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I keep thinking that my personal music well will be dried up, but things continue to go extremely well for my musical tastes. I’m not really into the alternative bands the young kids are listening to as much lately, although I kind of dig the chick from Paramore, and Jimmy Eat World’s new stuff is pretty good, plus I liked stuff from this past year (Silversun Pickups, Interpol, Bravery, Modest Mouse). But I’m certainly not blown away with most of the new and popular modern rock from bands like Fallout Boy, Panic at the Disco, etc. My kid kind of likes them, but even he knows they basically blow, and he likes more the stuff that I like.

In 2007, I was carried by new records by the Shins, Band of Horses, Spoon, and Foo Fighters. That’s a solid year, and going back to 2005, a year in which we got new stuff from Weezer, Coldplay, and Death Cab for Cutie, not to mention a late 2004 release of Green Day’s American Idiot, it’s been a really good few years.

I’m glad to report, if you have similar tastes in music, that 2008 is not shaping up to be a solid year, it’s looking like a great one. First up, a new record from REM next week. I’m amazed these guys can still crank out rock that sounds fresh and youthful, as their single “Supernatural Superserious” does. Later this spring, we’ll get a new record from Death Cab for Cutie, and it’s supposed to be amazing; an early favorite for record of the year, so I’ve heard. Then, it’s a new one from Coldplay. The word is this will be the “record they are remembered by.” By the way, on Coldplay, if you’ve only been exposed to their songs on the radio, you’re not getting the full Coldplay experience. I can almost see how someone would have a lower opinion of them based on the radio songs (which I do like). They’ve got about 15 great songs in just three albums that have not made it to the radio. After this, we have a new one from Weezer, one of my top-10 bands of all time. Even Green Day’s expected to put something new out this year.

Whether you think my opinion on music is as worthless as Paula Abdul’s or not, any rock fan tuned into what’s been going on the last few years has to admit this is an impressive list of rock bands putting out some new stuff. Not a moment too soon for me, too, since I’ve completely burned myself out on my three big finds from 2006-2007 (Shins, BOH, Spoon).

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  1. [email protected] says:

    If you like Green Day, you’ll like Foxboro Hot Tubs.

  2. tererj says:

    I couldn’t agree more with your outlook on 2008 music, I haven’t heard anything from band of horses, but I like everything else on the list. I will be sure to check out BOH, thanks.

  3. John Hansen says:

    Yes, I have heard Foxboro Hot Tubs. I like how bands put out different stuff under a different name, although one of their songs sounds exactly like “minority” to me. Bands can do this tho w/o being accused of selling out of straying from their sound and fan base.

  4. Michael Rapaport says:

    Interesting picks but its different strokes for different folks. Bob Dylan’s new album is terrific and makes you wonder if that well will ever run dry. Dave Matthews Band put out their forst studio work in years and it is amazing though sad as the ghost of a band member who recently passed away permeates the entire album. Eminem releases a new album in which he bares his soul and provate subjects like no one else. I sometimes wonder if this is a good thing. But the kid is humorous so often who cares? Finally, Gren Day comes out with “21st Century Breakdown” which seems like the perfect followup to the now classic American Idiot.

  5. John Giordani says:

    Is this “the” Michael Rapaport from Beautiful Girls fame!? Great flick.

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