6/23 Expert Draft

I had another draft last night for another print magazine. This was only a mock, so I can’t say I took it as seriously as others. When I say that, I basically mean I didn’t both using a cheat sheet and marking players off; I just used the site’s pre-ranked players. That can be very dangerous, however, since good players are sometimes missed because they’re buried on a site’s pre-ranked players.

I had the 10th pick, so I thought it would be interesting to see how my team looked if I passed on a RB in the first round and went with WR Randy Moss. I also wanted to try out holding off even more on QB and TE.

Note on scoring: This was not PPR league, and the scoring was yardage-heavy, so you’ll notice some of my picks favored yardage guys. It was an odd setup in that you could start only 2 RBs (and 3 WRs), and they didn’t require or want you to draft a DT.

1st Pick: I went with Moss in the first over some of the shakier RBs because he’s damn near a lock for 1300+ yards and 15 TDs if even relatively healthy. You couldn’t say that about any of the remaining RBs, plus I knew I’d get a quality back in the 2nd round.

2nd Pick: I did get a quality back with Willis McGahee, who’s a solid 2nd round pick.

3rd Pick: After McGahee, I decided to roll with Brandon Marshall, who was the only remaining young stud at the position.

4th Pick: In the 4th, I had a few attractive options. I seriously considered Ronnie Brown, but given how I was somewhat vulnerable at RB, I went with Willie Parker, who should still touch the ball plenty despite the addition of Rashard Mendenhall.

5th Pick: I went right back to the RB position and drafted Thomas Jones. I didn’t like him last year, but I’m ready to buy now at a discount. This is a yardage-heavy league, and he’s clearly going to get a ton of carries behind a beefed up O-line.

6th Pick: I haven’t taken him yet, but in the 6th I took a flyer on Dwayne Bowe, who is a young talent with upside. His QB situation isn’t good, but he’s at least the clear go-to guy.

7th Pick: Next, I grabbed Anthony Gonzalez, who I really like this year. This might have been a round or two too early, but he’s been going high so far this year, and for good reason. If Marvin Harrison has issues, then Gonzalez will be golden.

8th Pick: I needed to get a QB, and I passed on David Garrard, who I have ranked higher, for Jay Cutler. I like teaming him with his boy Brandon Marshall, and I felt the need to acquire his upside after holding off on the position until the 8th round. Cutler has more upside than Garrard.

9th pick: Next up, I went for some upside with Felix Jones, who was this (NFL) draft’s most dynamic and versatile back. This is a yardage-heavy league, and he could easily total 1000+ total yards this year.

10th Pick: I needed a TE, and in a yardage-heavy league, I was a little surprised Owen Daniels was available. He’s an emerging talent who should be considered elite this time next year.

11th pick: At this point I had two picks remaining, and I had to draft a PK with one of them. I saw Titan RB Chris Johnson still on the board, and I couldn’t pass on him. He’s the real deal, and he’ll make a lot of big plays this year.

12th pick: Finally, I took Mason Crosby with my last pick. If the Packer offense doesn’t skip a beat, he’ll be fine. If they struggle a little, they’ll likely still move the ball and stall in the red zone, so he’ll be fine.

Overall, I’m not thrilled with my team, but I have a lot of very good players and pretty good balance – so I would expect this squad to be very competitive. Again, this is just a mock. Here’s my projected starting lineup for this yardage-heavy scoring.

QB: Jay Cutler
RBs: Willis McGahee, Willie Parker/Thomas Jones
WRs: Randy Moss, Brandon Marshall, Dwayne Bowe
TE: Owen Daniels
PK: Mason Crosby
Backups: Felix Jones, Chris Johnson, Anthony Gonzalez

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  1. tpwaller says:

    So so team, but I know it’s hard to draft at the end of the 1st round.

    I like Randy Moss. When he wants to play, he’s awesome.

    BRandon Marshall obviously has talent, but he’s an idiot. The other WR pick I like is Anthony Gonzalez – expect him to work out well in Indy.

    McGahee is pretty good. I’m not crazy about Parker (injuries and Mendenhall) or THomas JOnes, but I’m sure RB’s were thin.

    I would have taken David Garrard over Jay Cutler. Garrard has shown he can be a solid proven producer.

  2. Stork says:

    Is this a 16-team league?

  3. Stork says:

    I’d give you more than 1/2 here John, although a QB/RB package of Cutler, McGahee, Parker, TJ could have more valleys than peaks. Love your trio of WR though.

  4. John Hansen says:

    Remember, it’s a yardage-heavy league. I actually like those 3 in that system, especially since I got Parker and Jones 4th and 5th.

  5. jbeau says:

    T.Jones is a little underrated in my opinion. Good for me, cause I plan on snatching him up. I like him more than Parker honestly. Cutler’s gonna have a great year, and was a bargain. Parker worries me. I did draft him in my dynasty league, but I don’t see him scoring unless he breaks some from 20 or more yards out. But since its a yardage league, you got the right guy. Love the wideouts, wouldve taken Gonzo before Bowe, but thats splitting hairs…if Croyle improves, Bowe will be real good.

  6. tpwaller says:

    Did you see Brandon Marshall may be in trouble with the law again? He seems like bad news. A few more offenses and he’s at Chris Henry level.

    Brandon Marshall in trouble again? The Denver Post reports WR Brandon Marshall was reportedly arrested on March 6 on a misdemeanor battery charge in Atlanta. No charges have been filed yet, but he allegedly marked up a girl’s face. Marshall already has a DUI trial coming up. NFL Commish Roger Goodell will be watching to see how this one plays out. Too bad, we had just heard that Marshall’s right arm (severed artery & tendons from that March wrestling accident) was healing faster than expected. It was originally feared that he might miss the first couple games with the injury, now it appears he might miss a couple games for being an idiot.

  7. PackFan says:

    Just read the article “NFL Looking Into Marshall’s Off-Field Trouble” in the Top Headlines section of this site. Good Grief – yet ANOTHER idiot? This fool already has a rap sheet a half-mile long … and he’s being touted as Denver’s #1 receiver? Good luck Bronco fans … best wishes Jake Cutler.

    For starters, the NFL needs some sort of salary scale for rookies – similar to what the NBA has. Give the money to the veterans who have been playing in the league for a few years and give these younger fools yet another incentive to keep their noses clean … by pushing back these huge paydays until the 3rd or 4th years of their careers. MIGHT have made a difference with Brandon Marshall, Javon Walker, Pacman, Cedric Benson … etc. etc. etc…

    Secondly … Rodger has been swinging the hammer of late, but it may not be big enough … if you’ve been keeping up with this stuff in the papers, it certainly isn’t deterring these guys from drinking & driving, among other things. Maybe we’re headed to the era of 6-8 game suspensions without pay for a first offense. And while we’re at it … maybe these guaranteed contracts need to be abolished as well.

    As far as I’m concerned, I’m taking this guy off my draft board. Let one of the other teams in my league spend a high draft choice on this nutbasket, and then sit there and bleed mid-way through the season when he blows up again.

  8. John Hansen says:

    No arguments on Marshall, he is an idiot. I’ll take him all day long in a Mock Draft, as this one was, but the value has to be better for a ‘real’ draft.

  9. John Hansen says:

    Pretty solid draft here, some good values in Cutler, Jones, Johnson, and Daniels.

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