I’ve found a way to support the troops

Usually, when people are jamming “Support our Troops” down your throat, it’s not exactly about the troops – it’s about another agenda. Honestly, saying you support our troops is like saying you’re against Cancer. Of course we support the troops.

I’ve always supported them – I’ve also always been against Cancer – but I’ve never found a way to tangibly offer some of that support, until now.

My wife’s first cousin, who is a Master Sergeant in the Marines, is currently in Afghanistan. He’s already done two tours in Iraq, losing a finger in one of them, and he’s volunteered to go to the desert a third time. He’s dined on filet mignon at one of Sadaam’s castles in the past, but he’s hurting now. Where he’s stationed now in Afghanistan, they simply don’t have access to the necessities and basic supplies they’re usually able to obtain in the field. These individuals are working in extreme dessert conditions, extreme heat, sand storms, isolated areas, sometimes hostile conditions, and with little or no comforts. These people are even low on underwear and socks, and some apparently have bagged even wearing drawers for some reason it’s so bad. I don’t understand the logistics of why they are hurting so much being U.S. soldiers, but they are, and they have sent word home to their families that they need help. They asked for things like white socks, baby wipes, Crystal Light dry packs, Magazines, Gatorade dry packs, individually rapped candy, Beef jerky bags, Sunflower seeds with salt, and Pop Tarts.

Wait, did I read “magazines?”

Hell, I got a ton of them, several hundred of last year’s in my garage, in fact.

So my wife’s cousin called his wife last night asking if I had a few magazines I could send over. Apparently, there are a ton of guys over there that play fantasy, and they’re starved for information.

He asked for “a few” with the hopes that they can pass them around to those who are interested, which seems to be more than those who aren’t.

Well, I’ve got more than a “few” to give them – I’m sending over 1000 of them Mo-FOs, and I’m glad to do it. My wife’s thrilled, since this will pretty much take care of our leftover problem. These guys have no idea what’s going on in the NFL right now, and as I said they are starving for info. Just imagine being the hardcore fantasy person you are and being out of touch thousands of miles from your home without a clue as to what’s going on – and then getting a copy of our magazine with all it’s information and analysis. I think they’re all going to like that.

And as an added bonus, these soldiers have no idea that our Cover Story Interview, Marshawn Lynch, may be in a little bit of trouble. Maybe this was all meant to be; maybe I wrote that article just for 1000 marines. That’s good enough for me.

I’m very happy to do this, but I also realized something after I had planned the whole thing out. We’re probably going to get a good amount of commerce from these grateful Marines when they return to the states.

You gotta love this business.

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  1. GregR210 says:

    So did you send them last year’s outdated leftover rags, and this year’s? What a guy- and apparently all out of the goodness of your own heart….let’s hope they are a. still alive when they get these mofo’s, and b. that they will have all of their limbs and faculties, to not only play fantasy but to be able assimilate themselves back into society. Nice going.

  2. John Hansen says:

    Someone needs to work on his reading comprehension skills.

  3. GregR210 says:

    Thank you for the constructive criticism (I think).

    Seriously, that’s great that you’re sending those over.
    Anything to help our troops be temporarily distracted from their sacrifices, I’m all for.

  4. John Hansen says:

    Absolutely. Hell, I wouldn’t mind going over there and doing a whole presentation on the NFL/fantasy for thousands, to catch them up on what’s going on, although that would be risky having 4 kids and all.

  5. GregR210 says:

    Can’t say I blame on you. I suppose you could just stick with the podcasts and give some shoutouts. I believe tomorrow is Flag Day, and of course there’s always the 4th.

    On a totally unrelated note, my wife likes the show TMZ,
    and they had a clip of your girl Heigl not only giving some attitude about her 200k/Grey’s episode, but puffing away on a cancer stick. Beauty truly is only skin deep, I guess.

    Also, what do think the breakdown of carries will be in Miami, assuming Ron Brown is healthy. I know you are big on Ricky. Thanks.

  6. jbeau says:

    Die hard Phish fan here, and I wanna project Brown’s carries between 12 – 18 carries a game. I think they will limit him early in the season, since Ricky is in awesome shape and can more than hold his own. Ronnie hasn’t lasted a whole 16 games yet, so its doubtful he carries much more than what I projected.

    On the magazine note, its cool that you are doing something for the troops. Its a shame that they not only have to risk their lives, but they are struggling to get socks and necessities. hopefully you are sending this year’s copy too.

  7. Stork says:

    Maybe a % of magazine profits to buy the guys some food and clothing???

  8. John Hansen says:

    You’re assuming there are magazine profits. I guess you’re not real familiar with the status of the publishing biz these days thanks to the Internet. Regardless, our family’s sending a bunch of other stuff. Just got a case of “Mentos” to send today (picture me holding a roll of one giving the thumbs up sign).

  9. Stork says:

    John- Dumb question…if you aren’t making money on the mag (or worse losing money) what’s the point of publishing it?

  10. John Hansen says:

    GregR210: I have no qualms with a hot girl still in her 20s smoking, and I like that she’s pretty fiery and not a little priss. In fact, I like her more now. Now if she’s still puffing away in 5-10 years, that could get nasty.

    I can’t say I’m that big on Ricky, but they are clearly counting on him. My feeling is it’s hard to rely on him for fantasy, but also crazy to ignore his impact. The best case scenario has him getting about 10 carries a game, very similar to their effective usage of the pair in 2005. They will run the ball a TON if possible, so there should be ample opps for Ricky.

  11. CCarter says:

    Kudos to you John.

    As I’ve known for quite a few years, your just a Good guy.

  12. FFRich says:

    Different time, different war and no FF so different magazines;, but I recall really getting “a lift” when receiving a package from home while in Viet Nam. Great jesture on your part John and I can tell you from first hand experience it will be deeply appreciated.

  13. wooster says:

    Speaking of magazines, how sad is it that our troops are no longer even aloud to view “racy” magazines like Playboy, Maxim, or even STUFF over there because the Liberal groups in this country say they are too offensive to the Muslim community. Nevertheless, John if you set something up on the site to make a donation to the troops, I’ll give what I can as I’m sure most subscribers would.

  14. alscherer says:

    Hey John,

    I have no family members in the military but do have some fairly recent fantasy sports/hifi/tech mags that I tend to throw in the recycling right away. I’d love to send them overseas but have to admit I’d never thought about it before. Any ideas on how we might send what we’ve got – to noone in particular?


  15. John Hansen says:

    alschere: I really don’t know; all I know is how to get some mags over to my wife’s cousin, who requested some along with others. I think maybe their situation is unique because he told me before he’s lived like a king over in Iraq at times, yet in Afghanistan they have nothing.

    Thanks for the info FFRich, nicely done.

  16. Brisco says:


    I am glad to hear of what you are sending to the folks in Afghanistan. They are often the forgotten step-children with our main effort in Iraq.

    However, I challenge you to put up even more, as so many of the businesses across the country do, and offer a military discount; in your case on page subscriptions.

    Fantasy Football rages on within the entire military; deployed and CONUS… Arguably it is far more prevalent than in civilian life since it is how we stay in touch with the real world and with each other as we are constantly split up and sent off. (I have been in a league with Soldiers that I have not served with or even seen in over a decade, and yet, because of Fantasy Football, our friendship stays current).

    Just a suggestion… either way, sending the mags was a class act.


  17. jbeau says:

    Rich, I love your suggestion, but I will go a little further. John, I would be willing to pay an extra amount to my subscription each year to help ease the burden of discounts to soldiers, and I am sure many other subscribers would too. The least I could do for the boys who protect out soil.

  18. GregR210 says:

    GREAT idea…to send our soldiers fantasy info.

    Further to the point, I would also like to offer
    the suggestion of possibly buying an extra mag or
    more from here, your other sites, and/or your
    favorite newsstand/bookstore, then (along with other necessities they might need- socks, swabs, Crystal Light packs, the latest Playboy, etc.)send those puppies over in time for the start of PREseason so they have some great info ahead of time. I did a Google search on “send a package to a US soldier in Iraq”, etc., and received the following hit:


    There are also links for anymarine, sailor, airman, coastguard, etc.

    I know nothing about this site, other than that it claims to deliver packages to soldiers who do not receive mail,
    (family problems, no family, etc.).

    Keep On Rockin’ In The Free World,

    Thanks again John- nice work.

  19. oscar98 says:

    Also try this website, if you want to help troops out:


    There’s plenty of “suck” in deployments, but the best part for me is to get to rip through books at a pace that I could never match in the states.

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