An early look at the QBs

With the bulk of free agency already behind us, I thought it was a good time to take a quick look at the quarterbacks for 2008. I haven’t studied the position in-depth just yet, but here’s an early look.

My initial conclusions on this position are easy to come by. It’s a solid group with a lot of quality, but it’s extremely top-heavy. After the top 10-15 guys, all viable starters this coming year, there’s a massive drop-off. Especially after the top-20 there are a ton of weak options, such as (alphabetically by team): Matt Leinart, Chris Redman, Steve McNair, Trent Edwards, Kyle Orton/Rex Grossman, Brodie Croyle, John Beck/Josh McCown, Tarvaris Jackson, Kellen Clemens, JeMarcus Russell, Alex Smith, and Jeff Garcia.

That said it certainly looks like securing one of the top QBs fairly early will go down as a prudent move in 2008. Here’s an early look.

  1. Tom Brady – His TD total will be down by 10+, and he’s still #1.
  1. Peyton Manning – Anyone ever notice how no one really analyzes Manning? He’s really been above that for a number of years.
  1. Tony Romo – Has proven he can do it now, and OC Jason Garrett has proven he can run an offensive machine.
  1. Drew Brees – Have to love the pass-happy approach, even though it won’t be quite as much in 2008.
  1. Carson Palmer – Obviously a high-end player and will likely be a nice value coming off so-so year.
  1. Derek Anderson – Still a little unproven and slumped down the stretch but the reasons to give him love are too compelling.
  1. Donovan McNabb – Not without downside, of course, but it was obvious the injury slowed him down and exposed his flaws earlier last year.
  1. Ben Roethlisberger – Took his game to the next level in 2007 and new OC was a hit.
  1. Marc Bulger – Some serious concerns of course, but a proven performer and O-Line already being rebuilt.
  1. Matt Schaub – Main concern is health. If on the field, has everything it takes and needs to put up nice numbers.
  1. Eli Manning – Should have the confidence to be more of a game-manager post-Championship.
  1. Matt Hasselbeck – Issues at WR a serious concern right now; could drop. 
  1. David Garrard – Almost no downside if healthy, but also not much upside.
  1. Vince Young – Still has to show he can do it consistently or, for that matter, in general.
  1. Philip Rivers – Would crack the top-ten based on skills, talent around him, and late-season surge – but the gruesome memories of the early season linger.
  1. John Kitna – No Martz means he’s not even a great backup. But he does have a pair of quality and sizable wideouts.
  1. Jay Cutler – All of a sudden, this team has scores of issues on offense. A backup only.
  1. Jake Delhomme – Was on a major tear early last year, but it was still very early. Still an unpredictable player.
  1. Jason Campbell – Adjustment to the new system is a serious concern at this early stage.
  1. Aaron Rogers – Given the remaining players at the position and their skanktitude, I have no qualms listing the unproven Rogers this high.

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  1. jbeau says:

    Can’t argue with this list, a little surprised Young is that high. I think Delhomme comes back strong and will be up there too. What exactly are the issues for the Broncos? OL? Marshall is a stud, and they have a couple serviceable guys for #2 and slot.

  2. tpwaller says:

    The biggest question I ask every year is 50% of the Top 10 at each position will not finish in the Top 10. Who will that 50% be?

    I’ll predict another season ending injury to McNabb. I like the situation in CLE, but Anderson would potentially bust. Does Bulger bounce back after a waiver wire season? I wouldn’t touch Schaub.

    The flip side to the question is which players not predicted to be Top 10 QBs end up there? That’s the biggest question. I could see Eli and Garrard.

  3. jbeau says:

    Good question TP. The guys I like are Eli, Delhomme, Cutler, and Bulger. Don’t trust McNabb anymore. I like Schaub as a solid backup and a starter certain weeks depending on matchups. A little worried about Anderson too, he played poorly down the stretch, so I would be concerned bout drafting him as my #1 guy, I would rather a healthy Delhomme.

  4. tpwaller says:

    Jbeau, I don’t know if Muhsim Muhammed is a great addition, but he may help the Panthers a little and he’s okay as a #2 alongside STeve Smith. Dwayne Jarrett is quite a disappointment. For a guy who looked so great in college, he’s not making much of an adjustment to the pro.

    D Anderson may be okay. I like his weapons. I would only be cautious not to overpay. We’ve learned in DAL, good receivers can make a QB look good (exception being Drew Bledsoe in DAL).

    I think Cutler in DEN should be okay and may improve in his 3rd year.

  5. jbeau says:

    i never overpay for QBs. I usually listen to John about a guy who will be available around round 7 and hop on him. Last year that guy was Kitna, and the first half of the season he was great. Luckily I picked up Anderson and Warner in two different leagues when Kitna started stinking it up.

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