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I’ve wanted to add a Player Matchup History tool to the site for a little while now, and it’s almost a reality. Phase One is done, so I wanted to introduce people to it. What this aspect of the tool does is it takes the 2008 schedule and ranks the players based on their average points per game against their opponents for a given week.

For example, let’s say you need a QB in Week 12. You’d head here and you’d see all the QBs ranked by their average points per game against their Week 12 opponents (you can go back 1 year or as many as 6 years). We default the tool to go back two years, so if you were in need of a QB and checked this tool out, you’d see that Chad Pennington was the 5th best QB for the Week (12) based on his history against the Titans. In his two games, he’s completed 76.9% of his passes and has averaged 21.2 fantasy points, so that would be a good example of the power of the History Tool

5 Chad Pennington NYJ TEN 2 50/65 76.9 583 7 1 3 2 4 12 3.0 0 0 0 3 42.4 21.2

This works for all positions, including IDPs. Once it’s completed, too, you’ll be able to click on the player’s name and view game logs from his matchups with whatever team he’s playing whatever week you choose. You can also use this tool to look forward all the way through Week 17, so it’s not just the current week.

Get a sneak peek here:


Finally, barring any setbacks, we’ll also have this History thing available for quick reference. Pick a player and pick and opponent and you’ll be able to quickly see what he’s done against them the last 6 years with full game logs. Of course, the fantasy point totals are always in your customized scoring system, if you so choose.

This is just another upgrade to the site this year in addition to our merger with footballinjuries.com, access to better “insider” information, having Adam Caplan and the rest of the footballinjuries.com people on our side, the new site design, the enhancements of our tools, the extra chats we’ll be doing, the expanded injury coverage and overall increase in quality due to a larger staff, more podcasts, and also another surprise upcoming. And this of course is on the heels of a massive upgrade last year, which completely stabilized out site to the point that we had zero technical meltdowns.

Alrighty then, back to our updated player profiles, which we’ll roll out tomorrow – all 100,000 words of them.

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  1. jbeau says:

    This is a good idea. I always research how certain guys do against certain teams. Some guys just blow up against teams and score mad points. For example, LT against the Raiders. Its like you will be guaranteed 2 TDs and 130 combined yards at least when the Bolts play them. Plax always seems to play well in divisional matchups. Looking forward to the 100,000 words.

  2. spudballscott says:

    Great stuff, John. This is the kind of material which gets me to re-up gladly!

  3. crowbar718 says:

    Good stuff as usual, dont let the haters discourage you, this is the best site by far John.

    P.S. As a big time Jets fan I find it hard to believe Pennington could be the 5th best qb any week anymore, I personally think they should get Favre or go with Clemens but I ll take your word for it

  4. John Hansen says:

    What do you think of Terry Bradway? He actually lives right near me and our kids play baseball against each other. I had a long chat with him couple of months ago. He swears it’ll be Pennington starting week one.

    The History Tool is done, too. So any given week the players are ranked by their career fantasy ppg against that week’s opponent, in your scoring system, and you can check any week you want. Plus you can see all the career stats for any player against all opponents and all game logs the last 6 years, even for IDPs. This thing really kicks ass.

  5. Baron says:

    Great Tool, John! I’m missing certain players for week 1, example: M.Barber doesn’t get ranked! Is that because he hasn’t any history against his week 1 opponent?

  6. John Hansen says:

    That would be why. If Barber hasn’t played the Browns yet in his career, there’s zero history. Romo’s never played them either.

  7. bjchapin1 says:

    This is an interesting feature John, question: what do you envision as the best way to utilize this tool? You mentioned that you would use it to analyze bye-week fill-ins…would you use it right now pre-draft to evaluate potential strong plays/weak plays for the playoff weeks? I guess my related question is how much stock you put into prior history against an opponent; with free agency or injuries defenses can start looking pretty diffrent year to year (the Bears last year being an example)

  8. John Hansen says:

    I wouldn’t use it in the preseason, really. Maybe if you’re really, really torn between two players and like check the playoff week history. It’s mainly yet another tool to help you make tough lineup decisions. Like any of the factors we all analyze, you can’t weigh it too heavily, but it’s another factor to consider and another way to make the right calls each week (maybe they won’t work out, but making the right call is most important).

  9. Baron says:

    Of course, it’s very, very valuable tool if you have a tough decision to make on your lienup on gameday. But you start your studs. Don’t think twice. Guru now has it all! Great!

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