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We’re really close to kicking off our daily News & Injury updates, and in fact we’re pushing that up to Monday, as opposed to the 8/1 date that was listed previously. I know people are starving for info and some feel we’re dropping the ball if we’re not completely all over everything, even though all 32 teams *still* aren’t in camp as of today.

In the meantime, we posted a massive team report as of today. There are a ton of tidbits, which should satisfy thirsts. This is our final off-season edition of our team reports. From here on out, it’s daily updates all of which are accessible in the Fantasy News section, or via you Myguru page. Or, you can view any player’s updates via his player page on the site.

Speaking of those player pages, we also added all the player profiles (updated today) to each player’s page, so you can read them there and view subsequent updates on the players for the rest of the year on that page as well. Here’s an example:

Terry Glenn

Real quick, I have some tidbits from our insiders, including of course our own Adam Caplan.

- Eagle QB Donovan McNabb reported to camp very slim, literally in the best shape of his life. I’ve seen him in camp in person before, and he’s looked overweight.

- TE LJ Smith is working with a personal trainer to do whatever he can to ensure his body doesn’t break down.

- Don’t read too much into any news you hear about the Giant RB situation; Brandon Jacobs is the starter. We should all know he can’t handle a massive workload, so others will play.

- Texan WR Andre Johnson seems to be good to go, great news.

- Saint RB Deuce McAllister is not only ready to go, he actually looks pretty darn good. That’s great news for Drew Brees and their offense.

- We still don’t know how much work we can expect from RB Ronnie Brown early on here in camp.

- Jet QB Kellen Clemens has been erratic still in camp. But Brett Favre could be coming to NY soon. If not, Chad Pennington looks like the starter.

- The Browns are happy with how much Brady Quinn has progressed this year, but there is no position battle.

- So far, so good on Marvin Harrison. He looks well on his way to returning to the starting lineup week one.

- Big surprise: Titan RB LenDale White is overweight.

- Not good about the possible Brandon Marshall suspension. We’ve believe it would be only a couple of games, but when you go see Goodell, it’s not good. If you are drafting before we know what the deal is, pass on Marshall.

- Darren Sproles should open as the #2 RB in SD, but they would actually like rookie Marcus Thomas to be the guy (Hester is also a FB).

- Panther RB Jonathan Stewart just started running, so he will likely be limited to 1 practice a day, he has a little ways to go.

That’s about it for now.

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  1. spudballscott says:

    Excellent! I do believe there’s an actual FFL season on our horizon, finally. Looking forward to my draft, and loving the FG hookup with, John.

  2. FFRich says:

    Nice tidbits….and Fatdale is still fat..surprise!!

  3. bjchapin1 says:

    good stuff John.

    I assume you mean Jacob Hester in SD, not Jesse Chatman? (Isn’t Chatman trying to stick with NYJ?) Didn’t Chatman eat his way out of SD in like 2004?

    I’ll also apologize for any percieved ‘insults’ I made from a couple of threads back, I’m just starved for football talk at the end of the day.

  4. John Hansen says:

    Shesh, I actually mean Darren Sproles, that’s what I get for doing 79 things in one day. I wasn’t insulted so no worries.

  5. jbeau says:

    Damn fellas…has it seemed to be the longest off season ever?? Thanks forwetting our lips John…got a draft next week….competitive friendly league, can’t wait. IDP league…everyone knows what they are doing…probably post on TGR

  6. JOOCE says:

    it seems deuce already had his knee swell up yesterday and drained, and will have an mri

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