Random thoughts…

Just a few random thoughts today..

  • This week is tax week for me, which means I go through a range of emotions. I start with fear, then anxiety, and finally anger. I don’t even do my own taxes, but it takes me 2-3 full days to get all the stuff together for the accountant.
  • So I’ve been working on that all week, and also keeping up with the free agent tracker on the site. Adam Caplan and I will be doing a free agency Podcast this week, too, so check that out on the site either today or tomorrow if you’re interested. We’ll go over all the free agent activity, and Adam’s got a lot of good information on these guys in terms of their new team’s plans for them.
  • Also coming up the pike is our new site design. In case you didn’t catch the note in our last e-mail, we’ve been working on a new design for all pages for our site. I really like it. Every 1-2 years, as a site, you need to present users with a different look to keep things interesting. Our new look is a lot slicker and will be as functional as always and likely more functional than ever. I’d like to say the new look will be up by the end of the week, but these things usually take more time than expected. So to be safe, let’s say we’ll roll that out early next week.
  • Also, while I’m thinking of it, and I know this comes completely out of left field, I’d like to present a headline that I believe will be used by a major media site within the next 6-7 weeks. It will be to describe the growing sentiment that Delaware QB Joe Flacco is the next big thing: Wacko for Flacco. I just want to get that out there because there have been many instances when my ideas are used elsewhere. Hell, while I’m at that, here’s a new nickname I came up with: Visanthe Skank-O.
  • Apparently, winning the Super Bowl can create an exorbitant amount of arrogance. A case in point: the Giants are allegedly interested in Dave Carr. They must think he’s an upgrade over Anthony Wright and Jared Lorenzen. He is not.
  • And finally, kudos to us for our fantasy baseball content this year. I think it’s better than ever and is actually inching closer to rival our football content. It won’t even get to that point – it probably wouldn’t even if we charged for it – but it is getting closer every year and it’s never been closer than this year. Most important, it is of a much higher quality than in previous years. So kudos to baseball contributors Bill LeConey, Scott Pianowski, Greg Shea, Jim Coventry, Arnold “Zap” Zappasodi, and Jim Berardi.

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  1. jbeau says:

    Agree with you on the Flacco comment. You also heard it hear first…The Phish will grab up Long as the #1 pick and pull a Browns move and trade back into first if need be to grab Flacco or Henne. I don’t think Tuna will risk a ton of money and a #1 pick on someone who is not the sure thing.

    Not sure whats wrong with the G-Men. Carr is like a cancer, he brings down any team he is on. He looked lost on the Panthers. Its obviously not the poor OL in Houston that affected him. He isn’t even worth the money.

    Looking forward to the new layout, always like to see things changed up.

    Am I to assume you don’t like Visante to have any value this year??? Sucks, cause I inherited him as my TE in a 20 team dynasty league, and he is my only TE. I’m in trouble with that one.

  2. John Hansen says:

    Visanthe dropped a lot of key passes last year. I don’t think he’s that good, no.

    The podcast is up BTW, turned out good.

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