Clinton is who he thought he was

Unfortunately, I’m not going to be able to make it out to the combine this week. I was hoping to go, but there’s still too much stuff going on at home, so I can’t leave my wife hanging. My son’s also playing in the championship game Friday night for his 5th and 6th grade basketball league, and I can’t miss that. I wouldn’t trade our two year old twins for anything, but we’re getting slammed from all directions with them, and my travel options are severely limited. We’ve already raised two other kids so we have a frame of reference. Having one child is a vacation to the Caribbean compared to dealing with two. Just so you know, if you’re in your mid or late 30s, your chances of having twins increases greatly, and it has nothing to do with whether or not it runs in the family.

I usually like to go to the combine simply to get a chance to interact with these kids, if only for a moment. I have a knack for getting a good or bad vibe from a brief encounter, and looking back most kids I didn’t get good vibes from wound up being disappointments (I thought Cedric Benson was a real tool, for example). I also enjoy going to interact with some of the NFL beat writers and insiders I know, and to meet those I don’t yet know. However, my good friend and contributor Adam Caplan is there, as well as our rookie contributor Tony Pauline, so we’ll be getting some good dirt on this year’s rookie class. Once the free agency stuff starts to die down around mid-March (we’ll have a Free Agency Preview online tomorrow), the draft and our analysis of this year’s rookie crop will heat up.

For today, I have a quick and interesting story about Redskin RB Clinton Portis. A friend of mine recently went on a golfing trip, it was a cruise actually, and Portis was on the trip. My friend knew he would be there so he asked if I still had a copy of our 2003 magazine with him on the cover so CP could sign it. I was curious as to how easily Portis would recall my interview with him and the magazine cover and article. Sure enough, Portis remembered it well. Interestingly, Portis asked my friend if he could borrow the magazine overnight and read it. He wanted to see where his head was then (the interview was done a couple of months after his rookie season). The next morning, he passed my friend in the hall and flipped him the mag. “Yeah, I’m the same guy today” Portis declared.

That shows on the field. Portis comes across as a little cocky, and maybe he is, but it’s more about confidence. He’s a confident guy, and he’s a tough guy, a football player. I have doubted him a little in the recent past, entirely due to injury concerns, but the guy keeps coming. One of these years he’s going to break down, but I’m officially prepared to assume the best until we see the worst. For the most part, we’ve seen nothing but the best so far.  

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  1. jbeau says:

    Happy you have a good opinion of Portis, cause I think he is a class act. I inherited him in a dynasty league I joined this year, so I hope the best is yet to come!!

  2. tpwaller says:

    Clinton Portis is from the U. He can’t help being cocky, but he’s a good player. He’s had some solid years in Washington and a change in coaching may help.

  3. Flizzo says:

    I know that Snyder likes CP a lot, so he’s not going anywhere anytime soon. I’m curious to see how CP’s skills are used in Zorn’s new West coast offense. I know the West coast offense involves short passes…not so sure what a typical West coast offense running game consists of.

    Also, Zorn mentioned that he wanted to retain a lot of the previous running game, and Joe Bugel will be back coaching the offensive line. But Earnest Byner is gone (booooohhh!!), so CP will have a new running backs coach. And all of this means??

    In any case, he’s a “football player” for sure. I’m anxious to see his receiving skills utilized more (as they were late this season). He’s a great blocker and team guy who appreciates his teammates, even though he craves the spotlight and can be a little full of himself. And then there’s his dislike for the preseason. Wonder how that will play out with a new HC (Gibbs seemed to give him some slack there). Hopefully he doesn’t take too many hits during training camp and the preseason because he’s got a lot of miles for a guy in his mid-twenties.

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