Checking in with some site upgrades

Checking in from L.A. at the tail end of my “Vacation,” the one I will definitely need another one to recover from (luckily it’s still quiet for 10-14 days after I return) with a few site upgrades we’ve recently implemented.

But first, a couple of interesting notes from the last two days of the vacation.

Saw my team the Dodgers spank the Marlins yesterday. Pitcher Chad Billingsly was dominant.

OF Andruw Jones may go down as the biggest free agent bust in sports history. His season may go down as the worst season by an MLB starter of all time. He’s pathetic.

My oldest kid convinced me to get Pete Rose’s autograph at a sports memorabilia store at the Forum Shops in Vegas. Long story short, he’s asking who to sign the picture to, my oldest or youngest, and I say my oldest because my youngest has no clue who Rose is and really doesn’t care, whereas my oldest is reading his book for school (required summer reading) and has probably 200+ baseball collectibles including 50+ autographs. I certainly wasn’t going to pay 2X for his autograph. Long story short, because I apparently dissed my youngest, Rose berated me in front of my kids, who were shocked. I should have told him to go F himself, but all I did was say very loudly “I can’t believe Pete Rose is lambasting me after I paid for his autograph” in the store. That was somewhat effective, and I think he felt bad because he did give my other son a signed picture free (which did little to make me feel better). I always talk about how I get vibes and can sum up a person based on a brief encounter, and with these athletes I’m usually right. Here’s my take on Rose: He’s definitely an as$hole. He’s trash. He deserves every bad thing that’s happened to him and if he does finally make it to the hall of fame it’ll be only because he’s basically on his death bed. As you can tell, the guy got me pretty pissed off. Walking away, I regretted not getting in his face and telling him that my youngest kid’s never heard of him and could care less, that he was, in fact, an a-hole, and that he should never be in the hall. I of course did the right thing not doing that, so the venting here will have to do.

On the softer side of things, going to see Coldplay tonight at the Staples center with my kids and that’ll basically wrap up this cross-country trip. We made it and literally drove from the Atlantic and Pacific. I yelled a few times at my kids, but overall the whole deal has been pretty smooth. Creating memories for my kids, that’s all I’m doing; creating memories.

On to some of the recent tweaks we’ve made, and these will be covered in the Site Help page shortly.

  • We’ve added home/away criteria for most of our stat tools. Now, for example, if you’re looking at the points allowed tool you can see points allowed by position, in your scoring system (s) and for each team home and away. So if you’re looking at what the Bears for example are giving up to QBs (for the season or in their last X number of games) you can see exactly how many points they are giving up overall, in home games, and on the road. This makes the tools look deeper into the stats and be more revealing. Some teams definitely play better defense at home, so this is a nice upgrade.
  • We’ve also upgraded some stuff in MyGuru and in the custom scoring systems. Now, you can tell the site how many points RBs, WRs, and TEs get per catch, which is important in some leagues because RBs getting ½ a point are prevalent. We’ve also differentiated sacks, tackles and assists by position, so you can tell the system how many points you get for those for each position now (we defaulted these items so you will have to go into your scoring systems and change them if need be).
  • We’ve also added yardage allowed for defensive teams as a criteria in myguru but we’re not done integrating projecting it for our projections. They will be most effective during the season, when we will project the actual yardage each team will give up each week.

I believe that’s it, but I might have missed something right now.

These upgrades are in addition to the complete overall of MyGuru from earlier this year. Now, everything is organized by your fantasy team (s), which will make things much easier. Simply create a fantasy team and scoring system, add your players, and you’ll be able to see custom news, projections, other stats, and easily view our suggested starting lineups each week, plus the scoring systems have been upgraded with more flexibility.

We’ll have a few more subtle upgrades in the coming weeks and we will plan on adding a Player Matchup History tool, that should kick ass. We’ll also be putting up another revised homepage this week with a few new items. One of them will be a drop-down menu that will list and link to all articles recently posted, so it’ll be a place to check out quickly what we’ve posted and get quick links to the items.

That’s all for now.

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  1. FFRich says:

    The updates to the site sound great. Having the opportunity to spend quality time with your children is irreplaceable. In time, you’ll probably cherish the “memories” as much or more than they will.
    As far as your encounter with Primadonna Rose; you tell a pampered egotistical athlete (former or current) that you don’t want his autograph personalized to your youngest son because that son “has no clue who Rose is and really doesn’t care,” and then you’re surprised he takes offense….geez, who would have expected that reaction, especially from an athlete who is still living his life based on his past accomplishments!!
    Training camps are fast approaching….oh yeah!!!!!!!!

  2. GregR210 says:

    Sorry to hear about Rose, but can’t say it surprises me.
    You should’ve told him to f off, but you are definitely
    the better man for taking the high road. I love the line about not arguing with an idiot because people usually can’t tell the difference. Glad he at least gave you a freebie.

    Nice work. Love the site upgrades. Be careful coming back.

  3. JOOCE says:

    wow, Rose sounds like a really cool guy… acting like a jerk AND charging for autographs… looks like he’s still looking for ways to make a little extra cash on the side!

    I’m ashamed that he played for my Expos.

    Site upgrades are awesome, keep them coming!

  4. zzanook says:

    I went to a football card show in orlando once
    Dan Marino was there to sign autographs
    I am not a fan, but my friend was a huge fan
    He had to pay $275 to get a signature
    when marino finally showed up, he came in a back entrance and you could not even set eyes on him unless you paid the $275
    well my friend stood in line for about an hour ( after paying already ) and marino decided he signed enough so he left, so my friend did not even get to see him much less get an auto ( he did get a refund )
    he told me there were kids walking away crying

    the whole time he was waiting, I got to talk with Gale Sayers, he was right there in the open for anybody to talk to, I did pay for his auto ( $50 )
    but he would have talked to me either way, what a down to earth guy, and one of my favorites

    some guys just do this stuff for the money, and some guys you can tell really love the fans

  5. JOOCE says:

    wow… i used to work in sports marketing and have been around a bunch of athletes and have never seen any of them charge for autographs… although these events were not autograph signing events. I guess it’s the norm.

  6. Raiderhater says:

    I’m impressed with the fact that you would travel across the country with kids in tow. My wife is on a trek of her own with our 4 girls from Vancouver WA through Oregon, Idaho, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona and California back up to Washington. I have to stay home to finance the trip. Besides, I don’t know if I could handle being in the car that long with all of my kids(without going nuts). You’re definitely making memories they will never forget. Nice work John. They will thank you for it when they’re grown.

  7. zzanook says:

    what would have really made for a good memory, is if you told pete rose how much of a piece of shit he was
    I am sure it is not the right thing to do in front of your children, but boy they would have always remember the time when there dad told pete rose to go F himself

    plus it would have made for a good discussion next school year when kids were talking about the book they read over the summer

    just kidding, glad you enjoyed your trip

  8. Gump says:

    Pete Rose was outed as a major dick when he ran over his “friend” Ray Fosse in a meaningless All-Star game, effectively ending Fosse’s career.

  9. DT3324 says:

    John what you should have done was berate him right back about gambling on and or against the teams he was managing for. That would have been classic that or asked for a refund and told your kids they didn’t need an autograph from such a jerk. How much did you pay for it anyways, hope not very much?

  10. Idiot Savant says:

    John…kudo’s on your trip…and holding your tongue. Rose is a shadow of is former self…no integrity from a man that was all about doing his best on the field.

    I appreciate the site upgrades…

  11. CCarter says:

    Pete Rose is a bitter old man that will never be able to find enough pallbearers for his funeral.

  12. JOOCE says:

    wow carter!

  13. ScottB says:

    Pete Rose is a joke. I’m ashamed to say that for many years I was duped by him and believed he was innocent of betting on baseball. As a father of 3 myself I can appreciate the position you were in. On the one hand you just want to lay into the guy, but on the other, you want to try to set some sort of good example for your kids. Oh well. This is my first year using your site and so far I’m impressed with the info and the layout! Great job!

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