It’s time to play guess this year’s Cover Boy

Next week I’ll be heading up to an NFL minicamp to interview this year’s Cover Boy for Magazine, our 6th edition. This year’s pick is an interesting one on a few levels, and the thought process really goes back to why we started doing player interviews in the first place (BTW, we were the first fantasy magazine to ever feature a player interview, now they seemingly all do). That’s one hint right there. Basically, I see no reason to interview Peyton Manning, since we all know about him and since we all think he’s great.

I don’t think fantasy players know much about this year’s guy, yet he’ll be a high pick in fantasy this year. That’s exactly why I really wanted to get him, and he has agreed to the interview (something his team’s PR people didn’t think he would do).

So let’s hear your guesses on this year’s subject.

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  1. NYBrewCrew says:

    Adrian Peterson. Most will use him.

  2. NYBrewCrew says:

    Micheal Turner will be #2.

  3. JOOCE says:

    MB3 or Ryan Grant?

  4. hemdilly says:

    Andre Johnson

  5. jbeau says:

    May go with a WR this year, so I am going with Andre Johnson too.

    If its a RB, I will go with Frank Gore or All Day.

  6. LemurLepke says:

    Lynch or MoJo Drew.

  7. FMEC says:

    if it’s a RB, guess is Ryan Grant or Marshaw Lynch,
    if WR, i’ll go with Braylon Edwards

  8. Flizzo says:

    Based on the NFL minicamp schedule here, I’m going with Joseph Addai.

    Not many minicamps next week-ish…so I’m feeling pretty good about my guess right about now…Hansen even gave us the Peyton hint.

    Who’s with me?

  9. tpwaller says:

    Based on your man crush, I’m guessing Matt Schaub

  10. tpwaller says:

    All jokes aside, I’ll say it should be Adrian Peterson hands down

  11. mwhs says:

    Roy Williams or Kevin Smith

  12. John Hansen says:

    It *should* be Adrian Peterson, yes, but he’ll be on 75% of the covers this year, and everyone knows about him. Plus, I’ve already interview him on the radio, so it’s not him.

  13. bjchapin1 says:

    A deadbeat dads cover co-featuring Travis Henry and Lance Briggs?

  14. tpwaller says:

    If you want to be different, you should do TO & Tony Romo. Both Fantasy Football studs. Romo because of TO.

    Tom Brady is deserving, but I’m tired of him

  15. GregR210 says:

    Adrian Peterson or Steven Jackson

  16. jbeau says:

    Flizzo, I was thinking Addai too, but they usually go with beasts. Smith, LT, Portis.. Bush?? he sucks, but…we shall see. Let us know JOHN!!!

  17. FFRich says:


  18. FFRich says:

    Actually, your comments point straight to Addai…but I’d rather see MBIII

  19. Flizzo says:

    Man I’m drawing a blank jbeau. Who’s Smith?? Emmitt?

    Addai is the guy. Hansen has been on board with him for a while, and he fits the profile. Runnin mack games as if my name was Scott Skiles…

    Sorry, couldn’t resist.

    Addai is a top-five pick this year that, safe to say, average joe fantasy doesn’t know much about…he’s young, wasn’t a terribly high NFL draft pick (low first round), and he’s so overshadowed by Peyton, Harrison, Wayne, Dungy, etc.

    Plus from what I could tell only the Lions, Dolphins, and Colts have minicamp anytime soon. (Unless JH was referring to OTA’s, which could mean anybody. But that kind of reckless use of “minicamp” is just the sort of sloppiness I would NOT expect from Hansen.) And who on the Lions or Dolphins is of real fantasy significance (as in, a first-round draft pick)?

  20. John Hansen says:

    Excuse me, yes, it is an OTA. I thought about Schaub, but mainly because I have better hair than him. I had a similar crush on Hasselbeck 7 years ago, and he turned out OK. Andre Johnson would have been a great choice, but it’s a RB.

  21. Gump says:

    Look at the clues. Definitely Addai.

  22. Flizzo says:

    Dang now I don’t know what to think.

    Still feels like Addai to me…but if I was Hansen I probably would have used Tom Brady or someone else (not a Colt) to illustrate what the guy’s not. Then again, maybe that’s just the sort of chess move he’s going for…put us right in the room with the guy and see if he can get away with it…

    I have no idea what I’m talking about.

  23. Flizzo says:

    I’m thinking Addai, Lynch, or Westbrook. It won’t be MJD since he already interviewed him.

    Okay, I now think it’s Westbrook.

  24. shockers2k3 says:


    I think it’s going to be the guy that you really have your man crush on. The Riddler himself, Frank Gore.

  25. CCarter says:

    I’m going with a rookie, how about McFadden.

  26. CCarter says:

    Or how about Marion Barber…
    We don’t know much about him, other than he’s a beast!

  27. MaseDog says:

    Nobody is going with Steven Jackson…c’mon fellas he is a top-3 RB, and blows Marion Barber away.

  28. ftomase says:

    Kevin Smith – don’t know much about him. He did put up sick numbers at Cen FLA, and he’s stepping into a good situation, veteran QB, stud wideouts… can’t be someone from miami…

  29. FFRich says:

    Masedog…The “I don’t think fantasy players know much about this year’s guy” statement, pretty much eliminates Steven Jackson. A lot has been written about Jackson over the last couple years, especially last year after his tremendous ’06 season.

  30. Idiot Savant says:

    My guesses would be MB III, Addai, Lynch, and rule out MJD, LJ, LT2 (already interviewed)

  31. Idiot Savant says:

    Gore would also be a good one

  32. Arky says:

    I’m going out on a limb here with one of the established and great players of our era, but one who does not grant many interviews and I believe keeps his personal life under the radar for the most part, or at least lately. My guess is the one and only RANDY MOSS.

  33. Jimmerz says:

    Artose Pinner. No doubt.

  34. timw says:

    Maurice Jones-Drew
    Tuff guy in a tuff game on a tuff team with a tuff coach that is going places this year.


  35. Idiot Savant says:

    You said he was a high pick and a RB…guys…Hansen has ruled out A Petersen, and interviewed LT2, MJD and I think Addai / Westy pretty well covered… So I like Gore, Lynch, and particularly MB III who are all listed in the Guru top 10…and can rule out LJ who we “think” we have a good handle on too. One other guy…that I don’t think it will be but would be a good candidate is Ryan Grant.

    Any of which would be solid interviews…I’d like to here from Gore with news on his use with Martz or MB III the most..but Lynch would be good too.

  36. CCarter says:

    How about Michael Turner! We all loved him as a backup, now he’s the man in the ATL!

  37. River Rats says:

    John said: “Next week I’ll be heading up to an NFL minicamp…”

    UP means NORTH of New Jersey, which would indicate that you are headed to Buffalo to interview Marshawn Lynch.

  38. GibsonKirk says:

    Could it really be Lynch over Addai? Lynch is still unproven (IMO), but he is the undisputed lead back and his schedule is much more favorable than Addai. I’ll go with Marshawn Lynch.

    The phrase “if healthy” leaves Guru a lot of wiggle room if Lynch doesn’t perform. But, injuries might be the only thing keeping Lynch from a breakout year.

  39. ftomase says:

    Laurence Maroney

  40. ftomase says:

    maybe i’m wrong…but why would anyone want to go to buffalo, instead of the greatest offense that ever was.

  41. River Rats says:

    It’s not that anyone wants to go to Buffalo (just kidding)…

    John already said it’s a RB, I doubt Maroney is the cover boy based on the fact that he is the 3rd or 4th option in his own offense and they are/were looking hard at Kevin Jones which might indicate that BB is still mad that it took so long for Maroney to recover from his injury during the season last year…

  42. jbeau says:

    I don’t think he would mention Peyton if he was doind Addai. Sticking with Gore, and gonna throw out another …Lynch.

  43. Vito says:

    Ricky Williams

  44. John Hansen says:

    Nice to see people care. I’m heading out tomorrow, so once I actually get the interview, I’ll spill the beans.

  45. Flizzo says:

    Definitely a record for comments here!

  46. tfrisco says:

    Peyton Hillis?

  47. JOOCE says:

    buffalo is more west than it is north from new jersey. i say he’s heading up to montreal alouettes camp to interview jarrett payton.

  48. DT3324 says:

    Not sure if its been said But I take a shot MJD. But now that I am thinking i doubt his agent would say he thought he would not do it. MJD spent a week at ESPN this off season so he has no problem putting himself out there. so I better give another guess and it would be Addai.

  49. John Hansen says:

    I meant to post a blog entry today about my interview, but I will tomorrow. I had one heck of a sit-down on Wednesday with MARSHAWN LYNCH. Marshawn and I really, really hit it off, in fact he took all my information and said he really wants to stay in touch, I hope he does.

    BTW, nice job River Rats.

  50. River Rats says:

    Thanks John…

    Looking forward to the Lynch interview

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