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Anyone who reads this blog or the site knows we haven’t said too many good things about QB Vince Young, and in fact we’ve been pretty hard on him. But we do like the post-hype sleeper, and it looks like Young is one in 2008. Maybe not a true sleeper, but he’s certainly a value, and that is evident in our most recent online poll. I’m sure our readers are influenced by our lack of love for Young in the past, but he got none in that last poll we had up. Here are the final votes:

Jay Cutler – 131 Votes
Matt Schaub – 130 votes
Aaron Rodgers – 83 votes
Philip Rivers – 48 votes
Jason Campbell – 22 votes
Tarvaris Jackson – 16 votes
Vince Young – 10 votes
440 Votes Total

I dealt with how all the respondents are on the right track with the guys at the top, and even the bottom, but Young getting only 10 votes really stands out. From Weeks 4-17 in 2006, Young was actually a top-10 fantasy QB, so he should be getting more love than he’s getting. Maybe it’s a function of the word “breakout” because I don’t think he’ll break out this year per se. But his draft stock has clearly fallen off a cliff, so he’s a good value. If he can even slightly improve his passing and his consistency, and if he runs more and more efficiently in 2008, he’s bound to be productive. The passing improvement should come under Mike Heimerdinger, and TE Alge Crumpler will help. Heimerdinger had a nice offense with a similar QB in Steve McNair, so I think we can safely assume Young will take a step forward. I doubt he’ll be a fantasy juggernaut on the ground, however, given their two RBs and what they offer, but he can easily be more productive as a runner compared to last year still.

I wouldn’t be comfortable with Young as my starter, of course, but he has a lot to offer as a backup. He could be a solid fill-in guy any given week, and he does have the potential to produce at a starter’s level for the whole season. Especially if I drafted a shakier starter, Young is someone I’d be targeting later in drafts this year.

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  1. Gump says:

    I don’t trust Young. Too inconsistent. But I don’t trust any of those guys except maybe Cutler.

  2. zzanook says:

    and don’t forget about chris johnson
    I think if used right ( and I think they will use him ) he can be in the running for rookie of the year

    this guy is below everyone’s radar, and in PPR leagues I think he is gold for dynasty and very solid in redraft leagues

    I am going out on a limb, but my GUT is telling me he is going to be special

    no such thing as sleepers anymore and I hope the networks don’t jump on his bandwagon and shoot his value up

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