(Quarter) Backed into a Corner

I have my first expert draft of the season today, for Fantasy Sports Magazine, and I’m having some issues with my first two picks and who to take. I’m picking last, 12th overall, so I get the double pick. It’s tough because QB Tom Brady makes a lot of sense if he’s there for me, yet in these expert leagues the quarterbacks usually go later than your average draft, so it’s hard to stomach taking a QB this early, even Brady.

Still, there’s unusual depth at RB this year, and given that fact that there will be tons of opportunities to grab a big-time producer or two late or even on the WW, Brady is hard to pass up.And given how many RBs disappointed last year, there’s a lot to be said for getting a stud with no downside, and that describes Brady. His TD and yardage totals will go way down, but 35+ TDs should be a lock. That’s about as safe as a draft pick as there is, so I might pull the trigger on Brady if he’s there at 12 overall. He might not be, though, and I get the feeling I’ll be faced with a tough decision on a back like Clinton Portis, who does still scare me that early. I won’t rule out a WR with one of my first two picks, either, since first and foremost I want to take the best two studs available, preferably someone like Andre Johnson because I just don’t feel comfortable with Randy Moss based on his age and the many times he’s screwed me.

Ideally, someone else takes Brady and I grab a stud like Romo or Brees in the 3rd or 4th, or a Donovan McNabb much later, and I used my first two picks on a stud receiver and really nice back. To tell you the truth, I’d be happy with Marion Barber and Andre Johnson as my first two picks.

We’ll see how it goes. The draft starts at 4pm ET, and I’ll be posting some information as the draft progresses this afternoon.

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  1. CCarter says:

    Wow, I would love to come out of the 1st 2 rounds with Andre & Marion! Good luck in the draft!

  2. Big Ferg says:

    What are thoughts on WR combo T.O and R.Moss with picks 12 and 1?

  3. John Hansen says:

    My initial reaction is I wouldn’t want to rely on 2 aging receivers that high.

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