OK, I’m warming up to Lar Johnson

Call me a flip-flopper if you want, but I only go by what I see, and I didn’t see anything from Larry Johnson until this past weekend. I liked what I saw. Now his line is still a big issue, and his QB isn’t very good, but Johnson showed me something key this weekend, and it’s something he didn’t show last year and something Adam Caplan pointed out to me after he watched him scrimmage the Vikings for 2 days in Minnesota earlier this month: Johnson this year is making the unblocked defender miss.

That is absolutely huge for him and him on this team, one that will have a shaky passing game and offensive line. Last year, Johnson was sluggish, and he ran like a dog with no heart. This year a slimmer Johnson is showing more shake-and-bake, more wiggle, and if he keeps that up and stays healthy, he’s going to put up numbers, as RBs typically do under Chan Gailey. On his TD run, he made a quick little wiggle move right when he got the ball, and he exploded through the hole, looking like a tough guy to stop, like he used to. Playing like this, he will not get stuffed nearly as much as he did last year, even behind a weak line.

Especially given the issue with Willis McGahee’s knee, Johnson’s looking better, no doubt. I still wouldn’t take him in the 1st round, but I’m warming up to him as a nice option early in and midway through the second round.

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  1. tpwaller says:

    I won’t flip flop. I don’t like the Chief’s line. I really don’t like their QB situation. LJ has been paid and he ran like it.

    Give me a stud WR over LJ in round 2.

  2. ScottB says:

    I watched LJ and while I did love what he did on the TD run from a fantasy perspective (I’m a Bears fan) I’m still a little weary on him. Afterall, he was playing a very vanilla Bears defense, and if you look at his YPC it wasn’t all that great. Still, it is only week 1 of the preseason, so what can you expect. I know that if he’s there in the 2nd round I’ll snatch him up.

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