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I’m pleased today to post the following company release. We’ll have more information forthcoming, but please note:

– We have not been bought out (as many sites have been recently in this industry).
– We will not be raising our subscription prices from what they have always been.
– We will not doing anything less than what we have done in the past.
– We in fact will be doing even more than ever.

Guru Fantasy Reports, Inc.

News release
For immediate release
Monday, May 19, 2008 and merge to create the most comprehensive fantasy football information service on the Internet.

Absecon, NJ and Cortland Manor, NY – May 19, 2008

Guru Fantasy Reports, Inc., parent company of, and Pigskin Productions, Inc., owners of, today announced a merger of the two veteran fantasy football entities., established in 1995, is one of the oldest and leading fantasy football information sites on the Internet and also publishes Magazine, a leading print publication that is released annually., also online since 1995, has been the premier news and injury information service – The Pro Football News & Injury Report – for the last 14 years.

According to Publisher John Hansen, “We couldn’t be happier to team up with the excellent staff, and we think readers will be thrilled with all of our offerings. Since there has been a synergy with our companies for well over a decade, if there ever was a “no-brainer,” this would be it.”

The merger is effective immediately. The company will operate as Guru Fantasy Reports, Inc. and According to Hansen “The staff will have active roles in 2008 and beyond.” First and foremost, Editor Adam Caplan will be a regular contributor going forward. Publisher Steve Cohen will also be offering his information and expertise to our service and to readers via regular chats from August-December. subscribers will also benefit from the inside information that Caplan, Cohen, and the rest of the staff, including NFL Insider Jay Glazer, have always brought to the table.

“Now, with our sites joining forces, we firmly believe that no other fantasy service will be able match us in terms of the tools and type of information that we can provide, said Steve Cohen, the former Publisher of “Not only will you get great insider information that has always helped you win, but our customers will also have the great fantasy tools and customized features they have asked us to provide for many years,” Cohen added.

Guru Fantasy Reports, Inc. offers its fantasy information service for the price of $29.95 per season, which is a reduction in price compared to’s previous subscription rate. For more information on, please see our web site at

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16 Responses

  1. Idiot Savant says:

    Excellent!! We’ll look forward to hearing from Adam Caplan and Jay Glazer in the future…

    This will only strengthen the GURU site.

  2. Gump says:

    Other sites that offer way less are now costing 41 to 56 bucks!

  3. JerseyPaul says:

    I am very excited about this.

    Will Adam and his staff be preparing an indepth injury report for There are so many players coming off injuries; skill players like LT, Andre Johnson, Brian Westbrook, etc, etc, as well as injured key Offensive Linemen that have limited their teams like in STL.

    Will Adam’s projections be provided as a 2nd opinion or will his point of view be used to influence your’s, John? (good luck with that, lol)

  4. jbeau says:

    Sounds great John. Offering more for less, great business strategy. Honestly, don’t know how much better this site can get, but I am not complaining. Its a great tool already. Keep it up!!!

  5. John Hansen says:

    We’ll likely battle it out on some players, but that can only be a good thing. But we generally share a brain on things because there’s usually the correct angle to take on a player, and that’s the one we take.

  6. GregR210 says:


    Congrats on the merger! When will subscribers be able to access Football Injuries, and how will that work as far as log-in information? Thanks.

  7. John Hansen says:

    There is 1 site now,, so you don’t go to

  8. FantasyFootballGuru says:

    Congrats on the merger! This is just amazing news in my opinion. Can’t wait to see how you guys mix all the content together. Will we be seeing a merger of the websites themselves?

  9. NYBrewCrew says:

    That’s good stuff, When does the Magazine become available for ordering?

  10. John Hansen says:

    We’ll be doing basically the same stuff, with a few added items, such as an injury roundup on Wednesday night, as did, which is key because that’s early info on the first practice of the week. More chats with Adam and Steve, too, and a general usage of their great inside info. Plus, they will work with us on analysis, rankings, etc.

    You can order the mag now here:

  11. NYBrewCrew says:

    Nice, I’ve locked up my copy. look forward to reading it.

  12. Flizzo says:

    Very exciting news!

    Hansen, in my book you’re THE BEST out there when it comes to evaluating fantasy talent. Please make it clear what voice we’re hearing, or if there are disagreements. Wouldn’t want you to abandon your gut feel just because there are a few more smart guys in the room.


  13. Tom44 says:

    This is a natural fit, I’ve enjoyed both sites for years.

    Question though: What about the subscribers who have already paid for both services? I’ve subscribed for as well as for the 2008 season – any remedies planned?

  14. John Hansen says:

    Use the contact form and let us know. If you ordered this year for 2008 from both sites we’ll simply give you another year credit.

  15. GibsonKirk says:

    Fantastic news! It’s rare that a service continues to improve when satisfaction is already very high…

    I only hope that the site will not gravitate more towards “PPR-league only” information. My only recollection of footballinjuries are thru the podcasts where Adam would mention in EVERY podcast that subscribers should be in PPR leagues (and that we’re idiots if we weren’t). I’m in two leagues that will NEVER go to PPR. We’re too old and stubborn.

    Keep up the kick *ss work, Hansen and Crew! Extremely valuable service that I recommend to all my non-league friends…

  16. CCarter says:

    John, Love the merger. It’s a natural fit.
    You guys have been working together for years and I always enjoyed the little banter between you and Adam on the TV shows.

    Hey Adam, is this one of those “if you can’t beat them, join them” things…
    Just kidding, Welcome aboard!

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