpful.

    Also seeing a MAJOR quarterback run in the drafts I’ve done, which throws off the draft plan a little bit…

  11. John Hansen says:

    Yeah, I am working on that article, really swamped. I know it’s important, I know because I sh*t the bed drafting late the other day. Tried stud WRs in a PPR and got TO, Andre, McGahee, Parker, Kevin Smith, Derek Anderson. Not too thrilled.

    I would have to say Morgan for the upside over Royal. Royal’s best case is probably a nice 3rd or 4th option for Cutler, whereas Morgan could be more.

  12. Gump says:

    Take Morgan over Jackson and Royal. Morgan is 6’1″ 220. Those other guys are skinny little slot receivers. I got him in 5 dynasties thanks to this site. Now the cat’s out of the bag.

  13. tpwaller says:

    I never heard of this dude.

    A couple FF websites don’t even have him listed as a WR. According to ESPN, he’s a possession WR with average speed, off-the-field problems and inconsistent effort.

    Overall: In his first three seasons at Virginia Tech (2004-’06), Morgan appeared in 37 games (12 starts) and had 76 receptions for 1,265 yards (16.6 average) and 11 touchdowns. In 14 games (11 starts) as a senior, he posted 46 receptions for 552 yards (12.0 average) and five touchdowns. For his career, he also had 26 kickoff returns for 450 yards (17.3 average), 14 punt returns for 148 yards (10.6 average) and six rushing attempts for 20 yards. Morgan suffered a left foot fracture in the spring before his first season. He was suspended one game in 2006 after his arrest for disorderly conduct and obstructing justice. Morgan has the tools to develop into an effective sub-package possession receiver in the NFL. However, he lacks the top-end speed to provide big plays as a route runner or after-the-catch. He also gives an inconsistent effort and comes with some off-the-field baggage

    I will need to see some numbers before I drop any of my players to pick him up. I suppose you put him on the radar.

  14. Idiot Savant says:

    Okay…I assume your saying Morgan over Meachem too…since Meachem is a 3rd Wr with Bush and Shockey there and Morgan could be a #1?

  15. John Hansen says:

    People are really overstating Meachem’s role. He’s not the starter yet, David Patten is. Meachem has a ways to go before he’s the starter, and he has a lot of competition. He looks great there as the #2 on paper, but it’s not yet time to call him the #3 or the 3rd option in their passing game.

  16. amanchester says:

    John….. I need you to stop talking him up. I was going to target him with the 18th overall pick in a rookie Dynasty draft this weekend but with all the hype around this guy and the sharks in my league I don’t see him falling to me at the 18th pick. It’s looking like I’ll have to grab him with the last pick in the first round (12th).

  17. PackFan says:

    Sorry … just couldn’t pull the trigger – rookie running backs were not moving much in our draft tonite, so I wound up getting Rashard Mendenhall in the 11th, Jonathan Stewart in the 12th, Ray Rice in the 13th, and then had to take my kicker in the 14th and final round.

    I had anticipated taking Josh Morgan in the 12th, and my defense & kicker 13th & 14th but that’s not the way it worked out.

    Nobody else picked Morgan either … so maybe down the road I’ll be able to snag him off the waiver wire if the situation dictates. At least I know about him, so maybe I’ll have an early edge because I’ll be checking out his numbers, perhaps before anybody else. For me, that’s one huge advantage of subscribing to this site … each week I think it gives me an 8-12 hour advantage on the waiver wire.

  18. John Hansen says:

    Sorry. I’m not really enamored with his talents because I haven’t seen enough of him, and his scouting reports weren’t all that great. It’s all about his opportunity with Martz as the potential #1, and the chance that he clicks well with the QB. It’s kind of crazy that he has a chance to start in the go-to spot in this offense.

    He’s a classic example of a late upside pick. If he doesn’t pan out, who cares. If he does, you’re golden.

  19. Idiot Savant says:

    I’ve been on Meachem watch since April/ May…and I tend to agree with your assessment. Meachem was going 11th to 13th round or earlier in 5 -12 team drafts between fantasy boards… over the past 2 1/2 weeks and I read how he went round 9 in one of your drafts. I like the guy, but he needs to be the #2 at LEAST to go that high.

    Keep up the good work…

  20. Xristafer says:

    Hate to go off topic, but hasn’t it been over a year since we’ve gotten a music post from you John? You introduced me to Band of Horses some time ago so I feel like I owe you one.

    Lets see if this can’t make us even. I saw a band last month at a club in DC with a crowd of only like 25 people and they absolutely blew the roof off the place.

    They’re an LA band called The Airborne Toxic Event and their self entitled debut album just came out about two weeks ago.

    Here’s two of their better tracks, hopefully you haven’t heard them yet.

    Sometime Around Midnight

    Does This Mean You’re Moving On?

  21. tpwaller says:

    I know the fantasy world has a man crush on Mike Martz.

    His best years were at the Rams when they had Marshall Faulk, Torry HOlt, Isaac Bruce and Kurt Warner. There’s at least 2 HOF’ers on that offense. Kurt Warner was a league MVP. Yet Martz gets all the credit.

    Over the last 2 years, the Lions were good, but they weren’t that great. With Kitna at QB the Lions had as many INTs as TDs.

    Is Alex Smith really going to light it up? Is backups Hill or Sullivan that good? Gore is a good player (wish he’d score more TD’s). They have a collection of mediocre WR’s. I happen to think Bryant Johnson is their most talented WR and could win out over their. Isaac Bruce in SF is a dinosaur.

  22. KCMiller3 says:

    Hey John,

    I’m trying to figure out where Morgan fits into to the late upside players. Would you rather have Morgan or Hester (with his return TDs counting) on your roster? Who has more upside potential?


  23. jbeau says:

    TP…I feel you on Martz, but the fact is he has improved the offense wherever he goes. And pretty significantly. I am sure no one ever heard of Colston either his rookie year. I hope this dude pan’s out.

  24. tpwaller says:

    JBeau, if I had Josh Morgan, I’d hope he’d turn out to be the next Marques Colston.

    We’re always looking for the next Adrian Peterson or the next Marques Colston.

    At WR, I like to go after WR’s who were the top WR drafted out of college. In my keeper league, I have Larry Fitzgerald and Braylon Edwards, both top picks.

    How about this group? Calvin Johnson, Santonio Holmes, Braylon Edwards, Larry Fitzgerald, Plexico Burress. I’ll throw in Randy Moss as Kevin Dyson should have never been drafted above him. WR production follows talent.

  25. bjchapin1 says:

    One of your competitors is writing practically the same article about a sleeper 49ers receiver…named Jason Hill (2nd year out of Washington St). Hill has a few catches in the preseason and has been run on a reverse in both preseason games. Any chance that this guy is right? In any case, tonight’s game with the Bears should give some guidance, with the starters playing 3 quarters.

  26. tomc76 says:

    If Alex Smith can’t get the job done, how can we have faith that O’Sullivan is going to help make Morgan a threat?

  27. John Hansen says:

    bjchapin1: hill’s been someone to watch, but he’s not challenging for the #1 spot as morgan is. Hill could steal away the #3 spot, but I think a healthy Arnaz Battle has that. So, in theory Hill could be over Morgan as the #4, but again, Morgan’s got a chance to steal the #1.

    How can we have confidence in O’Sullivan? Easy, he’s better than Smith. We’ve written for 2 years how Smith simply can’t play.

  28. Huskies says:

    tpwaller…good points and I kind of think alongteh same lines as you, However, when Anquan Boldin was a rookie in 2003, there were a lot luke warm assessments of him as well, example:
    Second-round pick Anquan Boldin, a former Florida State quarterback, emerged as Blake’s favorite target after having a consistent camp, but he’s too slow and raw to scare defenses. Wideout Bryant Johnson, a rookie from Penn State, appeared out of his depth during camp. “Each of our wideouts has had some good days, but they haven’t strung them together,” Sullivan said before a mid-August practice.

    Boldin is 6’1″ 217…Morgan is 6’1″ 220…what Guru (and other I might add) are seeing is that Morgan (akin to Boldin) plays faster than he times in teh 40, uses his big body well, goes anywhere for a ball and is excellent after the catch. We may be seeing an early flicker of a Boldin-type player who is playing a center piece role in a pass-heavy offense. Consider that opposing defense MUST focus on stopping Gore first, if Morgan sticks as the starter he probably has chnaces to break loose every once in a while.

    For a last round pick or even FA pick up, that is a chance worth taking. If he stinks, we drop him and move on.

  29. bjchapin1 says:

    Let’s also remember that under Martz, the mighty Detroit Lions had the following receivers all have fantasy value at one time or another: Roy Williams, Calvin Johsnon, Mike Furrey(!), Shaun McDonald(!). There should be alot of yards to go around and someone is going to have to take some, why not this Morgan guy? To quote Rick Pitino, Jerry Rice isn’t walking through that door, John Taylor isn’t walking through that door, Brent Jones isn’t walking through that door.

  30. hemdilly says:

    I guess I don’t quite understand all the excitement. The QB is not good or experienced (Guru has O’Sullivan ranked 32) – the team is not good – the top performers will likely be Gore & Davis. Won’t the rookie share WR targets with Bruce & Johnson? So, even if he ends up No. 1 – how good can that be on this team with this QB? It sure seems to me that Philly’s Jackson, with Curtis out til Oct. & Brown injured dailey, with a very good QB, on a much better team – I don’t get it. And Royal, QB is much, much better, team much better, may be the No. 2 WR, seems in a very good if not better situation than Morgan. Time will tell.

  31. John Hansen says:

    Some people want all their players to be studs, whereas some people are pleased to get a player in the 13th round who can simply help them at times and give them depth and maybe even shock and be worth starting a lot.

    No one is jumping up and down and saying he’s a stud and in a great situation, we’re just saying to invest a late, late pick on the guy because the potential is there for him to surprise.

  32. PackFan says:

    Got a chance to watch the 49er offense for the second week in a row when they played the Bears on TV tonight. Since O’Sullivan is following Martz from Detroit to the Bay, he has a head start operating what I’ve always heard was a very complicated offense. They’re slingling it all over the field right now, and I wouldn’t be suprised to see the 49ers put up a few more points with Martz calling the shots.

    If Josh Morgan can stay healthy (Alex Smith led him into a couple of crushing hits tonite) he may very well pan out as a late round selection, and if he doesn’t, you probably haven’t lost much.

    I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’ve generally found myself swapping out the lower part of my roster every year anyway so heck, those of you who are so inclined … either take the Guru’s advice and draft him late – or watch him closely for a waiver wire pickup. Nobody’s pretending he’s Jerry Rice Jr. but, as John explained – the potential for him to succeed in THIS SITUATION is there.

    No need for acute analysis … either you take him or you don’t, then move on.

  33. John Hansen says:

    Not sure anyone caught it, but Troy Aikman said on the broadcast that Martz told him he thinks Morgan can be the next Torry Holt and that he is playing in his spot, as we reported. He is ahead of Jason Hill.

    O’Sullivan also looked very solid.

  34. tpwaller says:

    John -read comment 13. I said I might put Morgan on the radar.

    I never said every player at every position must be a stud. In my leagues, we start 3 WRs. I do want 2 studs WRs – without them, your team doesn’t stand a chance.

    Before I blindly draft someone based on your recommendation, I look at the player. I suppose you want your readers to be sheep.

    Yesterday, J Hill had 94 yards with a TD. Josh Morgan either didn’t play or didn’t catch a pass. For whatever reason, he still didn’t give me a reason to get excited about him.

  35. bjchapin1 says:

    Gotta say John, wasn’t that impressed with Morgan last night, he had 2 drops, one with a severe case of alligator arms when he knew he was going to take a hit over the middle, so we can save the comparisons to Colston for the time being. I understand its only one game, but Hill was a contributor again with another end-around for the 3rd straight game and was targeted at least 7-8 times, where Morgan was more like 4. However, I heard Aikman’s comment too, so who the hell knows whats going on here?

    Seems to me like Ike Bruce is the #1 here though, how about him as the SF late round value? Its not like we don’t know that he can play some football.

  36. jbeau says:

    Didn’t watch the game, but checked out GameCenter and Morgan’s name didn’t show up on any stat line. Hopefully, it was just one game. Maintaining hope.

  37. John Hansen says:

    OK, that’s fine. But with a guy like Morgan, you have to take a leap of faith because he’s a rookie and hasn’t played in a real game yet.

    Nothing we’ve said is wrong about Morgan. He started the game with Bruce. He’s in Holt’s spot, which is the #1 WR spot in this offense, as confirmed by Aikman. Bryant Johnson could still take it back from him, for sure, but again he could have a great opportunity.

    If you’re not impressed based on some action in a preseason game with the backup in a lot, that’s cool. Everyone should make their own calls. This blog is a stream of conscious deal, and this is mine.

  38. wickedpete says:

    Okay, John, I’m with you. So assuming everything goes perfect for the 49ers, Morgan and JT O’Sullivan this year, who do you take a flyer with the last pick of your draft? Does it come down to positional need (which, quite honestly, I have none) or upside? If the latter, who do you pick? Morgan or JT?

  39. John Hansen says:

    Strictly upside. If they don’t pan out, move on.

    I get frustrated when people accuse me of creating hype and then blame me when it doesn’t work out. People expect the world with their picks, but the problem is it’s still football.

    I will say it again: Morgan has impressed the team greatly this year and has a very good chance to open the season in the #1 spot in SF. Do with that info what you will.

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