Free Agency Review Part III

Posted: 3/2/08 @ 12:00 p.m. ET

  • Browns sign Donte Stallworth – Wow, what a weekend for the Browns. First they lock in Derek Anderson, a Pro Bowl caliber player in 2007. Then they added two big men to anchor the interior of their weak D-Line. Now, they have finally found a #2 WR, someone who can actually help their offense. Stallworth can not only help the Browns, he can put them over the top. Perfectly cast as the #2 alongside a sizable #1 and an elite TE, Stallworth should have plenty of opportunities to make plays after the catch and haul in some bombs from the strong-armed Anderson. As amazing as it sounds, between their very good line, running game, quarterback play, now receiving corps, not to mention the excellent coaching and scheming, the Browns are as complete an offense as you’ll find. I know sometimes these situations are too good to be true, but what the Browns have and have done makes too much sense not to work out in the end.
  • Vikings sign Berrian – I love Berrian, and I credit the Vikes for bringing him in, but it’s far from a lock this goes down as a wise move. It mostly hinges on the development of quarterback Tarvaris Jackson, and I’m not very encouraged by that. He has a lot to learn about reading a defense and seeing the field well and making quick and good decisions. He also has some physical limitations (lack of height) and some major, major mechanical issues to work out. Again, I’m not optimistic. Jackson at least throws a nice deep ball. The Vikings are also still without a true #1, which is an issue. Berrian will start alongside Sidney Rice, which is an intriguing pairing but one that probably won’t be all that productive in 2008. However, the addition of Berrian could be great news for RB Adrian Peterson. If Jackson can show defenses that he can consistently complete plays down the field to Berrian and Rice, then things should really open up for the running game, so this is very good news for AD. As for the Bears, the cupboard is terribly bare at receiver. At this point, they will have to count on the talented but injury-prone Mark Bradley. They are also a lot higher on Devin Hester as a receiver than many thought, I recently learned.   
  • Saints Re-Sign Aaron Stecker and Devery Henderson – I’m a little surprised both were retained, but Henderson’s deal is only for one year. As for Stecker, I have to believe this puts Deuce McAllister’s roster spot in jeopardy, since I cannot see the team dumping the promising Pierre Thomas. We’ll have to see about that one. Henderson has some serious issues, but he’s a playmaker who can run like a gazelle, so Drew Brees at least has a potential toy again in 2008.
  • Jets sign Alan Faneca – LG was a major issue for the Jets last year after they dumped veteran Pete Kendall. They probably overpaid for the 1-year veteran, but who really cares? The fact is, their line will be upgraded and it’s good news for Thomas Jones and their running game. The Jet line will look great on paper the left side, with D’Brickashaw Ferguson, Faneca, and Nick Mangold, but Ferguson is far from an quality LT, so let’s not dub this line as a great one. Still, they’re a lot better than they were on Friday.

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  1. tpwaller says:

    The Bears offense is going no where. It wasn’t any good last year, and now they lost Berrian. Their decline began when they traded away Thomas Jones. Good thing they kept Cedric Benson.

    I’ve got Adrian Peterson as a keeper, so I hope Berrian can open up a little running room for AP. It would be nice to see Randy Moss back in MINN too. His “pairing” with Culpepper might provide a little veteran leadership for T Jackson.

    I like the Browns signing of Donte Stallworth. I view him more as a #2 and he adds value to my keeper WR, Braylon Edwards.

  2. jbeau says:

    Jets just signed (RG)Damien Woody too. This gotta boost whoever is running the ball for the Jets’ value. Wouldn’t be surprised if McFadden gets drafted by them.

    I have Winslow and Lewis on one of my teams, so the addition of Stallworth does nothing but help their numbers…especially Winslow.

    Poor Bears. they lose their top 2 WRs. Judging Rex this year may not even be fair, since he is gonna have no one to throw to.

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