New Podcast Intro and “outro”

I don’t have anything pressing today, but I figured I’d post a note about our new podcast intro. I got a friend of mine, Tripp Rogers, a radio veteran, to do a little introduction and got my son Christian to whip up a little music jam for the intro and outro. Check it out here, and make sure you fast forward to the end to hear the out that Tripp came up with (he’s been a subscriber for years).

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  1. zzanook says:

    great stuff John, a little staind never hurt anyone
    and I love the outro, hilarious and the truth

  2. John Hansen says:

    Does that sound like a staind song? My kid did it, and he’s not all that familiar with them.

  3. zzanook says:

    after listening again
    the guitar rift definitely is staind, not so much the drums
    anyway it is way better than before, keep up the good work

    any new bands that you have been listening too, please keep us informed
    you have turned me unto the killers, band of horses, and DCBC


  4. John Hansen says:

    Just saw DCFC last Thursday night, I’m going to do an entry about it because I put on a clinic on how to do a show. They were fantastic, probably top-10 all time for me and I’ve been to probably 200 shows.

    Check out the Kooks and the Cribs, two British bands. A little punkier and pop-like, but good bands. I’m now listing to Coldplay’s new album. I like it. Have you heard DCFC’s new record? It’s very good.

  5. zzanook says:

    I have to check the tour dates ( from NOLA )
    I have heard DCFC new single, but haven’t purchased the album YET
    did check out the Kooks and Cribs on I-tunes and really liked what I have heard
    Coldplay new album is great as usual, don’t think these guys can make a bad album
    I usually listen to alternative rock or Jazz Fest type of music, but you have broadened my playlist

    thanks again

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