It was planetary alignment for the Jets

Jet fans may need a while to get used to it, and it may be hard for some to say goodbye to Chad Pennington, but it shouldn’t take too long for them to realize that they are now players and playoff contenders in the AFC.

The timing was pretty good for this move, too, since the Jets upgraded and solidified their offense line this off-season. And Brett Favre will make this line better. D’Brickashaw Ferguson hasn’t stood out on film at all, in fact he’s struggled, but he’s had a good off-season, and Favre could actually make him look like one of the better LTs in the AFC this year. Favre gets rid of the ball quickly, and he’s very hard to sack.

Favre will have to adjust to a new offense and its terminology, and that could take a little while, but I can’t see Favre struggling for too, too long with it. They’ll run the ball a ton, too, so this move is great news for RB Thomas Jones. Favre will challenge defenses vertically on the outside and over the middle, so things should really open up for Jones.

I also think that Favre and Laveranues Coles appears on the surface to be a good marriage on the field, and Jericho Cotchery’s value goes up a little as well. I’m particularly intrigued by rookie TE Dustin Keller now. I spoke to former GM and current personnel guy Terry Bradway in the spring after the draft, and he was really intense when he spoke about how much they are counting on him to make some plays for them. Favre, as we all know, usually clicks very well with a TE, and the athletic Keller is the ideal tight end for Favre.

As for Pennington, he’ll be released, and if I owned the Packers, I’d be signing him within 24 hours. That’s one way to improve the fan base’s comfort level of entering the 2008 season with a first-year starter and a backup with 0 NFL games under belt. Pennington, too, is familiar with the west coast offense. The Chiefs are also a possibility, since Pennington played under Herman Edwards. And I suppose the Vikings should be interested as well.

It still does remain something of a shame for Aaron Rodgers because the pressure now is so much greater than it was 2-3 months ago, and Rodgers hasn’t helped the perception that he’s not ready to lead this team by struggling the last 1-2 weeks in practice. I still think his biggest problem is staying healthy, but I’m rooting for him.

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  1. mwhs says:

    Looks like I will be looking forward to 5 years after he really does retire when he is inducted into the Hall of Fame so I can forget he was traded to the Jets. Sad day for Packer and Favre fans.

  2. crowbar718 says:

    John I mentioned to you a few weeks ago when Penningtons name came up how much I wanted Favre here. We have been trying for a few years to close the gap on New England but the one position where we were far behind was at QB. Now we’re close. I think the receivers and Keller get a 5-10 spot upgrade. Also keep an eye on Chanci Stuckey in a deep league. Maybe we take a flier on Terry Glenn if he is still available. A very good day for us jet fans.

  3. tpwaller says:

    I think it was a good move for the Pack and NYJ. Pack traded Favre to the AFC.

    I like the NYJ as a destination more than TB.

    NYJ gets the Dolphins and Bills twice. I could see the Jets as a wild card team at 9-7 or so.

    YOu’d think Favre would open up things for Thomas Jones. I drafted T Jones on 2 of my teams before this trade, so I like it.

    The Jets WR’s are decent. Favre should be able to get the ball to them.

    I’m steering clear of rookie TE’s. They rarely pan out. I remember the last great one – Vernon Davis. G Olsen was disappointing his rookie year

  4. PackFan says:

    Go Jets Go! … Go Brett Go!!

    We want that draft pick to be a #2 next spring.

    Bob McGinn of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel wrote the following article on August 6th before Favre was traded. For my nickel, I think it’s dead accruate in terms of why the Packers were willing to cut bait with Brett and move on.

  5. John Hansen says:

    I don’t have time to read the article, but I think it comes down to trying to make one more run with Favre (2008) or investing in trying to make several runs the next 5 years or so with Rodgers and a very young team.

    It should also be pointed out that the Packer front office and coaching staff has done a very, very good job the last few years. People may forget that through all of this.

    And oh, yeah, Favre is reunited with his boy Bubba.

  6. truckie says:

    John, I have a question here not necessarily related to this blog.

    Do I go to the chat tonight hosted by Caplan, OR, do I go to my local bar and watch N.O. and ARZ while I suck down some beers bc I’m soooooo “ready for some football”?

    I seriously don’t know what to do.


  7. spudballscott says:

    Well, I’m still left wondering exactly how much of the retirement decision was actually Brett Favre’s? It’s one thing to decide it’s time for the Pack to move Rodgers up to make the best of their investment in him after all this time. But some of the moves simply denying Favre any reason to WANT to remain with the Packers — to the point of bribing him to stay retired — illustrate they wanted Favre gone more than they wanted Rodgers as their starter. “Brett didn’t seem 100% committed to playing for Green Bay this year.” You think? Likewise, I’m sure!

    I don’t say Brett’s a bystanding victim in this move either. It’s one thing to lead an iconic team legend out the door, but it’s another to grease the stairs on his way.

    How he plays for the Jets, how the rest of Gang Green rise to the opportunity, and how Rodgers handles the high-pressure spotlight will make for a very interesting season. Green Bay loves Aaron now… let’s see how long the honeymoon lasts once that W/L record starts filling with numbers.

    In effect, GB has the most to lose in all this: if they start falling behind Minnesota early, Thompson, McCarthy and Murphy will find themselves standing on a very narrow ledge.

  8. John Hansen says:

    truckie: You should have watched the game and read the transcript. I wish I could watch more games and actually enjoy them. Only get that for playoffs.

    Welcome to my New Jersey, Brett! The highest taxed state in the union!

  9. PackFan says:

    I thought the name David Clowney rang a bell … turns out he was in Packer camp until last October. Then came Bubba Franks and now Brett … for me, it’s getting to be old home week in Jets camp. Add a couple of ex-Packer assistant coaches, and they’ll be rivaling the Vikings for most ex-Packers on their roster.

    The photo of Brett posing with that #4 Jets jersey is leaving me with a lump in the pit of my stomach.

  10. Vice says:

    Now the pressure is REALLY on Aaron Rodgers to produce a big season. Will it motivate him to succeed or set him up to fail?

  11. Idiot Savant says:

    I was going to ask about David Clowney and D Keller…I like D Keller LATE too…just saw him roll off in the 13th over Zach Miller and wondered if you had a top 4TE, which one you’d prefer to own.

    on another subject…I’m really sore that Meachem did so well the other night…anyone with a pulse in the fantasy football world knows of him now…not just the junkies.

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