Expert Draft from 5/14

Had yet another “expert’s Draft last night, this one with some pretty big names in the industry, key guys from Yahoo, Fox, ESPN, among others.

I picked 8th, and I definitely took a step forward in terms of implementing and perfecting my ideal draft plan for 2008. I tried to hold off a little on a QB, but couldn’t for too long, and I tried to do the same at TE, but couldn’t for too long. I also failed to grab a good backup QB. You can’t have everything in a draft full of people who really know what they’re doing, but I still came close in this one.

Looking at all the team’s drafted, I think mine has the best combination of balance from top-to-bottom, stability, upside, and depth. It’s very important to understand the league scoring and setup, though. In this league, you start only 2 RBs, which is dumb but it’s the rule. I was late for the draft, as usual, as I was all over the place in the evening, what with my four kids. I had just witnessed my 10-year old son Nicholas slap a game-winning double in little league off the best pitcher in the league, and the team I’m a coach for knock off the only undefeated team in our league 2-1, so the last thing I was thinking about was that I had a draft at 8pm. I got to the draft just in time, but I failed to realize/remember you started only 2 RBs. I might not have taken 2 with my first two picks then, but I’m happy enough with the two guys I got.

I also made a few picks that were a refection of how this was NOT a PPR league, so take note of that.

Here’s how my draft went picking 8th overall.

Frank Gore – He was the remaining true stud talent on the board, and since I wanted to try to hold off on my QB, I grabbed Gore.

Maurice Jones-Drew – I’m all over Drew this year as someone with no downside and a lot of upside. I bet his role and production is more like his incredible rookie season, what with more action in the passing game and another year of wear and tear and aging on Fred Taylor.

Torry Holt – Had to get a top wideout, and I got caught in a serious run, so I missed out on the guys I really wanted (like Smith, Colston, TJH, etc). The Ram offense will be better, and Holt was pretty solid last year through all the ugliness.

Drew Brees – I would have taken Roy Williams, but we went right in front of me. In this round people were taking guys like Kevin Smith, Thomas Jones, Earnest Graham, etc. I was like, nah, I’ll take a sure-thing QB; had to do it.

Lee Evans – Prayed Greg Jennings would fall to me, but just missed him. Thought hard about Dwayne Bowe, but his QB situation is scary and he could level off a little this year before he ascends eventually. Evans is frustrating, but it’s not a PPR league, so that helps a little because his catch totals are down lately. The QB can definitely play and he’s a year in the league, plus the sizable James Hardy should take some pressure off Evans and this offense as a whole is looking decent, with a good line and running game. Evans has upside and could very well be one of the better values this year, so I rolled with him.

Kellen Winslow – I probably wasn’t going to get an elite TE in the next round, which proved to be the case, so I was fortunate to get an elite player at this stage.

Ahman Green – Not the best option, but we’re also talking about the 33rd RB off the board, and someone who is still the starter in Houston. Between him and Chris Brown, someone’s going to have success running the ball in Houston, so my plan was to invest in this duo for my primary backup spot. Unfortunately, some ass-face took Brown earlier than expected.

Reggie Brown – Yeah, yeah, yeah, I love Reggie Brown. Well, I really don’t and was disappointed big time in him last year, but he was still a top-30 guy down the stretch last year, and it’s not a PPR league, so he’s a decent #3 with the potential to be a very good one. Philly’s offense is definitely going to be better, so Brown should be as well.

Patrick Crayton – I like Crayton as a good depth guy, especially in a non-PPR league. He’ll be the 3rd option in the passing game, but that’s not bad when the team is putting up 30+ TD passes. He’ll likely score 7-8 TDs.

DeShaun Foster – After getting squeezed on Brown and the Texan backfield, I took no chances on SF’s handcuff. Probably a round two early, but you never know.

Sidney Rice – Looking for an upside guy for sure, and I like Rice as just that. Especially in a non-PPR league, he could score any given week and will likely be their top red zone guy, plus he can make big plays. A legit sleeper.

Sammy Morris – Looking for some stability among the skank at RB, Morris was a good option. He was actually a top-30 back when he got hurt and should again be their goal line guy who gets 7-10 carries most games.  

Green Bay Packers – Held off as long as I could on my DT, but with potentially-elite options dwindling, I added one in the Packers. A very decent starter.

Devin Hester – Looking for more upside, and the Bears think very highly of him as a receiver.

Adam Vinatieri – Actually pretty happy to get him at this late stage. Coming off a horrible year, but could easily bounce back and be one of the top 1-2 fantasy PKs this year.

Tarvaris Jackson – Actually should have taken Michael Bush and blown off backup QB, but I didn’t want to be totally stuck if Brees went down. You could do worse in terms of potential and a solid situation than Jackson.

Here’s my starting lineup:

QB: Drew Brees
RB: Frank Gore
RB: Maurice Jones-Drew
WR: Torry Holt
WR: Lee Evans
WR: Reggie Brown
TE: Kellen Winslow
PK: Adam Vinatieri
DT: Green Bay Packers

Here are all the other teams in this draft:  

LaDainian Tomlinson
Michael Turner
Peyton Manning
Wes Welker
Santonio Holmes
Donald Driver
Chris Cooley
DeAngelo Williams
Bobby Engram
Chicago Bears
Dominic Rhodes
Bryant Johnson
Tatum Bell
Alex Smith
Nick Folk
Randy McMichael 

Adrian Peterson
Andre Johnson
Braylon Edwards
Thomas Jones
Antonio Gates
Chester Taylor
Donovan McNabb
Travis Henry
Felix Jones
Reggie Williams
Matt Schaub
Mark Clayton
Baltimore Ravens
Demetrius Williams
Mason Crosby
Philadelphia Eagles

Brian Westbrook
Jamal Lewis
Larry Fitzgerald
Fred Taylor
Jason Witten
Matt Hasselbeck
Kevin Curtis
Bernard Berrian
Shaun Alexander
Vincent Jackson
Darrell Jackson
Jake Delhomme
James Jones
Dallas Cowboys
Steve Slaton
Robbie Gould

Steven Jackson
Reggie Wayne
Marques Colston
Carson Palmer
Matt Forte
Derek Anderson
Jeremy Shockey
Minnesota Vikings
Rashard Mendenhall
Chris Johnson
Vernon Davis
Justin Gage
Kolby Smith
Pierre Thomas
David Patten
Josh Scobee 

Joseph Addai
Brandon Jacobs
Tony Romo
Edgerrin James
Greg Jennings
Joey Galloway
Marc Bulger
Santana Moss
Ben Watson
Derrick Ward
New England Patriots
Deion Branch
Donald Lee
Ricky Williams
Stephen Gostkowski
Roydell Williams

Clinton Portis
Laurence Maroney
Steve Smith
Earnest Graham
Marvin Harrison
Chris Chambers
Jay Cutler
Todd Heap
Deuce McAllister
Donte Stallworth
Nate Burleson
Ahmad Bradshaw
Jason Campbell
Ladell Betts
Pittsburgh Steelers
Phil Dawson 

Marshawn Lynch
Terrell Owens
T.J Houshmandzadeh
Willie Parker
LenDale White
Tony Gonzalez
Jerricho Cotchery
Anthony Gonzalez
Heath Miller
Kenny Watson
Cedric Benson
Eli Manning
Matt Leinart
James Hardy
Jacksonville Jaguars
Jason Hanson

Tom Brady
Ronnie Brown
Brandon Marshall
Kevin Smith
Rudi Johnson
Dallas Clark
Javon Walker
Jerry Porter
Jabar Gaffney
Selvin Young
Philip Rivers
L.J Smith
Brandon Stokley
New York Giants
Rob Bironas
JaMarcus Russell 

Ryan Grant
Willis McGahee
Chad Johnson
Roy Williams
Dwayne Bowe
Ben Roethlisberger
Justin Fargas
Tony Scheffler
D.J. Hackett
Chris Brown
Derrick Mason
Kurt Warner
Brandon Jackson
Ryan Torain
Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Shayne Graham

Larry Johnson
Randy Moss
Darren McFadden
Jonathan Stewart
Roddy White
Hines Ward
David Garrard
Laveranues Coles
Owen Daniels
Ray Rice
Ronald Curry
Aaron Rodgers
Jamaal Charles
Seattle Seahawks
Ted Ginn Jr.
Nate Kaeding 

Marion Barber
Reggie Bush
Plaxico Burress
Anquan Boldin
Julius Jones
Calvin Johnson
Vince Young
Greg Olsen
Jerious Norwood
San Diego Chargers
Isaac Bruce
Jon Kitna
Lavelle Hawkins
Fred Davis
Steve Smith
Josh Brown

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9 Responses

  1. jbeau says:

    Looks like you are warming up a little John. I think the best team of them all is the team with Adrian Peterson. AP, Edwards, Johnson, Gates. He has studs at each level including defense and kicker. Seems like Reggie Brown is your favorite player..haha. You should definitely be competitive, but pray Brees doesn’t go down.

  2. tpwaller says:

    Probably the best draft you’ve had. Brees is a top 5 QB.

    Gore and MJD are good RB’s.

    Holt and Lee Evans are okay. I had Lee Evans last year and he hasn’t dependable at all.

    Prefer a Winslow at TE to Gates – better value.

    GB could be a good DEF, but they better hope the offense still rolls without Favre and they’re not left on the field all day. Rodgers is still an unknown.

    I like A Vineratti, whatever, at K

  3. FFRich says:

    WOW…what an improvement over your last draft. Like your team and team #2. If Gates is healthy and McNabb can stay healthy team 2 has tremendous upside. Like your balance a little better but would probably go with team 2’s upside. But, a very nice draft from your draft slot.

  4. hemdilly says:

    Prety good team – great RB’s – overall team balance & depth good, except maybe at WR. I would have picked a WR R4 instead of Brees. I see McNabb, Big Ben, Garrard went R6 or R7. I see where someone picked Julius Jones in R5. I’m surprised you have him ranked No. 39. This seems low to me – your thoughts?

  5. John Hansen says:

    I’m not getting good vibes at all in Seattle. Their receiving corps is really shaky with Branch iffy, their line isn’t nearly what it once was, and it’ll be a committee situation with Morris and Duckett. If thing are going really well Jones may move up a little, but we’re not in love right now.

  6. NYBrewCrew says:

    I just participated in a mock and was suprised where guys were going. Shaun Alexander went 11.11.

    here is my draft

    R. Mendenhall
    J. Cotchery
    A. Green
    D.Jackson (Should have taken Jax Def)
    Green Bay D
    T. Jackson
    Philly D
    R. Gould

  7. awoltexas says:

    I’m still not sold on taking Gore over Manning or Brady. Manning and Brady are safe bets not to bust. Gore is a stud but the rest of the team has to help move the ball to the goal line. I don’t think he has enough talent around him this year to be a stud RB. What are you seeing that I am not?

  8. John Hansen says:

    In case you still read this, it’s not really anything against Brady, obviously, it’s just that I’d rather get a very good QB a little later and get a stud talent at RB in Gore. The reason to be optimistic is he could catch 70+ passes under Martz, which makes up for the issues his team has.

  9. awoltexas says:

    Thanks John.

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