New Podcast Recorded 6/5

If you’re interested, Adam Caplan and I just recorded a new Podcast today. It’s about 80 minutes long, and we go over each division in both conferences and discuss news, notes, roles, position battles, and much more.

By the way, I’m going to work on getting the Podcasts beefed up this year. I’d like to get a better quality audio, for one, but it’s not easy since Adam and I are in different locations. But we’re going to look into that. We’re also going to regularly schedule these and allow listeners/users to log on and ask us questions via a chat room, and even come on the show to ask questions. With Adam officially on board after the merger of our companies, this Podcast is going to become a larger part of the site.

Also, in case you didn’t know, we are for now at least still using a site called Talk Shoe. You can go to the Podcast’s homepage on Talk Shoe and do a bunch of stuff. For one, you can subscribe to an RSS feed for the Podcast, so when we record a new one, you’ll see that on your browser via the RSS feed. You can also subscribe to the Podcast via itunes. I’ve done this, and when I connect my ipod to my computer, it automatically downloads any new Podcasts on my ipod. You can even get text alerts when we do another. These are all reasons we may continue to use talk shoe, because they have a lot of tools, but I’m not sure people know they are available, so here’s a heads up.

The homepage of the Podcast, where you can do all this stuff, is here:

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4 Responses

  1. FFRich says:

    Great, great job. Getting to listen to 2 guys in the know batting around opinions is, in itself, worth the price of admission. Looking forward too more.

  2. Flizzo says:

    Great discussion. My knowledge is in a very good place at this point for late-August drafting.

  3. Irish_Flyers says:

    Great job as always on the podcast.

    I get very excited when I dock my iPod and a new podcast from you & Adam pops up.

    I also very happy to hear you talk about taking the podcast to a new level this year. Really looking forward to that. The only knock I would have on it is sound quality, but like you said, that can be hard with you both calling in, so that’s understandable.

    Love the idea of listener/subscriber interaction too. Maybe an e-mail section where you can address questions. Maybe even a Podcast forum on the message boards. Lots of options, looking forward to them all.

  4. John Hansen says:

    Yeah, we’ll get the peeps involved this year.

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