Eagles making another run and more thoughts

We’ve covered most of the key free agent signings in the Free Agent Tracker the last few days, but there are some other things that have caught my attention lately that are not actual signings.

  • As I was getting ready for bed last night I was thinking again about the Eagles and what I wrote about them over a month ago. To me, the Franchising of TE L.J. Smith signified how the Eagles were going to take another run with their current group and not tear and down and get rid of QB Donovan McNabb. As I was removing the many decorative pillows my wife insists on putting on my bed (37, I think), I had a good 10 minutes to think more about this situation. Now, seeing them sign Asante Samuel and Chris Clemons, and supposedly making a run at Randy Moss, it’s obvious: the Birds are going for it one more time with their core group. This is good news for the key player’s values in 2008, especially McNabb. I know his flaws were exposed last year and that he’s a major injury risk, but I still like his potential healthier this coming year. The difference will be whether or not they bring in another impact receiver, because they need one, but the Eagle players should be good values in 2008, even Reggie Brown, who will likely be available 100+ picks in. I don’t think there’s any way they get Larry Fitzgerald, but an addition of Roy Williams wouldn’t shock me.
  • The Raiders have decided to keep veteran Dominic Rhodes around at least for now. That throws a serious monkey wrench in the Michael Bush plan in 2008. Unfortunately, if Rhodes is still around, this looks like a situation that will produce 2-3 fantasy options over the course of the season with Justin Fargas, Bush, and Rhodes. Basically, it’ll be a mess and a WW situation to target, not a draft situation.
  • The Titans are interested in RB Julius Jones. That’s an interesting pairing: LenDale White’s size and power and Jones’ speed. However, that they are courting Jones is not good news for the talented Chris Henry. Keep in mind that Norm Chow and former RBs coach Sherman Smith are gone, so the Henry fan club in Tennessee could be dwindling.
  • As I write this, I’m listening to Brett Favre’s retirement press conference. It literally took him 20 seconds before he broke down and started crying. Let that officially be the first thing I was wrong about this year because after his first few words, I thought he was going to make it without sobbing. But after the first outburst, the rest of his PC was an absolute mess. I’m not even watching it and it’s uncomfortable.
  • The Cardinals are looking at locking up the soon-to-be 37-year old Kurt Warner, and that’s a good move because this is a pretty good team. And after seeing him play in 2007, I severely question whether or not Matt Leinart can play in the NFL at an acceptable level for a starter.
  • Speaking of 37-year old veteran quarterbacks who used to play for the Rams, Trent Green has visited the team with designs on signing on to be Marc Bulger’s backup. I’ve met Green before and he comes across as one of the most grounded people you’ll ever met, and a really good family guy. That said, I seriously question his decision to return. I don’t have all the medical information, but I can’t shake the vision of Green down for the count with a serious concussion, twice. Green is from the St. Louis area and former coaches Al Sanders and Terry Shea are back. If he didn’t have these concussion issue, playing for the Rams would be perfect. But Green’s playing with fire if he returns to the NFL as planned, and I’m kind of surprised he is.

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  1. tpwaller says:

    As a Cowboys fan, I didn’t like the Ansante Samuel signing. HOwever, I think their core is not strong enough to compete with DAL or NY. For the first time, I drafted Donovan McNabb. Boy, did I regret that. There’s nothing worse for someone you don’t like underperforming. It’s a double hickey.

    I like the Cards signing Kurt Warner. Matt Leinart is a pretty boy and I don’t think he’s willing to do what it takes to succeed at the pro level. Add in he’s got a weak arm.

    As far as Julius Jones, I just hope he leaves DAL. I’m tired of his 3.0 yards per carry and running into a pile. He blamed Bill Parcells. Well Julius, you just ain’t no good.

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