Breaking down our latest projection tweaks

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Adam Caplan came down to our office here at the Jersey shore yesterday to go over a bunch of stuff for the upcoming season and one of the things he and I did was go over our rankings in great detail to see if there were any needed tweaks. It’s almost July, so it’s time to put our money where our mouth is (so to speak) regarding the rankings. In other words, it’s already almost due or die time for those with early drafts, so we made some tweaks.

We’ll have a Player Rankings Update page that will go over all of our projection tweaks up-and-running in late July and right up until the start of the season, but I thought it would be a good post today to write up the changes we made.


It was a tough call for me, but we moved Ben Roethlisberger over Derek Anderson. I still like Anderson’s upside more, but the situation between these two comes down to a very simple fact: Roethlisberger is 100% job security. If you want upside, I’d still roll with Anderson.

We moved Trent Edwards up over JeMarcus Russell. I watched Edwards in person at a May OTA and I thought he looked great. Plus, Russell’s #1 WR has some issues.

We moved David Garrard one spot over Marc Bulger. This is due to Garrard being a little safer. He also has some upside. Bulger has the potential to do better, for sure, but things need to go extremely well for him and the Rams if he does.

I moved Troy Smith up one spot over Kyle Boller. Smith’s been solid and he’s probably over Boller right now.

Running Backs

I had to move Marshawn Lynch down a few spots, since he could get suspended. The good news is if he is it will likely be only 1-2 games, but it’s an issue, obviously.

Caplan also convinced me to move Willis McGahee up. His line and young and I don’t like the QB situation, but he needed to get a bump in receptions and receiving yardage based on Cam Cameron, so that’s what he got.

He also convinced me to move Ronnie Brown down below Jamal Lewis for obvious reasons (I still like Brown for a little more upside, but he has more risk).

We also moved Brandon Jacobs up 1 spot over Larry Maroney, who has some limitations for sure (not the goal line or the 3rd down back).

Julius Jones has been getting some love from the coaching staff and seems even more cemented as the top back, so we moved him up a few spots.

Wide Receivers

We moved Reggie Wayne over Andre Johnson based on Johnson’s latest knee issue. Again, Johnson would have more upside.

We are in complete agreement that Roddy White will disappoint those expecting a repeat of 2007, so we moved him down a few spots.

We also moved Calvin Johnson up a few spots based mainly on his potential to score 8-10 TDs.

We moved Javon Walker down a few spots.

Tight Ends

We moved Ben Watson up a couple of spots based on his ability to score.

And I believe that was it in terms of our moves this week.

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3 Responses

  1. tpwaller says:

    Big Ben deserves to be ranked higher than Derek Anderson. He had a great year last year. He’s more proven. While I’m not that concerned, Brady Quinn is out there.

    Totally agree with Reggie Wayne over AJ – difference is QB’s. Wayne has a Hall of Famers in Peyton.

    Javon Walker deserves to be moved down after his Las Vegas nonsense. He should be rehabbing his knees.

    Garrard is a good player. Bulger has some issues with his line and injuries.

    Can’t blame you for moving up Calvin Johnson. He still needs to prove it at the NFL level. Last year, his coach was right – he was a high pick, but he needs to prove he belongs at the NFL level.

    Lynch – man needs to come clean.

  2. jbeau says:

    No problem with any of these moves. They all make sense to me.

  3. spudballscott says:

    Putting Big Ben over Anderson is wise for now, since DA and the team’s performance remain a much bigger question mark for 2008.

    Reggie Wayne’s move up your board is 100% solid. Marvin Harrison has ceased being marvelous, and while Wayne won’t be quite as automatic in TD receptions, someone’s got to cash in those passes from Peyton.

    I picked Harrison in round 3 last year (after getting LT and Manning rounds 1-2) — if I’d ‘reached’ for Wayne in the 3rd instead, I’d have won my league by a mile rather than inches. If RW stays healthy, he’s bank.

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