expert draft today at 4pm ET

Next draft is today, for, this one will be featured on the site, so I need to stand out and draft well. It’s 6 pts for all TDs, and last year I got pinched a little at QB and had to take Marc Bulger. My first pick was Steven Jackson, and I lost Andre Johnson for most of the season, and also Ronnie Brown. So you can imagine how my season went (I was actually in the playoff picture until the final week).

I drew the 5th pick. I wish I could get some picks at the end o the 1st to see how it goes, but I keep drawing higher picks, totally by chance.

This pick is interesting because I may take Tom Brady. I really don’t want to, but I don’t want Steven Jackson at this point, too risky 5th overall. And I am a little worried about Frank Gore because it’s not a PPR league. With the TDs counting as 6 pts, Brady is very safe. Or, if someone else takes him, I’ll just snap up Joe Addai. I hope that’s the case. If I do get Addai, I’ll likely take a QB in the 3rd, hopefully Brees. If not, I may wait until like the 5th for Ben Roethlisberger or Derek Anderson. Or I could get hosed again. If I do, I’ll grab Matt Schaub an maybe Jay Cutler later. I may even get 3 QBs.

We’ll see, I’ll be posting the results as I can while the draft is rolling, starting at 4pm ET.

Here’s my projected starting lineup (PPR and 6 pts for passing TDs). Love this team.

QB: Tony Romo
RBs: Joe Addai, Michael Turner
Flex: Chris Johnson
WRs: Larry Fitzgerald, Brandon Marshall, Chris Chambers
TE: Owen Daniels
PK: Nick Folk
DT: Minnesota

Kurt Warner
Jerious Norwood
Dominic Rhodes
Michael Pittman
Anthony Gonzalez
Bobby Engram

Hard to do much better than this, folks.

: May favorite last pick of the draft: Kurt Warner. Yeah, I could be hurting if Romo goes down early and Leinart is still starting, but there are some guys out there still (Garcia, Edwards, etc).

: First time I took a PK before the final round, but couldn’t pass on our #1 kicker, Nick Folk.

: Just missed out on TE Zach Miller, so I grabbed Michael Pittman for some depth and potential.

: Why not, in a PPR league? Bobby Engram as my #5 in the 14th round.

: Didn’t really want to do it, but no sense in messing around, grabbed Dominic Rhodes for my Addai pick.

: Wow, first time I did it all year, but had to take the best starter on the board: Minnesota Defense. 11th round was good enough for me since I love the rest of my team. Could be a knock-out blow.

: My chance paid off, I got Owen Daniels in the 10th round of this PPR league. Unreal.

: I took a chance TE Owen Daniels would fall to the next round because all but me and another team had a TE. That other team had 2 picks in front of me, but I tool the chance with Jerious Norwood. Keep in mind I have Turner.

: Still looking for WR depth, glad to take a flyer on Anthony Gonzalez. If Harrison has issues, I’m golden.

:BTW, just missed Bowe again in the last round. For this round, needed a #3 and I liked Chris Chambers, especially with Gates a little iffy.

: OK, now I’m ready to take a knockout shot, my flex starter is: Chris Johnson.

: Another safe pick, but pretty good value for Michael Turner.

: Since I played thins safe with Addia, I went for the gusto with Brandon Marshall. Just before I did, I IM’d with my buddy who covers the team and he told me that Marshall promised to him yesterday it’ll be 2 games. We’ll see, but his upside is massive in a PPR.

: It WAS a PPR league, so it was Gore or Joe Addai. Could pull the trigger on Gore over the very safe Addai. Had I picked 6th, it would have been Gore.

4:21: Things are going well, got Larry Fitzgerald in this PPR league and Tony Romo (6 PTs per passing TD pass).

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  1. JOOCE says:

    do you think that other guys in your drafts read the site and the blogs to get a leg up on you in drafts? only half joking…

  2. jbeau says:

    Drink your own Koolaid and draft Lynch. Jump out there and take a chance. I think you will regret taking Brady if you do. Maybe some sucka in front of you will pick Brady, and Addai will fall to you.

  3. tpwaller says:

    Jbeau, agreed. Two other HOF’er Dan Marino and Peyton Manning came back down to earth after their career years.

    I like your Lynch idea.

  4. jbeau says:

    Thanks TP. I think this QB stuff in the 1st round in ludicrous(spell check), unless it’s a dynasty league.

  5. John Hansen says:

    I know, I know, I know. I haven’t done it yet, keep in mind. I would go Lynch but this Jason Peters thing is freaking me out, and 5th is little high to be freaking out.

  6. 4runner says:

    Can we get the full draft updated online??

    Please :D

  7. John Hansen says:

    Draft Results
    Round 1
    Pick Team Player Elapsed Time Pts
    1 Adam Caplan LaDainian Tomlinson (RB SD) 11 sec
    2 Roger Rotter Tom Brady (QB NE) 4 min 14 sec
    3 Chris Liss Brian Westbrook (RB PHI) 30 sec
    4 Greg Ambrosius Adrian Peterson (RB MIN) 37 sec
    5 John Hansen Joseph Addai (RB IND) 49 sec
    6 David Sabino Marion Barber (RB DAL) 16 sec
    7 Scott Engel Randy Moss (WR NE) 7 sec
    8 David Gonos Frank Gore (RB SF) 1 min 8 sec
    9 William Del Pilar Steven Jackson (RB STL) 27 sec
    10 Tristan H. Cockcroft Marshawn Lynch (RB BUF) 31 sec
    11 Michael Fabiano Clinton Portis (RB WAS) 17 sec
    12 Gregg Rosenthal Reggie Wayne (WR IND) 18 sec
    Round 2
    13 Gregg Rosenthal Andre Johnson (WR HOU) 20 sec
    14 Michael Fabiano Terrell Owens (WR DAL) 1 min 3 sec
    15 Tristan H. Cockcroft Ryan Grant (RB GB) 8 sec
    16 William Del Pilar Peyton Manning (QB IND) 1 min 17 sec
    17 David Gonos Braylon Edwards (WR CLE) 13 sec
    18 Scott Engel Laurence Maroney (RB NE) 43 sec
    19 David Sabino Marques Colston (WR NO) 42 sec
    20 John Hansen Larry Fitzgerald (WR ARI) 58 sec
    21 Greg Ambrosius Larry Johnson (RB KC) 1 min 2 sec
    22 Chris Liss Reggie Bush (RB NO) 36 sec
    23 Roger Rotter Jamal Lewis (RB CLE) 26 sec
    24 Adam Caplan Maurice Jones-Drew (RB JAC) 1 min 9 sec
    Round 3
    25 Adam Caplan T.J. Houshmandzadeh (WR CIN) 30 sec
    26 Roger Rotter Wes Welker (WR NE) 24 sec
    27 Chris Liss Jason Witten (TE DAL) 1 min 15 sec
    28 Greg Ambrosius Chad Johnson (WR CIN) 52 sec
    29 John Hansen Tony Romo (QB DAL) 11 sec
    30 David Sabino Plaxico Burress (WR NYG) 1 min 25 sec
    31 Scott Engel Torry Holt (WR STL) 12 sec
    32 David Gonos Earnest Graham (RB TB) 36 sec
    33 William Del Pilar Thomas Jones (RB NYJ) 1 min 28 sec
    34 Tristan H. Cockcroft Steve Smith (WR CAR) 1 min 10 sec
    35 Michael Fabiano Roy Williams (WR DET) 26 sec
    36 Gregg Rosenthal Anquan Boldin (WR ARI) 33 sec
    Round 4
    37 Gregg Rosenthal Ronnie Brown (RB MIA) 11 sec
    38 Michael Fabiano Willis McGahee (RB BAL) 11 sec
    39 Tristan H. Cockcroft Santonio Holmes (WR PIT) 60 sec
    40 William Del Pilar Rudi Johnson (RB CIN) 29 sec
    41 David Gonos Darren McFadden (RB OAK) 23 sec
    42 Scott Engel Matt Forte (RB CHI) 11 sec
    43 David Sabino Brandon Jacobs (RB NYG) 40 sec
    44 John Hansen Brandon Marshall (WR DEN) 58 sec
    45 Greg Ambrosius Drew Brees (QB NO) 1 min 7 sec
    46 Chris Liss Julius Jones (RB SEA) 33 sec
    47 Roger Rotter Willie Parker (RB PIT) 43 sec
    48 Adam Caplan Greg Jennings (WR GB) 1 min 23 sec
    Round 5
    49 Adam Caplan Kellen Winslow (TE CLE) 58 sec
    50 Roger Rotter Antonio Gates (TE SD) 1 min 12 sec
    51 Chris Liss Marvin Harrison (WR IND) 59 sec
    52 Greg Ambrosius Jerricho Cotchery (WR NYJ) 1 min 5 sec
    53 John Hansen Michael Turner (RB ATL) 23 sec
    54 David Sabino Edgerrin James (RB ARI) 3 min 25 sec
    55 Scott Engel Calvin Johnson (WR DET) 3 min 0 sec
    56 David Gonos Carson Palmer (QB CIN) 10 sec
    57 William Del Pilar Chris Cooley (TE WAS) 39 sec
    58 Tristan H. Cockcroft Ben Roethlisberger (QB PIT) 11 sec
    59 Michael Fabiano Selvin Young (RB DEN) 2 min 35 sec
    60 Gregg Rosenthal Jonathan Stewart (RB CAR) 23 sec
    Round 6
    61 Gregg Rosenthal LenDale White (RB TEN) 37 sec
    62 Michael Fabiano Roddy White (WR ATL) 22 sec
    63 Tristan H. Cockcroft Tony Gonzalez (TE KC) 1 min 2 sec
    64 William Del Pilar Laveranues Coles (WR NYJ) 1 min 31 sec
    65 David Gonos Dwayne Bowe (WR KC) 4 sec
    66 Scott Engel Derek Anderson (QB CLE) 25 sec
    67 David Sabino Donovan McNabb (QB PHI) 27 sec
    68 John Hansen Chris Johnson (RB TEN) 23 sec
    69 Greg Ambrosius Jeremy Shockey (TE NO) 1 min 24 sec
    70 Chris Liss Kevin Smith (RB DET) 2 min 27 sec
    71 Roger Rotter Felix Jones (RB DAL) 38 sec
    72 Adam Caplan Kevin Curtis (WR PHI) 32 sec
    Round 7
    73 Adam Caplan Lee Evans (WR BUF) 1 min 2 sec
    74 Roger Rotter Hines Ward (WR PIT) 17 sec
    75 Chris Liss Nate Burleson (WR SEA) 1 min 16 sec
    76 Greg Ambrosius Donald Driver (WR GB) 48 sec
    77 John Hansen Chris Chambers (WR SD) 49 sec
    78 David Sabino Dallas Clark (TE IND) 19 sec
    79 Scott Engel Vernon Davis (TE SF) 22 sec
    80 David Gonos Heath Miller (TE PIT) 60 sec
    81 William Del Pilar Patrick Crayton (WR DAL) 1 min 17 sec
    82 Tristan H. Cockcroft Fred Taylor (RB JAC) 7 sec
    83 Michael Fabiano Matt Hasselbeck (QB SEA) 30 sec
    84 Gregg Rosenthal Santana Moss (WR WAS) 18 sec
    Round 8
    85 Gregg Rosenthal Jay Cutler (QB DEN) 4 sec
    86 Michael Fabiano Todd Heap (TE BAL) 16 sec
    87 Tristan H. Cockcroft Bernard Berrian (WR MIN) 15 sec
    88 William Del Pilar Ricky Williams (RB MIA) 52 sec
    89 David Gonos Joey Galloway (WR TB) 1 min 2 sec
    90 Scott Engel Ray Rice (RB BAL) 10 sec
    91 David Sabino Justin Fargas (RB OAK) 44 sec
    92 John Hansen Anthony Gonzalez (WR IND) 22 sec
    93 Greg Ambrosius DeAngelo Williams (RB CAR) 53 sec
    94 Chris Liss Chester Taylor (RB MIN) 30 sec
    95 Roger Rotter Rashard Mendenhall (RB PIT) 1 min 26 sec
    96 Adam Caplan Ahman Green (RB HOU) 14 sec
    Round 9
    97 Adam Caplan Matt Schaub (QB HOU) 1 min 13 sec
    98 Roger Rotter Derrick Mason (WR BAL) 1 min 2 sec
    99 Chris Liss Pierre Thomas (RB NO) 1 min 23 sec
    100 Greg Ambrosius Donte’ Stallworth (WR CLE) 42 sec
    101 John Hansen Jerious Norwood (RB ATL) 42 sec
    102 David Sabino Jabar Gaffney (WR NE) 7 sec
    103 Scott Engel Maurice Morris (RB SEA) 41 sec
    104 David Gonos Deuce McAllister (RB NO) 15 sec
    105 William Del Pilar Reggie Brown (WR PHI) 40 sec
    106 Tristan H. Cockcroft Devin Hester (WR CHI) 51 sec
    107 Michael Fabiano Javon Walker (WR OAK) 1 min 43 sec
    108 Gregg Rosenthal David Garrard (QB JAC) 16 sec
    Round 10
    109 Gregg Rosenthal Ahmad Bradshaw (RB NYG) 17 sec
    110 Michael Fabiano Ladell Betts (RB WAS) 34 sec
    111 Tristan H. Cockcroft Eli Manning (QB NYG) 55 sec
    112 William Del Pilar Brett Favre (QB NYJ) 1 min 43 sec
    113 David Gonos Justin Gage (WR TEN) 12 sec
    114 Scott Engel Robert Meachem (WR NO) 11 sec
    115 David Sabino Darrell Jackson (WR DEN) 16 sec
    116 John Hansen Owen Daniels (TE HOU) 7 sec
    117 Greg Ambrosius Marc Bulger (QB STL) 1 min 8 sec
    118 Chris Liss Vince Young (QB TEN) 1 min 25 sec
    119 Roger Rotter Ronald Curry (WR OAK) 57 sec
    120 Adam Caplan Sammy Morris (RB NE) 47 sec
    Round 11
    121 Adam Caplan Jake Delhomme (QB CAR) 39 sec
    122 Roger Rotter Philip Rivers (QB SD) 1 min 38 sec
    123 Chris Liss Matt Leinart (QB ARI) 7 sec
    124 Greg Ambrosius Sidney Rice (WR MIN) 28 sec
    125 John Hansen Vikings (DST MIN) 12 sec
    126 David Sabino Jason Campbell (QB WAS) 13 sec
    127 Scott Engel Vincent Jackson (WR SD) 12 sec
    128 David Gonos Bryant Johnson (WR SF) 12 sec
    129 William Del Pilar Chargers (DST SD) 1 min 28 sec
    130 Tristan H. Cockcroft Leon Washington (RB NYJ) 3 sec
    131 Michael Fabiano Aaron Rodgers (QB GB) 33 sec
    132 Gregg Rosenthal Tony Scheffler (TE DEN) 9 sec
    Round 12
    133 Gregg Rosenthal Ted Ginn Jr. (WR MIA) 3 sec
    134 Michael Fabiano Greg Olsen (TE CHI) 48 sec
    135 Tristan H. Cockcroft D.J. Hackett (WR CAR) 7 sec
    136 William Del Pilar Laurent Robinson (WR ATL) 37 sec
    137 David Gonos Jon Kitna (QB DET) 7 sec
    138 Scott Engel Tim Hightower (RB ARI) 38 sec
    139 David Sabino Jerry Porter (WR JAC) 56 sec
    140 John Hansen Dominic Rhodes (RB IND) 16 sec
    141 Greg Ambrosius Kenny Watson (RB CIN) 53 sec
    142 Chris Liss Reggie Williams (WR JAC) 8 sec
    143 Roger Rotter Andre Hall (RB DEN) 1 min 40 sec
    144 Adam Caplan Lorenzo Booker (RB PHI) 17 sec
    Round 13
    145 Adam Caplan Chris Brown (RB HOU) 1 min 46 sec
    146 Roger Rotter Patriots (DST NE) 1 min 27 sec
    147 Chris Liss Chris Perry (RB CIN) 15 sec
    148 Greg Ambrosius Cowboys (DST DAL) 51 sec
    149 John Hansen Bobby Engram (WR SEA) 10 sec
    150 David Sabino James Jones (WR GB) 11 sec
    151 Scott Engel James Hardy (WR BUF) 24 sec
    152 David Gonos Steve Slaton (RB HOU) 7 sec
    153 William Del Pilar LaMont Jordan (RB NE) 2 min 56 sec
    154 Tristan H. Cockcroft Brandon Jackson (RB GB) 5 sec
    155 Michael Fabiano Isaac Bruce (WR SF) 31 sec
    156 Gregg Rosenthal Drew Bennett (WR STL) 13 sec
    Round 14
    157 Gregg Rosenthal Kevin Jones (RB CHI) 13 sec
    158 Michael Fabiano Warrick Dunn (RB TB) 20 sec
    159 Tristan H. Cockcroft Fred Jackson (RB BUF) 14 sec
    160 William Del Pilar Muhsin Muhammad (WR CAR) 32 sec
    161 David Gonos Steelers (DST PIT) 1 min 11 sec
    162 Scott Engel Tarvaris Jackson (QB MIN) 31 sec
    163 David Sabino Zach Miller (TE OAK) 21 sec
    164 John Hansen Michael Pittman (RB DEN) 1 min 5 sec
    165 Greg Ambrosius Alge Crumpler (TE TEN) 52 sec
    166 Chris Liss Giants (DST NYG) 10 sec
    167 Roger Rotter Kevin Walter (WR HOU) 1 min 42 sec
    168 Adam Caplan Deion Branch (WR SEA) 1 min 25 sec
    Round 15
    169 Adam Caplan Mason Crosby (K GB) 22 sec
    170 Roger Rotter Jamaal Charles (RB KC) 1 min 16 sec
    171 Chris Liss Mark Clayton (WR BAL) 17 sec
    172 Greg Ambrosius Stephen Gostkowski (K NE) 49 sec
    173 John Hansen Nick Folk (K DAL) 7 sec
    174 David Sabino Phil Dawson (K CLE) 16 sec
    175 Scott Engel Seahawks (DST SEA) 1 min 17 sec
    176 David Gonos Leonard Pope (TE ARI) 8 sec
    177 William Del Pilar Shayne Graham (K CIN) 1 min 13 sec
    178 Tristan H. Cockcroft Packers (DST GB) 9 sec
    179 Michael Fabiano Colts (DST IND) 4 sec
    180 Gregg Rosenthal Bears (DST CHI) 5 sec
    Round 16
    181 Gregg Rosenthal Josh Brown (K STL) 2 sec (4 min 2 sec)
    182 Michael Fabiano Adam Vinatieri (K IND) 13 sec (10 min 26 sec)
    183 Tristan H. Cockcroft Nate Kaeding (K SD) 19 sec (7 min 7 sec)
    184 William Del Pilar Kevin Boss (TE NYG) 43 sec (17 min 52 sec)
    185 David Gonos Kris Brown (K HOU) 1 min 25 sec (8 min 13 sec)
    186 Scott Engel Neil Rackers (K ARI) 30 sec (9 min 34 sec)
    187 David Sabino Eagles (DST PHI) 11 sec (10 min 29 sec)
    188 John Hansen Kurt Warner (QB ARI) 25 sec (7 min 57 sec)
    189 Greg Ambrosius Tatum Bell (RB DET) 55 sec (14 min 26 sec)
    190 Chris Liss Mike Nugent (K NYJ) 15 sec (12 min 6 sec)
    191 Roger Rotter Rob Bironas (K TEN) 20 sec (19 min 22 sec)
    192 Adam Caplan Jaguars (DST JAC) 24 sec (12 min 52 sec)

  8. 4runner says:

    awesome, ty!

  9. jsucaet says:

    Hey John – Like your team as well…the chris johnson pick seemed a little out of norm. I wonder if you picked Gore in the 1st if you would have taken a kevin Smith in the 6th

    I have to give props to Caplan, though….a core group of Schaub, Tomlinson, Jones-Drew, TJ Housh, Jennings, Curtis, Winslow…to imagine he could have taken Turner as his 3rd back.

  10. jbeau says:

    Gotta say, I like Cap’s team better. Landing Drew was pretty sweet with LT also. Not to mention my boy Winslow. Like your squad too John, you don’t seem to worried about selecting Warner as your only backup. Play to win pick?? I think he will be gold if he gets to play. Turner is the pick I don’t like. Would rather the Panther’s backfield or Len Dale White, since you landed Johnson. Overall, Guru represented well.

  11. JOOCE says:

    i would rather have turner than the panthers rbs, given where they were drafted. carolina feels like it could be a full-blown rbbc, while getting turner and norwood could be an rbbc but feels more like a handcuff. lendale went only a few picks after turner… turner was definitely the right call…

    2 strong Guru teams.

    I also want to point out that one of the guys in the draft is called Roger Rotter, and another guy is called Chris Liss. I thought that was worth mentioning.

  12. jbeau says:

    I am in the Turner hate camp, so I probably would take anyone over him. Think he will be a bust. that’s just me thought.

    Speaking of Roger Rotter….he should have had one of us draft for him. Brady at #2 is ridiculous. His squad is horrendous.

  13. John Hansen says:

    To tell you the truth, I took an important call right before I was up and was surprised, saw Johnson and said “f-it.” I still like it for the upside. Adam’s team is very good, but I have him at QB big time. It’s 6 pts for all TDs, so I have a large advantage there. I also got much better value for my TE with Daniels in a PPR. But he’s loaded at RB and WR. I’d say we’re even. Two best teams, easy.

  14. steely says:

    As someone who plays in leagues with these scoring rules, I gotta tell you the QB is big. Brady at #2 is not a stretch in my opinion although I personally would not take him until the big 3 RBs were gone. My league also awards the same amount of points for passing yards as it does for rushing and receiving yards so QBs are even more important.
    With that said, I love both Adam & John’s teams although I am not sold on Turner either.
    As an aside, John, you keep making me laugh with these mock drafts. Every time you make a questionable pick, you have a great excuse. Either your kids were pulling you away from your computer or you had an important call to take. Maybe you need a plastic draft bubble where you can be alone and be sure to leave the cell phone outside.

  15. JOOCE says:

    wow steely, with those scoring rules I might take Brady #1. That means that Brady averaged about 50 ppg in your league…

  16. John Hansen says:

    This time it wasn’t an excuse, more of why I did what I did.

  17. steely says:

    JOOCE- you’re right, Brady DID average about 50ppg. That’s why it’s hard to know when to grab the QB for me.
    John- I was just kidding with the excuse thing but I would like your opinion. In a league that awards the SAME pts. to QBs for scoring and yardage as RBs and WRs, when would you go for a qb? Lets assume Brady is off the board by the time your draft pick came up.

  18. steely says:

    by the way, the league I am referencing also is a ppr league.
    1 QB
    2 RBs
    3 WRs
    1 TE
    1 D
    1 K
    Any opinions would help!

  19. John Hansen says:

    Steely, I took Romo in the 3rd and was thrilled. I told Adam he was going to get hosed at QB and he was. So I would hope and pray for a 3rd for a Romo or Brees, or Palmer, Big Ben in the 4th, Anderson and McNabb in the 5th-6th.

  20. jbeau says:

    Steely, with a point structure like yours I wouldn’t fault a top QB in the 1st round. That makes him the most valuable position on your roster big time.

  21. bartguy says:

    I’ve played in a 6pt for QB tds league for 8 years, and while it has an impact, it’s not as big as everybody’s making it. Mainly, because you’re only starting 12 out of 32 starting QBs, so most years there are guys who get drafted pretty late who can keep a team competitive. Yeah, when a QB has a record setting year, like Manning a few years ago and Brady last year, they can really carry a team. But if you spend your 1 or 2 on a QB, he’d better have a record-setting year, because you’re chasing the curve at RB AND WR, always a round after the guys you really like are going. In my league, two of the best QB picks were Roethlisberger who went in round 8 and ended the season at QB tied for 4th with Brees. And Favre, who went in round 10 and ended the season at QB7 (and there is only 14 points over the season separating QB4 and QB7) Last year was an abnormally high year for QB scoring and everyone is assuming this year will be as well. Anyway, this might be a good discussion topic for the message boards.

  22. John Hansen says:

    Here’s an update: I’m 9-1 and lead this league in Pts.

  23. John Hansen says:

    Final update: Those who said Caplan’s team was good was right, but I beat him in the finals to win the league. Actually, I got really lucky because I started Dan Freaking Orlovsky at QB with the weather bad for Kurt Warner. But I was the best team all year and that karma helped me.

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