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Posted: 3/1/08 @ 2:00 p.m. ET

  • Eagle sign Asante Samuel – I can’t rip the pick, that’s for sure, but I’m not sure all the money they spent on Samuel was spent wisely. I think the Eagles got a little desperate for turnovers, and I can see why because they were terrible in that area in 2007. But you have to ask yourself how guys like Ellis Hobbs and Randal Gay have been so solid when they likely would be lesser players on other teams. I think the answer is the system in New England. But the Eagles certainly got a good corner, a true #1.
  • 49ers get DE Justin Smith – Once Manny Lawson went down last year, the 49er pass rush was weak. Granted, Smith’s not a dominant pass-rusher, but he’s a pretty solid player with a high motor and the Niner defensive front should be damn good this year with Smith in the fold and Lawson back. This is a talented defense.
  • Browns add DT Shawn Rogers – At his best, Rogers is one of the top 1-2 DTs in the league in terms of being a disruptive force. At his worst, he’s a guy with serious weight issues, some durability concerns, and a potentially-poor attitude. The Browns gave up CB Leigh Bodden in the deal as well, so they lose a solid corner. But if Rogers pans out, the Brown defense should be dramatically improved, and they are easily a favorite to make the playoffs with QB Derek Anderson back and DT Corey Williams also brought in.
  • Saints get Jonathan Vilma – The Saint defense has been severally lacking a leader and an identity, and if Jonathan Vilma’s knee cooperates, he’ll give them both. Vilma’s game was completely sabotaged when the Jets switched to the 3-4 defense in 2006, so if he’s healthy in New Orleans we’ll once again see one of the better MLB’s in the league, and that has to be welcomed in the Big Easy.
  • Vikes add Madieu Williams – He’s had some injury issues, but Williams is one of the better playmaking safeties in the NFL. Veteran Darren Sharper can be more of an enforcer, while Williams, with very good cover skills, can greatly help the team’s pass defense, particularly down the field. There should be little doubt the Vikings will have a very good defense again in 2008.

Posted: 3/1/08 @ 1:00 p.m. ET

  • Dolphins sign several scrubs – Forgive me if I’m not doing handstands for the Miami Dolphins after their signings of QB Josh McCown and Ernest Wilford. I’ve been somewhat intrigued by these two in the past, but it’s clear now that McCown is a stopgap, and a poor one at that, and that Wilford is slow as molasses. So here’s your potential starting lineup at the skill positions for Week One: QB: Josh McCown, RB: Ronnie Brown (coming off a serious knee injury), WR: Ted Ginn (not ready), Earnest Wilford (Mr. I-can’t-get-no-sep-ar-ra-tion), TE: David Martin. That is Ug-ly.
  • Isaac Bruce signed with the 49ers – I don’t want to be a buzz kill, but I just can’t get excited about a 35 year old in his 16th year, even though Bruce maintained a high level of play in 2007. He’s back with Mike Martz, which is nice and all, but there’s no Kurt Warner or Marc Bulger here; it’s Alex Smith, who hasn’t shown he can play in the NFL, not to mention in Martz’ demanding system. The more interesting new is the good chance now that Drew Bennett will start for St. Louis. This was the expectation when they signed Bennett last year, but he didn’t have a very good showing, so we’ll have to see if the Rams make a play for another receiver in free agency or the draft. If not, then Bennett has some fantasy value, for sure.
  • Josh Brown signs with the Rams – Good pickup for the Rams. Brown has a big leg and now kicking indoors (and out of Seattle, which can be nasty weather-wise), he has very good potential. The Rams are also a team that isn’t all that great in the red zone, so Brown could be busy going forward. Jeff Wilkins retired, in case you were wondering.

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