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Checking in real quick. In the next 10 days, I will be doing “Exert Drafts” for Yahoo Sports,, CBS, and Fox Sports. These are all the “featured” expert leagues on these sites, so it’s time to get down to business. I’ll post all of them as soon as I can. In fact, Yahoo’s is tonight, and I’ll have it up on the site tomorrow.

I gotta right this roster down, damn good draft in my opinion today for Yahoo. Here are my picks in order. 12-team, NON PPR league, TDs are 4 pts for passing.

Picked 4th

Brian Westbrook

Marques Colston

Tony Romo

Willie Parker

Calvin Johnson

Antonio Gates – Missed Bowe by 1 pick, which would have been ridiculous; couldn’t pass on the upside of Gates this late.

Fred Taylor – Ironically passed on some upside RBs for his stability b/c by team was looking so explosive.

Ricky Williams – Kind of liked him as my 4th back, maybe a rnd too high.

Bernard Berrian – Not bad as their #1 and my #3

Reggie Brown – At this point, he was clearly the best WR left.

Lorenzo Booker – Protected Westbrook; Booker is the handcuff.

Chicago – Still got a higher end D even as I held off.

Vince Young – Some upside as my backup.

Bobby Engram – Good value if he misses only 3-4 games.

Adam Vinatieri – Glad to get our #2 PK with my last pick.

This is a damn good example of the draft plan at work. Taking impact players early, letting some values coming to you, getting some depth, some value, and some upside. Good team.

Starting lineup would be:

QB: Tony Romo
RB: Brian Westbrook
RB: Willie Parker
WR: Marques Colston
WR: Calvin Johnson
WR: Bernard Berrian
TE: Antonio Gates
PK: Adam Vinatieri
DT: Chicago

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15 Responses

  1. superkurt13 says:

    Good luck John!

  2. JOOCE says:

    time to kick ass and take names!

  3. tpwaller says:

    good team

  4. wooster says:

    What you do, kick the wife and kids out of the house for this draft? Thats a great roster in a 10 team league not to mention a 12 teamer.

  5. jbeau says:

    I see you are starting to concentrate now. Very surprised you got Gates that late. You will have whoever has Ronnie Brown, BEGGING for Ricky. Not too early, he will do well.

  6. tpwaller says:

    Jbeau, Ricky Williams went in last season for Ronnie Brown. In less than one half, he was done for the year.

    Ricky is old and a flake (even with the good reports). How good is the Dolphins’ line? Let’s wait and see if Ricky can truly put down the hash pipe and become relevant for Fantasy purposes.

  7. JOOCE says:

    The hype is there for Ricky. Hype and good reports is all you need to make a good trade.

    The o-line was pretty good for the run last year too.

  8. John Hansen says:

    I drafted in our actual company office, so yeah, I may want to do that for the rest of the drafts. Next up, on Thursday.

    Miami’s line is actually pretty good, and their head coach is an o-line coach by trade. Ricky is a flake, but he’s also a freak. I like his Bill Parcels loves him. I usually believe in guys he believes in. Ricky is the perfect depth guy as my #4.

  9. tpwaller says:

    As far #4, I’m fine with Ricky. Ronnie Brown always gets hurt. Just what we need, another RBBC

  10. drunkmonk says:

    Nice draft John. You will need Fast Willie to bounce back and get you some Td’s, especially in a non ppr league. The backs must have been real thin by the 4th. Really like your wideouts. I just can’t trust Ricky enough to draft him. He’s likely firing one up as I write this.

  11. John Hansen says:

    We’re hearing he’s off the potent skunkweed and is now toking on a milder sensimilla.

  12. JOOCE says:

    isn’t sensimilla strong stuff??

    i got the chance to watch ricky live up here in the cfl… NOT impressive at all. But like you said, the only reason for me to be somewhat optimistic is that Parcells likes him.

  13. JOOCE says:

    haha and if he is really off weed, he’s probably into opium… that looks like ricky’s style.

  14. tjbey says:

    very solid, well done

  15. jbeau says:

    TP……stop hating… If you actually pay attention, like John said …Miami’s line is pretty decent. Ricky isn’t a flake. If he is, then most NFL defenders should be ashamed to have him run them over like that. His injury was a fluke. Anyone will tell you that. He at least tried to come back in and play through it. Stop dwelling on the past kid. Don’t draft him and let someone else reap the rewards.

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