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I have to say, I was a little surprised that Giant RB Derrick Ward didn’t get more interest in free agency. I know he’s an injury risk, but if I’m a team like, say the Lions, I would have taken a chance on Ward. Apparently, Ward didn’t get much interested in the market, so he’s back with the NY Giants.

Ward looked really good last year. He has power, but also more zuzu than Brandon Jacobs and more importantly he’s a better receiver. Jacobs talked a lot about his receiving skills last year – and he did have some moments catching the ball late in the season and during the playoffs – but his hands aren’t very good. Ward was more of a factor and more effective catching the ball than Jacobs, snagging 26/179/1 compared to Jacobs’ 23/174/2. Jacobs, of course, played in about 3-4 more games than Ward and was the lead guy much more than Ward.

So now we again have a very crowded backfield in New York. The team should opt to keep the affordable Rueben Droughns around, so we’re looking at a backfield with four capable guys in Jacobs, Ward, Droughns, and of course Ahmad Bradshaw. Jacobs will start of course, but Bradshaw should have an expansive role like he did in the playoffs. Bradshaw would have been a great sleeper if Ward didn’t come back but now I have to believe Ward will be the starter if Jacobs going down with Bradshaw’s role basically unchanged. The Giants may also look to give Ward some carries each week in an effort to keep Jacobs healthy, so we could see three backs consistently get carries in this backfield.

Clearly, the identity of this offense will remain the power running game. That works well for the team, obviously, but it’s not going to translate into much upside potential for Eli Manning. And, of course, it’s going to create a shaky situation in the backfield for fantasy. I would still take a chance on Jacobs if the value was right, but I’m going to still be a little wary of him due to his inability to stay healthy and what is something of an RBBC. It’s all a recipe for disappointment for Jacobs.

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  1. jbeau says:

    As we saw last year, this crowded backfield can be whittled down real quick. 3 of the 4 have injury issues. I don’t see jacobs staying healthy, so its a difficult handcuff situation, with Bradshaw emerging. This is one team I will be staying away from come draft day, with the exception of Eli and Plax, if the value is right.

  2. NYBrewCrew says:

    The Giants Back Field could change with the Giants not wanting to give up Danny Ware in the D. Hall trade. That is an indication that they plan to make room for him on the roster. they won’t carry 5 RB’s because they would have kept Grant if they did.

    The Falcons reportedly asked for RB Danny Ware during talks about a trade that would’ve sent DeAngelo Hall to the Giants.

    Here is one of the stories.
    The Giants reportedly backed out of the deal because they didn’t want to give Ware up. A physically gifted runner, Ware nearly made the Jets last summer, but he’s struggled to stay healthy. It appears the Giants will keep him on the roster as a fourth-stringer. That would spell the end for Reuben Droughns.

  3. tpwaller says:

    I like Plexico. I didn’t think it was a great signing for NY, but he’s worked out well, and I like how he finds the end zone. After his playoff performance and prediction, he’ll always be a Warrior to me.

    Because the Giants want to focus on the run, Eli Manning is limited. If he can limit his turnovers which he did at the end of last season, he should be a solid QB.

    Brandon Jacobs is a beast who can find the end zone. Health is an injury, but I think he might be a decent RB2.

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