Some quick thoughts from This Weekend’s games

  • Really like Zach Miller for Oakland. As we’ve been saying, he’s going to catch a ton of passes.
  • Still not impressed at all with Darren McFadden.
  • Vince Young’s still a terrible passer.
  • Still good vibes from Chris Johnson, great vibes.
  • Gotta be encouraged by Brett Favre’s performance, good news for Jerricho Cotchery and I continue to be very intrigued by Dustin Keller, as I’ve written I think 20 times.
  • Not really feeling the Redskin passing game. It’ll be much tougher when it’s for real, and those rookie WRs are way behind.
  • Matt Ryan did look like a rookie; this is why I have been worried about Roddy White.
  • Michael Turner is definitely showing a lot, which is good.
  • We really can’t take much out of the preseason with the Colts still. I’m thinking they could stumble a little out of the gate, but they will obviously be fine overall.
  • Very nice effort from Ray Rice; looked much better than last week.
  • Really like Sidney Rice. He should be more productive for fantasy than Bernard Berrian.
  • Bad vibes on the Jag passing game, the injuries have set them back. They need to rely on the running game big time again.
  • Ricky Williams continues to look like a great depth option.
  • As I suspected, things are looking up a little for Ted Ginn with Chad Pennington on the team.
  • Let’s not go crazy on one preseason game, but this is what Matt Schaub’s potential is: he could be this year’s Tony Romo production-wise. I doubt it, but he has that potential if the planets align.
  • More I see this summer the more I think rookie Steve Slayton will be something of a savior in Houston.
  • Larry Johnson was slow early, but the numbers were there. I think this is where he’ll settle in: he won’t be great at all, but he will be solid.
  • The Ram offense is horrific. The passing game is way out of synch and they will struggle terribly.
  • Jay Cutler is a stud and if things go well around him he will be exceptional in 2008.
  • Eddie Royal is for real and Brandon Marshall will be unstoppable.
  • Things will be tough for both Seattle’s and Chicago’s offense. I love Matt Forte, but he can do only so much on this team.
  • Green Bay’s offense will be up and down and it will be a little ugly at times. They will so make plays and put up decent numbers, though.
  • Frank Gore’s going to be fine, and so is Vernon Davis. Rookie Josh Morgan needs to play!

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6 Responses

  1. PackFan says:

    Haven’t seen the Vikes play yet this year.

    Would be interested in hearing (reading) why you like Sidney Rice over Berrian.

  2. PackFan says:

    Probably answered my own question … just read your latest Good Vibes / Bad Vibes.

  3. 4runner says:

    Not sure if this is the appropriate place to ask this question but here it goes. John, How would you adjust your draft strategy to beat a bunch of other people who are using your draft strategy?

  4. tpwaller says:

    To believe, when the Texans drafted Mario Williams, people said they passed on 2 Hall of Famers – VY and BUsh. 2 years later, VY and Bush are still trying to prove themselves

  5. John Hansen says:

    4runner, just stay the course and don’t make any big reaches unless you are feeling very, very strong. Playing to win is fine, but don’t overextend yourself trying to win in the first 5-6 rounds, try to win with your whole draft.

  6. tpwaller says:

    good advice on not reaching, and I think it’s important to make every pick count even the very late rounds. You see some crazy picks in the late rounds, but sometimes you can find a gem back there if you don’t waste picks.

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