readers have the young QBs down right

I’m not sure if you readers are influenced by our content, really know your stuff, or both, but I was looking at the poll results for young QBs, and all the voters are totally on the money.

The question is this: Which young QB is the best bet to break out in 2008?

Let’s break the votes down a little bit.

  • Jay Cutler and Matt Schaub are currently tied for first place (as of 10:30am today) with 54 votes each. They should be running neck-and-neck and 1-2 in the voting. If you actually watch NFL football with regularity, you’ll see that they are two quality players poised to break out and seriously excel. That doesn’t mean they will, since they have some issues and things could deteriorate around them, but these are very good players in good situations. In Schaub’s case, his could be a great situation, but because of the frailty he showed last year, I can’t in good conscience take him over Cutler. But make no mistake: both players have what it takes to be in the elite neighborhood. In Cutler’s case, he has the tools and talent to one day be considered one of the five best QBs in the league. Schaub’s upside is a top-10 guy.
  • Packer QB Aaron Rodgers is next in the voting with 38 nods, and I’m totally down with the love he’s getting. He’s been covered elsewhere on the site, so I don’t need to get into all here, but the reasons to believe he’ll do well this year are compelling. Perhaps even more important, on this team, I simply find it hard to fathom how he can flop. Sure, he’ll have some rough patches, so he’s only a backup, but mark this down in pen: a healthy Rodgers should be a lock for 23-25 TD passes and 3200+ yards if he plays all 16 games, and he’ll likely run for 200 yards with a TD or two.
  • And I totally agree that Philip Rivers should be getting a fair amount of props as well. We all know he played like he was being fed Starbucks coffee intravenously at times last year, which is disconcerting. But the fact remains: he’s a legit NFL QB who can make all the throws, pick a defense apart, and excel in Norv Turner’s vertical passing game. He has a legit receiving corps now, a good line, and a hall of famer in the backfield. If Turner can keep Rivers on the right path, and we saw strong signs of that in the playoffs, then Rivers should be a lock for 25 TD passes.
  • I’m also somewhat satisfied to see Vince Young getting dissed with only 4 votes. I took some heat bashing Young last year, but I don’t think people gave enough credence to my pipeline of information on Young, both on and off the field. He was a train wreck on it, and that story about how he considered retirement is proof that he’s a prima donna. Now, I do have to say that Young intrigues me this year based on his slippage in drafts. He’s fallen off significantly compared to last year, and based on when he’s being drafted, I do think he has more upside potential than the other QBs going in that range. He has shown he can throw the ball pretty well at times, just not nearly consistently, and if he runs more in 2008 and stays healthy, I can almost guarantee he’ll go down as a value this year. New OC Mike Heimerdinger is a good coach, and TE Alge Crumpler will help Young, as will RB Chris Johnson, who’ll give their offense some juice finally. It’s funny how last year he was on our “to avoid” list, but if he is looking good in August, I’m definitely going to advocate him as someone to target as a backup. That doesn’t mean I love him, but I’m almost ready to buy at a discount.
  • I’m not exactly feeling the love that Jason Campbell is getting, however, Granted, it’s not much (7 votes), but he has a lot to prove, as does new HC Jim Zorn. I like Campbell on some levels, but it remains to seen if he can operate effectively in the west coast offense. Campbell is very deliberate, and he tends to look slow on the field and doesn’t exactly make quick decisions. Those are not good traits in that offense. We’ll get a glimpse of how well he’s being coached up in the preseason, but we really won’t know for sure until the bullets are flying for real. I will say that his receiving corps is very interesting and has good potential if Santana Moss can stay healthy and if even one of their young studs pan out in Year One.
  • And finally, Tarvaris Jackson is currently leading Young with 5 votes. That’s probably a stretch if for no other reason than the fact that Young has 100% job security, and Jackson might not if he doesn’t improve. His shaky mechanics need to be addressed, and if they weren’t at the very end of 2007, which was the case, it’s hard for me to assume they will this year. I like Jackson’s potential, but I’m just not ready to say he’s a guy who should do well, as I am with Cutler, Schaub, and Rivers.

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  1. jbeau says:

    Fantasy wise, I agree with the outcome of the poll. However, Cutler and Schaub may have a tougher time getting wins than Rivers and Young. The latter two win games, but aren’t really lighting it up stats wise doing it. I think Rivers will have a real good year, with Chambers getting a full camp in with the squad. I agree with the Campbell assesment, but I do think he is a pretty decent QB, but just not for that type of system.

  2. Idiot Savant says:

    I’d rather see Warner / Leinart than T Jax…and even Kellen Clemens…who I believe has the talent to excel…when the game slows down for him a bit

  3. CCarter says:

    Is there any Real reason to have Campbell or Jackson on your roster? Even for a QB2? I’ve got to think I’m looking at JaMarcus, Brodie, Leinart or Trent Edwards as a project QB ahead of these two guys.
    Only reason I can think of is if the bye week matchup is a good one. Then you hope they throw 1 TD. Which would be above their season average.

  4. John Hansen says:

    Campbell was the 12th best fantasy QB in the league before getting hurt.

    Jackson was the 9th best fantasy QB in the league the final 7 games of the season, damn near half the year.

    You want Russell or Croyle over these 2 guys who are in much better situations and have much more experience? Good luck with that.

  5. CCarter says:

    1 TD average over the last 7 is 9th best??
    Maybe that goes back to last years “get one of the top 7 QB’s”. Are you advocating the same type of theory for this year?? I’m guessing maybe top 7 again this year.

  6. FMEC says:

    not sure why Garrard isn’t on the list on breakout QB.

  7. John Hansen says:

    Jackson did some damage on the ground, but yes, he was 9th best the final 7 games. Garrard averaged 18 fantasy points per game in 12 games last year, so he doesn’t exactly fit the criteria. He might if I thought he had a lot of upside, but I don’t. I think he’s very solid, but you can expect only so much on this team because they run it a ton.

  8. zzanook says:

    I just know it is nice to have jay cutler and matt schaub in my main dynasty league
    to pair with eli manning and trent edwards

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