Remember Chester Taylor last Draft Day

At 1pm eastern on Saturday, April 28th 2007, Viking RB Chester Taylor was a strong fantasy option and a solid keeper league back. By 3pm that day, he wasn’t very attractive for 2007 and even less attractive for the long-term, and you know why.

We always focus on the players who are selected in the NFL draft, but as important are the players already on NFL rosters; sometimes incumbent starters are greatly affected by their team’s additions. Fantasy fortunes may not be lost this weekend, but the values of several players who are seemingly attractive right now will definitely take a hit, so here’s a look at some guys who might see their stock drop this weekend.

DeAngelo Williams – In some ways, his fantasy value this year is hanging in the balance this weekend. The team added LaBrandon Toefield, but he’s not a big threat. But if the Panthers use an early pick on a back such as Matt Forte (or especially a better prospect), then Williams will be a shaky fantasy pick this year.

Cedric Benson – It’s a deep group of RBs, so the Bears will be able to get a solid option in the middle rounds. If they get one, Benson’s value has to take a hit. If they opt to take a high-end back, Benson will be even more worthless.

Marion Barber – Right now, he is THE guy. His value has to take a hit this weekend, so the only question is how much of a hit? He’ll be fine, but he’ll have new competition come Saturday.

Thomas Jones – I’d be surprised if the Jets took Darren McFadden, but it’s still possible. If they do, Jones’ already weak value will take a serious hit.

Justin Fargas – If the Raiders don’t take Darren McFadden, then Fargas will definitely be the opening day starter. He probably will be even if they take McFadden, but he’ll be someone who will split time, and his value will take a hit. If Oakland takes McFadden, that’s also bad news for Michael Bush, although a tandem of Bush-McFadden makes more sense for the long-term than a Fargas-McFadden pairing.

Tatum Bell – He won’t be the team’s top back for long. I’m thinking by about 4pm ET tomorrow he’ll be #2 on the depth chart.

Reggie Brown – No matter what the Eagles do this weekend, I think it’s safe to say Brown and Kevin Curtis will start opening day. But if they Eagles take a wideout in the 1st or 2nd round, then someone’s value has to take a hit, and Brown should be the guy. Curtis was very solid last year, while Brown took a step back.

Justin Gage – Right now, I view him as the #1 WR in Tennessee, but the Titans may take a WR with their first pick.

John Beck – Right now, the starting jobs is probably his to lose, and he’s a viable keeper league prospect. But his future prospects will suddenly look grim if the team selects a guy like Chad Henne.

Eric Johnson – Obviously he’s hosed if the team acquires Jeremy Shockey.

Chris Redman – He might be a viable backup in deeper leagues, but if the Falcons get Matt Ryan, Redman may be a player who is on the bench the second half of the season.

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