I’ll be avoiding the younger Mr. Jones

As you may have noticed, we had Julius Jones buried in our initial projections. We moved him up a little, since head coach Mike Holmgren spoke positively about him and definitively about his role as the main ball carrier. We certainly knew Maurice Morris would be in the mix, but Holmgren made it pretty clear that Jones was bought in to be their lead back.

He may still be that, but as training camp kicked off in Seattle, Morris’ role is considered larger than anyone expected. We had him at 52, with over 100 carries, but we need to bump him up and project even more love for him.

There are issues with Jones behind what might not be a very good OL. He has an inability to make people miss, and his run instincts and vision leave a lot to be desired. Too often, Jones runs into the pile. He’s basically a one-dimensional back, which flies in the face of what he showcased back in his rookie season, when he was dynamic as hell. So if the offense is sputtering a little, and if the line is shaky as expected, we could see Jones getting stuffed a ton. After all, he got stuffed a lot in Dallas, and their line is strong. If things get a little ugly with their offense, I don’t think Jones is good enough to rise above that and make them better. If the ship is going down, Jones will not only be going down with it, he’ll be someone who causes it to sink faster.

Morris has a little more zuzu, and he’s very familiar with the offense and the personnel. Heck, he may be a better overall player than Jones at this point. Morris averaged a nice 4.5 yards per carry last year, up from 3.8 the year before, and he’s shown an ability to score, unlike Jones, who is apparently allergic to the endzone. Morris can catch the ball, too. I get the feeling that Jones will be used more simply in attempt to establish the running game with a back who’s a little bigger, whereas Morris will actually make the plays and truly help this offense. Of course, T.J. Duckett is also in the mix and could see some time as RB and could easily emerge as the goal line back.

So in short, I’ll be passing on Jones, and Morris looks like a nice value later in drafts for depth. He’d be an ideal #4 RB and a guy who’s value could rise later in the year, yet he’s someone who has value from Day One.

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  1. jbeau says:

    Jones is no where on my radar either. I haven’t even considered him in my mock drafts and don’t think he will get many fantasy points. I see Duckett as the more effective fantasy guy, cause he will get the goal line carries while Jones gets the garbage between the 20s yards. Either way, staying away from this backfield until proven otherwise. His brother may be one of the steals of the draft however.

  2. deputy says:

    Agreed, John. In fact, at my Auction Draft I plan on calling out Julius Jones’ name in the midst of the heavy hitters hoping someone will jump the gun and spend a few extra bucks on a guy that they’d rather not have.

  3. spudballscott says:

    This backfield is a fantasy quagmire no matter how it’s sliced, and I’ll won’t consider it for anything beyond a late-round value pick. Deputy, I like your auction nomination strategy if timed right — it makes a nice panic/overpayment move on a coach desperate for RB options.

  4. Vice says:

    Personally, I’ll be avoiding most Seahawks in general anyway. Maybe I’d consider Burleson as a fifth receiver, but otherwise I’ll stay clear.

  5. John Hansen says:

    Oh yeah, we keep seeing Hasselbeck go in the 6th round, and we still can’t believe it.

  6. ScottB says:

    I’m dissapointed in the news so far out of Seattle as I was hoping that Jones would be a good value later in the draft. Now it looks like he’ll still be going later in the draft, but won’t have any value beyond a reserve RB. I can’t help but wonder though if he could pull off what his brother did and resurect what was basically a dead career in his new surroundings. I don’t recall hearing good news out of camp when Thomas Jones first arrived in Bears camp. Of course his first year was a little dissapointing as well so maybe it’s best to stay clear of Julius.

  7. Brandie says:

    It’s a pleasure to find someone who can think so calrley

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