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We’re currently in one of the deadest periods on the NFL calendar, so it’s a good time to chime in with some information on what’s going on with the site.

As you likely know, we switched over to our new design. We did so on Friday. We’re not 100% ready to switch over, but the work that needs to be done is negligible in terms of what users see on the front end, so we rolled it out. I also wanted to get it up so I could check off a huge thing on my “to do” list and get back to producing some content. I hope you like the design. I think it’s an attractive look, and since our content will be better than ever this year, it’s a win-win for subscribers. If it looks good, and it is good, then it’s all good.

You’ll notice on the right side of the page we have our interactive stuff. I’ll be doing the video reports more and more as the season draws near, and you’ll see the audio stuff just below that. We’ve already done two Podcasts this month, one last week on the NFL Draft with Draft Expert Tony Pauline along with me and Adam Caplan. Adam and I also broke down free agency in a previous Podcast recorded earlier this month.

We’ll be adding a few other things to this new homepage soon. One will be polls. We’ll have a poll of the week (and day when things get busy). That will be yet another site benefit because our readers are extremely sharp, and if we ask them a tough question, they’re bound to get it right. We’ll also likely be adding a table that lists the last 5-10 MB posts, so users can easily see and link to what people are talking about.

If you’re into our baseball content, please note that we’ve switched to our new in-season baseball page. This is the only page you need to access our in-season baseball content. You’ll see there what we’ll be doing and when we’ll be doing it. This new page is linked to off the main subscriber homepage on the upper right and also within the “Subscriber News” section. If you want to review the preseason baseball homepage, that is linked to off the new baseball in-season page.

You’ll notice on the navigation bar that has links to all our technical offerings that there’s a new link to “History.” This is a new tool we’re developing. When it’s done, you’ll be able to view player matchup history for players and their upcoming opponents for the last six years. You’ll see the stats, and you’ll also see their fantasy point production in each of your scoring systems.

Another thing we’re working on is a complete overhaul of MyGuru. When it’s done, the whole thing will be much more intuitive. All of your information will be organized by team, and you can then toggle from team to team. So let’s assume you’re starting from scratch. You log in, create a team and a custom scoring system for that team and then add your players. From that point on, you can view custom projections for your league of course, and you can also view all the key information BY TEAM. You can see projections for just the upcoming week, and it will suggest a starting lineup, news for just the players on your team, and more. As it stands now, you just add random players to your “watch list” but it’s confusing because it’s not organized by team. Now, it will be.

This is all just the beginning of what’s going to be a major 2008 season for our company. We’re pushing hard to elevate things to a new level. And we’re not going to stop.

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  1. bartguy says:

    The new design looks really sharp, energetic and fitting for a sports-related site. The only thing that seems a little weird are the old, blue “new!” arrows. Are those going to get updated with the new color scheme?
    Anyway, I think your home page has a similar level of finish to Sportsline (which, whatever you may think of their service/support, sets the standard for well-designed fantasy sites.) Good job.

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